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Have now that skill Two important notes that Napoli state and I will reiterate here is that any serious therapy should be done with a trained therapist Also Napoli readily admits self hypnosis is not magic I would have tossed the book over my shoulder if she had tried to convince me otherwise But Napoli an actual therapist understands our brains are confusing enough without adding a ayer of mysticism which people often run to in order to distract from real problems Dare to Be Seen by Elisa "di Napoli is an excellent guide for musicians who are troubled by "Napoli is an excellent guide for musicians who are troubled by fright However this is than a book on conuering performance anxiety the exercises and advice work well with all kinds of anxiety In the same way that The Inner Game of Tennis was not just about tennis Dare to be Seen is a very helpful and practical guide to conuering anxiety the disease of our ageThe author presents her course in multiple formats paperback Kindle audiobook and an online course with some free tasters which can be followed by paid sessions to complete the 10 sessions plus bonus sessions offered in her programmeWriting as both a performing musician and hypnotherapist the author brings to this topic considerable personal experience experience she describes with candour giving weight to value of the book as a very accessible and practical guideThe book is clearly aid out with exceptionally clear guidance to take the reader through the steps necessary to Dare to be Seen Elisa di Napoli does well to demystify hypnosis as a process that we can participate in with a professional hypnotherapist not hypnotist or manage ourselves as we follow the instructions and scripts offered in the bookShe wisely suggests that we don t try to figure it all out in advance just trust that all you need to know is the next step and then the next and the next Also that it s OK to take your time with this course and to do it at your own paceEach section of the book nicely guides us through the processes A ook through the paragraph headings might give you all you need sometimes then you might also wish to read the whole paragraph which will give you explanations and metaphors images that create a firm foundation for progress through the course The book is full of experience case histories and metaphors that engage the reader s attention and encourage re thinking of those patterns of thought THAT FREUENTLY DEVELOP ANXIETY AND TURN freuently develop anxiety and turn into what may sometimes seem an intractable habitThis is not a theoretical textbook Although the author takes a theoretical detour to explain why her method is not NLP Neurolinguistic Programming From my own perspective as an occasional musician and psychodynamic psychotherapist I can see the theoretical underpinnings of these approaches and recognise that that they have immense practical valueThis is not book that will give you solutions after a single continuous read The course and the accompanying online resources demand time if the results reuired are to be achieved As such it is to be recommended I recommend this book 100% to everyone who is willing to make big changes in ife increasing confidence and eliminating Church And State In Tonga limiting beliefs Unlike many other books which are perhaps focused on theoretical aspects of hypnosis this one offers a deep practical approach which contains a big piece of sessions and exercises also very well structured in a step by step process The book is presented in a familiar and understandableanguage and I personally felt very engaged to it all along the read This is a very helpful book for everyone suffering from anxiety and poor self esteem From the first pages it s easy to understand the message the writer wants to share with you The feeling is that it s something coming from personal experiences and for this reason it s duly supported by simple and direct examples that make clear impressive and direct what is written I m really Firestorm Danger Com 2 loving this book and every day my knowledge on how to manege anxiety and stressing situation is improving The given examples are simple and ripetitive becauseinked to the real A Generation Rising Fire And Steel 1 life and easy to be found and repeated I really want to recommend it to everyone thatike me every day have to approach stressing and demanding situations Thanks and my compliments Mrs Di Napoli for your effort and I wish you all the best to proceed with a version of your book in Italian anguage I will start im. Level Subjects covered include The 6 Fundamental Mind Hacks for Achieving Lasting Performance Success The Wise Heart Approach to Transform Stage Fear into Stage PresenceThe LAMA Method for Creating a New Confident You The Highly Successful Performer Mindset that will allow you to Master Any Performance Situation Plus two bonus sessions on how to Overcome Fear of Rejection Deal with Trauma Safel. ,

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I actually chose a few hypnotherapy sessions with author a some
years ago with 
ago tachycardia issue when i was in a horrible position with awful choices to be made I told Elisa exactly what i needed from her and how much ittle money i had to do it with and she did exactly what i needed which enabled me to get my heart rate down and proceed with my next steps including avoiding surgery and "coming off serious medication whilst reducing my internal screaming alarm system "off serious medication whilst reducing my internal screaming alarm system ve never forgotten how much that combined with restorative yoga helped me at one of the scariest times of my ife So i was very interested to read her book although i wasn t sure how much of it would apply to me as i am not a performer but if you read the rest of her reviews you will uickly realise as i did that this book is applicable in all of your ife I have a Nvi Biblia Edicin Ministerial Tapa Rstica lot of people who come to me for generalife advice and so i had reference points for a Saranarthi lot of this this material but picked up some analogies that were better than mine and aot besides This book is clear concise comprehensive and practical If you read reviews before you buyread this is a no brainer buy it You will get your moneys worth and use it over and overThe best accolade i can give is i said to one of my daughters this is full of the stuff i am always saying to you everything is in here that you need if i could have written you a manual it d be thisAwesome job Elisa well done I am not a professional musician but I have been playing all my Freeing The Baltic life at acceptableevels The problem arises when an opportunity comes to play in public When I say public I mean than two close friends and the fearanxiety of even strumming two chords in front of even a small attendance has always sort of paralysed me This is why I was immediately intrigued by this book which I bought in digital format on and I almost finished Well it s sort of different from a traditional book as the author is a professional hypnotherapist with a talent for music and this implies that the text pretty practical and progressive as a manual is enriched by inks to sessions of hypnotherapy and free essons on self hypnosis given by the author herself So far I have followed most of the sessions which took ime in a new dimension where my anxiety is much easily controlled As I said I am starting to use the techniues illustrated taught by the author to curb my anxiety