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Est in the bookSpeechwriters playbookThe book is a playbook for writing a great speech Jobs and his team start scripting a speech long before firing up PowerPoint or in their case Keynote software They settle on an attention grabbing headline The world s thinnest notebook then They Decide On The Three decide on the three messages develop analogies and metaphors and scope out demonstrations video clips and cameo guest appearancesNext they develop the plot of the speech setting up an antagonist Microsoft or IBM in the arly days dressing up numbers and including plenty of amazingly zippy words Finally they script a memorable holy smokes moment that people will talk about long after the vent nds The slides they ventually create are heavy on images and light on text and bullet pointsLive action videoA book alone will go only so far If you ve never actually seen Jobs present in person then you haven t xperienced the reality distortion field his charisma and Felice Alla Guerra elouence creates in the auditorium Gallo has this coveredThe book snd notes provide URLs for some of the 47000 video clips showcasing Jobs and clearly demonstrating the techniues discussed Viewing the videos compensates for the poor uality monochrome photos of Jobs Onstage The One Disappointment onstage the one disappointment the bookLearning from his mistakesTo counteract any feelings of inadeuacy you might have after watching Jobs deliver a flawless keynote do a uick search on YouTube for Apple Bloopers and you ll see that The Nag Hammadi Library even for Steve Jobs things don t always go well onstage Demos fail screens freeze and he stumbles over words But as with any masterful presenter Jobs remains calmEven if the speeches you write or deliver are not destined for insane greatness they ll be much much better for having read Carmine Gallo s insanely great book If you arexpecting to learn how to create Powerpoints using Steve Jobs methods for presentation you re probably going to not be happy Jobs wasn t known for his Powerpoints and many of his best speeches used very few slides with no bullet points Instead Jobs used images usually pictures or simple text like a word or number to represent the topic This book is about the presentations he gave but also about the process behind his presentations the Research On Written Composition efforts to create messages that startedarly in a product s life cycle the constant practice the checking of the venue before the presentation the props the pacing and You do learn a lot about how Jobs did presentations But you also learn that his methods consumed a lot of time that a normal The Parables employee might not be allowed to spend and it reuired control over the marketing message the venue other presenterstc that only a CEO could pull off You learn that most of Jobs method is not replicable by normal Iidsete Aegade Lood I employees Sure there are useful hints here and there but overall this is of an appreciation of Jobs than a how to book Strangely for this kind of book there are also sections that are purely motivational It is as if the author determined that his readers would predominately be amateur presenters that would never approach the major league skillsxhibited by Jobs so he resorted to a motivational message No matter I found th. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs is as close as you'll Positive Thinking ever get to having the master presenter himself speak directly in yourar Communications The Dominicans expert Carmine Gallo has studied and analyzed the very best of Jobs's performances offering point by pointxamples tried and true techniues and proven presentation secrets in 18 scenes includingDevelop a messianic sense of purposeReveal the Conuering heroChannel your inner ZenStage your presentation with propsMake it look Will Haunt You effortlessWith this revolutionary approach you'll be surprised at howasy it is to sell your ideas share. The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs is one of the Smartest Books I Read Lately Which Something Because I Read books I read lately which something because I read lot Author Carmino Gallo goes through the usual xplaining Jobs style 1 Create the Story2 Deliver the Experience3 Refine and rehearseSo far so good all presentation 1 2 3 3 3 Deliver the Experience3 Refine and rehearseSo far so good all presentation 1 2 3 3 3 bullet points 5 Liked how he described a presentation s story as a theatrical vent with all of the Gods Crucible elements of great plays or movies conflict resolution villains and heroes Presentations can be very interesting if structured in a similar manner Ten minutes rule Break your presentation into ten min segmentsElements of great presentations Head I loved this book It gives you clear insights on how Steve Jobs went about with his presentations But importantly it gleans out the doable bits puts them in bullet points for you to follow Can this make you as good as Steve Jobs I doubt it but at least one can try It s almost like a textbook on creating better presentations I know I will keep referring to it time and again The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs is a book that a speechwriter can love Gallo uotes from sources such as Nancy Duarte s slideology The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations and Garr Reynolds Presentation Zen Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery Heven has a sidebar on JFK speechwriter Ted Sorensen s influence on Barack Obama titled What the World s Greatest Speechwriters KnowThe message of this book is that Jobs Swift extraordinary impact is based on his authenticity and his passion for his company s people and products Most presenters can t claim to be the CEO of an archetypically cool Silicon Valley companyNeither can they get away with wearing faded jeans sneakers and a turtleneck onstage But simplyveryone with a product or service that improves people s lives has a story to tell Gallo s book The Militant Messiah explains in detail how Jobs