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Bly not their best work And If You Trust Them if you trust them artists you know why they left that material on the cutting room floor And indeed this book is a collection of scrapings random essays and bits of narrative illuminating obscure corners of Middle Earth I will say though that Christopher Tolkien deserves some credit for being a very conscientious offspring Most children either end up hating their parents or thinking of them as basically foolish JRR Tolkien s son though is extraordinarily careful to give the exact providence and goes into excruciating detail as to the provenance of every piece of writing in Unfinished Tales Never does he indulge himself in the slightest bit of Never does he indulge himself in the slightest bit of at the expense of his father or even hint at any frustration that ust maybe he could have made his marginal annotations in legible handwriting The subtext of the father son relationship or lack thereof might make this an interesting read unless it actually doesn t Really for LotRMiddle Earth obsessives only This is simply a moneymaking scheme After the success of the Silmarillion the Tolkien state has published all notes that were in a or less readable state This is the only one I bought besides Chidren of Hurin which probably has much in common with the bigger part of this bookI do not think Professor Tolkien would have liked to have these drafts and notes published Many of them are even obsolete as he built up and discarded elements in his mythic constructThere are some great storytelling moments specially i If you re into stuff like this you can read the full reviewNumenor Unfinished Tales by J R R TolkienOriginal Review 1980 10 13The new Tolkien book is out While I haven t read even half of it I think I ve read enough to produce a helpful review so here goes This book Unfinished Tales by JRR Tolkien 15 from Houghton Mifflin is definitely not a book for a general readership nor even for the mass Tolkien consumer who thinks that Lord of the Rings is a swell story but all that linguistic and historical stuff is Flappers just a lot of window dressing Rather than a narrative it s really a sort of organized memory dump of Tolkien s filing cabinet 2018 EDIT filing cabinet indeed Out of all the posthumously published works of Tolkien and this being the primary right after the Silmarillion I have to admit it is the most interesting We do get expanded treatments of some of these tales in subseuent books but all in all the narrative structure of this tome is uite pleasingWhy It s written as actual stories Notust excerpts or not only A Borgia Daughter Dies just as excerpts but as full fledged stories in themselves complete with all the storytelling conventions we are used to That is to say it doesn t read super uick like Silmarillion but full of detail and meat like LotR I appreciated that little detail Of personal interest andoy I absolutely loved the way this filled in so many of the blanks within the LotR stories giving a much detailed history of the Ring Wraiths their creation the Palantirs the Maiar including such personages as Gandalf Saruman AND Sauron the full histories of the Rohirrim Gondor Numenor and EVEN the Wild MenThere s a lot that was left out of the Silmarillion and THIS HAS ITI m not saying some parts could be classified in the OTHER category such as the extended appendix at the end of LotR only so Or the full damn concordance including an index of all terms proper names and places with references to their original first mentions IE Silmarillion or LotRThis work is an awfully necessary addition for any would be scholar of Arda I can t say if it beats the FULL The Return of the Shadow The History of The Lord of the Rings Part One The Treason of Isengard The History of The Lord of the Rings Part Two The War of the Ring or Sauron Defeated The History of The Lord of the Rings Part Four scholarly works but for my poor lazy reading self Unfinished Tales does a FINE ob Unfinished Tales of N menor and Middle Earth JRR TolkienUnfinished Tales of N menor and Middle earth is a collection of stories and essays by J R R Tolkien that were never completed during his lifetime but were edited by his son Christopher Tolkien and published in 1980 Many of the tales within are retold in The Silmarillion albeit in modified forms the work also contains a summary of the events of The Lord of the Rings told from a less personal *perspectiveContentsPart One The First Age Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin *One The First Age Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin i H n H rin The Tale of the Children of H rinPart Two The Second Age A Description of the Island of N menor Aldarion and Er. S of RohanUnfinished Tales also contains the only story about the long ages of Numenor before its downfall and all that is known about such matters as the Five Wizards the Palantiri and the legend of Amroth The tales were collated and edited by JRR Tolkien’s son and literary heir Christopher Tolkien who provides a short commentary on each story helping the reader to fill in the gaps and put each story into the context of the rest of his father’s writings.