before playing in public but I am pretty sure that the same techniues can be helpful for public speaking I hope to revise and amend this review as soon as I finish the book however so far Dare to be Seen is showing impressive usefulness for my Sveriges Historia Vol 6 long time frustration due to my anxietyock There are many reasons why I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others who suffer from performance anxiety Firstly and most importantly because unlike a ot of self help books this offers grounded practical solutions and not merely fairy tale fixes to the issue There is no sense of being talked down to by a guru but instead an ally who is using her many years of experience to give you the steps to overcome your anxiety Steps that you must enact yourself so the you put in the you get Also while the author is clearly steeped in her subject matter she writes in a fluent accessible style which makes the concepts easy to understand even for the completely uninitiated She also does a good job of demystifying hypnotherapy and bust something of the myths around it which made for fascinating reading Overall an excellent book which gives readers both a map to eliminate their anxiety and a far greater understanding of how and why hypnotherapy works Author Note Why did I write my book Certainly not for money It cost me 4000 to produce it without counting the hundreds of unpaid hours of work around making it happen I most probably won t make that money back I wrote it because I wanted to help people who ike me suffered for years with anxiety and wished someone could show them a way out What would make me happy is to see this work reach as many people as possible For this reason I wanted to make the book free on but because I screw Dare to be Seen is a must read for anyone dealing with performance anxiety and Denali Guidebook To Hiking Photography And Camping In Denali National Park Alaska lack of confidence It is very well written and organized as a series of sessionseading to enhanced confidence calmness and performance Each session explains what is being ta. Do you have a message for the world but are crippled by anxietyIs fear of speaking in public holding you back from what you want out of ifeDo you want to be recognized for your talent but the thought of performing is paralyzingTurn your performance anxiety into authentic power in ten easy steps Learn how to deal with public speaking nerves and how to overcome interview anxiety from a clinical Ught then it is taught step wise and then ends "Explaining What Will Be Taught In The Next Session Self "what will be taught in the next session Self is explained as a way to reach a calm state to focus your mind and replace negative thoughts with positive ones Practice is encouraged The Mind Hacks are especially useful to put everything in perspective A ink is provided to download other resources such as a free audio book workbook and checklist of progress An online course is also offered Hypnotism is a word invented around the beginning of the XX century Since then it has been argely and wrongly used in shows to entertain the crowd with its appeal to reveal the inner capabilities of our mindOnly a few decades ater it has become an instrument to artificially induce a state of relaxation and concentration in which deeper parts of the mind become accessible and it can be used clinically to reduce one s reaction to pain Out of the clinical setting it has been used to free people from fears and phobias such as claustrophobia agoraphobia and similar mental statesThe common reaction to such a techniue has too often been fear of hypnosis itself which takes different forms but basically it is the fear of revealing "one s true feelings As such hypnosis has been seen with suspicion and cast out of officially approved psychological interventionsElisa s "s true feelings As such hypnosis has been seen with suspicion and cast out of officially approved psychological interventionsElisa s plainly reveals how misleading this common understanding of hypnosis can be She explains that we always are in charge of ourselves and freely accept to undergo such a techniue In other words hypnosis as such doesn t exist because it is always self induced self hypnosisOnce this preliminary concept is clear she takes the reader s Hand And Guides Them Towards and guides them towards understanding and a resolution of their issuesHaving said that this book isn t only for patients but for everyone that Fundamentos Da Filosofia Esotrica likes to clarify the nature of hypnotism and take advantage of the countless possibilities that this self induced techniue offers Well done This is a book about overcoming performance anxiety through self hypnosis that is enjoyable to read whether or not you have stage fright It s an interesting read even if you aren t that into hypnosis Not many academics make good writers And not enough good writers are interested in academics Di Napoli bridges thisiterary divide well She analyses the problem of anxiety in Poles Apart layperson terms and explains how hypnosis can help with easy to read instructions She also makes the journey to self care personal sharing her own story of overcoming stage anxiety as a musical performer Maybe it is her artistic side using the stage name Elyssa Vulpes she sings and plays guitar and drums to music which she writes that makes her an efficient writer The academic in her does come out occasionally when she explains things than once However I reallyike how she uses metaphors to explain psychological concepts such as how to reign in negative thinking you are the adult and your thoughts are unruly children You have to believe you are in charge before your thoughts will Under African Skies let you take charge Later in Chapter 9 she describes attention as a vacuum cleaner where you focus your attention on negative thoughts or past failures that is what your brain will suck up My favorite though was in the bonus session onetting go of rejection I really ike seeing the evolutionary roots of modern day behavior especially confounding behavior ike fear of rejection Napoli explains our cave person brains fear we may be kicked out of the tribe if we are not impressing those around us No wonder some of us feel stranded and alone up on a stageI appreciate how she encourages readers to make the book their own to write in the margins and scribble notes in the corners Several self hypnosis sessions are presented step by step and not just for performance anxiety There are also sessions for dealing with fear Dark Days letting go of the past and how to stop negative thoughtsI tried the self hypnosis and I will experiment with it further I won t give away the whole techniue here you should read the book for that but it involves prep work similar to meditation then focusing my gaze at the highest possible point while keeping my head still Then I visualized going downstairs slowly counting down with each step This stuff is interesting to play around with forack of a professional term even if you are not ooking to seriously use it And when I might need it Ypnotherapist coach singer songwriter and former sufferer who has turned her own fear around using the very methods she teaches Combining clinical knowledge coaching exercises and transformational hypnotherapy this practical step by step program will uiet the negative voices in your head that prevent you from standing out and take your speech audition gig or presentation to an entirely different. .
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