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Music at the Limits Columbia Themes in Philosophy Social Criticism and the ArtsBy the accidental hearing Gould s recording of the Goldberg Variations on a car radio After A Ten Year Relationship a ten year relationship returned to Foss If you can stick with the repetitions and disorganizations inherent in this collection it is an intriguing sort of self analysis My favourite music critic rarely he talks about cultural and political issues as manifested in music rather than pure analysis his reviews have slightly repetitive themes Gould Wagner but he always writes thoughtfully about the composer s psychology and spiritual development esp Beethoven Not for anyoneincluding me in the mood for music as pure non referential relaxation butas I say almost *UNIUE IN LINKING TO WIDER DEBATESI FIND HIS RATHER *in linking to wider debatesI find his rather attempt at talking emotionally about music ite endearingHis friendship with Barenboim across the JewishArab and IsraelPalestine divide is moving and emblematic of everything Said stood for building bridges Sadly he died in 2003 Considering that Said was Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University I was stunned by the depth of his musical knowledge as I entered into this collection of reviews and essays written over the course of a little over two decades p to the very end of his life While the focus of the work is highly attuned to piano and operatic works his erudition and genuine passion for the repertoire was refreshing And Insightful It Was insightful It was as insightful as a self professed amateur pianist could be As one delves deeper there emerges a clear lack of thematic knowledge or facility with the music itself and often he is reduced to a distant somewhat amorphous intellectual fetishization of the music Said is very clear about musicians he likes Gould being par excellence and those he doesn t and this often revolves around his rather subjective notion of the kind of argument Sing the work of a variety of composers musicians and performers Said carefully draws out music's social political and cultu.

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A fun readI am familiar with Said based on his essay discussing Middle East politics I had no idea that we was a musician and music credit as I enjoyed reading the Essays This Book Despite in this book despite only about 12 of the music he references Said s just so good Here he takes his philological eye to the performance production and reception of orchestral music in the US mainly during the 80s 90s and ntil his death Critiues composers instrumentalists conductors opera directors and even other critics Continuing the theme of serendipity This is the book I was shopping for when I happened on The Music Lesson Edward Said the late much lamented analyst and critic Orientalism was also a very good pianist The review of the book in the Economist was favorable so I trotted off to buy the book It is a compilation of his writings on music mostly criticism for the Nation NY Rev of Bks etc Given my obsession with Glenn Gould it was nnerving to discover that Said was even obsessed According to his wife s introduction it was Glenn Gould s death ca 1980 that started him writing about music Any collection like this is bound to be neven if only because ideas first presented in one article are often repeated in various ways in other articles written often for other magazines Said s Gould project is to get to the root of why Gould has such a grip on the musical imagination What I called Gould s daemonic Jn Trklerin Siyasi Fikirleri 1895 1908 uality Said attributes to a fierce andncompromising intellectual approach to music which allows no indulgence in sentiment or prettiness It is ltimately moving to see how intellectual integrity for Said becomes in the work of Gould the most intensely emotional aesthetic experience To give a little hint of the grip exercised by Gould s music making Glenn Gould met Cornelia Foss the love of his life because her husband Lucas was entranced. Music at the Limits is the first book to bring together three decades of Edward W Said's essays and articles on music Addres. E believes music can present in spite of it being fundamentally dumb Insofar as that is true I think it has to Insofar as that is true I think it has to held in balance with the very real aesthete and sensate alities that music can evince I am sure Said knew this but in an effort to correct the nthinking sentimentality that crowds out the recital halls of our times he does go too far in his derision at times to the detriment of his overall pointThe derision he reserves for the Met though as a redundant spent force with dubious curatorial value was entirely apt For all one may disagree with his very very strong and explicit opinions you cannot say that he doesn t say anything Said offers a different entry into music one about as literary as it can be he finds perhaps in Gould a kindred spirit who beyond his playing produced a massive output of radio talks and essays It is this metaphysical wrestling with the music this connection to an argument advanced through neumes that affords fertile ground beyond say Schenkerian analysis or the musicological studies of Maynard Solomon Said is constantly asking so what and in doing so forces performers and writers to go beyond the routine and accepted into nderstanding why every inflection every note every study of zeitgeist is necessary to a if not complete then surely diverting and fruitful study While some especially those of Limited Financial Means May financial means may tendentious his griping over the lacklustre state of concerts and festivals in toto given that we can The Dominion Mandate usually only afford to attend one or two a year Said s writing wit and energy leave this work completely accessibleAs a matter of note there are A LOT of grammatical typesetting and even spelling errors Highlights include essenal for essential and Ageriach for Martha Argerich This can beite distracting at times and certainly nbefitting a man of such elegant writin. Ral contexts and as a classically trained pianist provides rich and often surprising assessments of classical music and oper. ,