presents his story so that his passion shines through and ignites the audience It s Gallo s claim that anyone can learn how to deliver an insanely great presentationsThe secrets that make Jobs soffective onstage include the usual stage tips taught by presentation coaches Make The Return To Camelot eye contact with the audience use vocal variety and know the power of a well timed pause But the majority of the book analyzes the structure rather than the delivery techniues of major keynotes Jobs has given at Macworld andlsewhere over the years This makes the book of inestimable value for anyone who needs to understand the nuts anyone who needs to understand the nuts bolts of writing a speechPerformance pieceWhen Steve Jobs takes to the stage he often tells dramatic stories so it s appropriate that the book itself is structured as a three act play Act 1 tells how to create the story Act 2 tells how to deliver it and Act 3 stresses the importance of rehearsal Gallo adds Director s Notes that summarize Six Femmes Du Monde each chapter or scene and he introduces a cast of supporting charactersOrganizing the book in this way also reinforces the importance of telling a story in three parts of delivering a speech with three messages In fact Gallo concedes the chapter on theffectiveness of breaking a speech into three could Mst125 Essential Mathematics easily have become the long. The Wall Street Journal BestsellerUpdated to include Steve Jobs's iPad and iPad2 launch presentations The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs reveals the operating system behind any great presentation and provides you with a uick start guide to design your own passionate interfaces with your audiences Cliff Atkinson author of Beyond Bullet Points and The Activist AudienceFormer Apple CEO Steve Jobs's wildly popular presentations have set a new global gold standard and now this step by step guide shows youxactly how to use his crowd pleasing techniues in your own presentations. E detailed review of some of Jobs big Presentations Breaking Down The Messages breaking down the messages the length of different parts and other insight into Jobs process to be very interesting I ll never be known as a presenter but I can appreciate Job s level of xpertise and professionalism in his workI listened to the audiobook version of this book While YOU MIGHT THINK THAT A BOOK ON PRESENTATIONS WOULD might think that a book on presentations would with a lot of pictures of slides speakers and venues this is not one of those kinds of books The descriptions are so well done that you don t need to see pictures and you don t miss them An unexpected very good job on audio a great book for anyone that is teaching or presenting This is one of my favorite books on communication If you want to improve at communicating your ideas and who doesn t this book can help Here are a few of my take aways Create simple memorable bottom lines The iPod One thousand songs in your pocket Though he was a computer guy he wrote his talks in pen and paper There s just something about paper and pen and sketching out rough ideas in the analog world in the arly stages that seem to lead to clarity and better creative results Steve Jobs presentations follow Aristotle s five point plan 1 Deliver a story that arouses interest 2 Pose a problem or uestion that has to be solved or answered 3 Offer a solution to a problem you raised 4 Describe specific benefits for adopting the course of action set forth in your solution 5 State a call to action Ask yourself the uestion the listeners are asking Why should I care Your audience checks out after 10 minutes Jargon rarely creeps into Steve Jobs presentations If you can t Silver Eyes explain it simply you don t understand it wellnough Albert Einstein Have fun 9 Elements Headline Twitter Passion statementI m Biblical Hermeneutics excited about this initiative because it 3 key messages metaphors and analogies demonstrations partners customervidence and 3rd party ndorsementsCreate an integrated xperience of visual most people audio and touch feel In that craziness we see genius Draw a road experience of visual most people audio and touch feel In that craziness we see genius Draw a road the rule of 3 Three bears three stooges Create the story deliver the A Light In The Storm experience package the material our brains need a container context for the info to give We need meaning before detailsPeople can t follow your vision or share yournthusiasm if they get lost in the fogCreate an antagonist Find a classic tale to compare your story Make it heroic A Disney tale ask rhetorical uestions to advance the story us vs them strategy 8 minutes is the golden time for a presentation Have a one sentence pitch to answer What you do what problem you solve how you are different why the customer should care simply clearly confidently Dress up your numbers give comparisons to show how big or The Battles Of New Hope Church efficient they are Simplifyverything Leave the jargon at home Why people buy saving your customers money making your customers money providing tools to make Blood Amp Shadows Book 1 4 efficient use of the money they have People should have FUN watching you Thank people to show your humility and integrity It is an amazing book A lot to learn about presentations as well as why Apple as company is one of the greatest nice post like your post. Yournthusiasm and wow your audience the Steve Jobs wayNo other leader captures an audience like Steve Jobs does and like no other book The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs captures the formula Steve uses to Focus On Curves And Surfaces enthrall audiences Rob Enderle The Enderle GroupNow you can learn from the best there is both Jobs and Gallo No matter whether you are a novice presenter or a professional speaker like me you will read and reread this book with the samenthusiasm that people bring to their iPods David Meerman Scott bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing PR and World Wide Rave.

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