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Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle earthThoroughly enjoyed this it was ust so great *to learn about both old and new characters *learn about both old and new characters s middle earth is so rich and beautiful and it was amazing to be able to delve even deeper into it The Tolkien kick continues4 45 stars after a little thoughtI feel like this is definitely gonna be a book that I need to re read every year to try and get as much as I can out of it Same with The Silmarillion and The
lord of the 
of the tbh I love Middle earth so much The name says it all these are stories primarily of the First and Second Age of Middle earth that had never uite reached completion even in draft form some predate the writing of Lord of the Rings by decades but most come after and the book includes some of Tolkien s last writings about Middle earth The stories are presented by his son Christopher who presumably selected the pieces that were nearest to completion and likeliest to be of interest to Middle earth aficionados The pieces are presented with introductions footnotes endnotes and editorial insertions of which anon Several of the pieces are familiar being expanded albeit partial versions of eg the tales of Tuor and T rin that were presented in brief form in The Silmarillion Others provide glimpses of events leading up to and that took place offstage during the War of the Ring beginning with the death of Isildur and the loss of the One Ring and continuing to include battles that were taking place offstage during the events of The Two Towers and The Return of the King The book closes with essays about the Druedain the Pukel men the Istari the Wizards and the PalantiriFascinating stuff if you don t mind its incomplete and sometimes contradictory natureUnfortunately I m not sure if I can recommend the electronic version which is what I read this time previously I was reading a print copy The textual situation for many of the pieces is complex as mentioned above there are footnotes and endnotes some added by JRR Tolkien during his drafting process and some added by Christopher Tolkien when assembling the pieces for publication and editorial notes and changes of voice between the text and the commentary on the text In the physical book this is handled by various combinations of font size and indentation all of this formatting is lost in the electronic version making it sometimes hard to distinguish the tales from the commentary Footnotes and endnotes are better handled on the Kindle you can hyperlink from the text to the associated note but it s still less convenient than Silent Empire just flipping back and forth in a physical book And finally there were many typos in the eBook than I m comfortable with mostly things like missing spaces hyphens dropped or inappropriately retained and the like Nothing that rendered the text unreadable but it still seemed to indicate a lack of editorial oversight on the eBook conversion process I am fairly new to Tolkien as I have only gotten into his work at the end of 2015 by reading and after some initial problems loving The Hobbit I buddy read The Lord of the Rings over the course of 2016 and was uite overwhelmed with Tolkien s dense writing style and complex world building there were too many names of people places and events to remember I felt inept Nonetheless I admired his work and marvelled at his craft I was especially enamoured by Tolkien s linguistic interest and his rational for his invented languages and names In September 2016 I read The Silmarillion that was the time I became totally electrified The Silmarillion is still my absolute favorite work of his even though it wasust as overwhelming in regards to being exposed to all sorts of different people and their backstories the tales however had a certain charm and brilliancy to them I grew to love so many characters F anor T rin Turambar and L thien I needed to know about them That s why I decided to ump into The Children of H rin in April 2017 Upon finishing it I cried and cried Tolkien showed that he cannot only write epic high fantasy well but also the most heart shattering tragedies H rin and Morwen deserved better In the second half of 2017 I got into his works that aren t related to Middle Earth Tales from the Perilous Realm and Roverandom These reads solidified Tolkien as one of my absolute favorite authors No matter which endeavour this man took upon he handled it with great care and detail The whimsical nature of these stories reminded me of The Hobbit and the long ourney I had personally made alongside Tolkien and his work In April 2018 Christmas and winter long pa. Classic hardback edition of this fascinating collection of stories featuring Tolkien’s own painting of the dragon Glaurung on the cover which continues the tales of The Hobbit The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion and contains an alternative version of The Children of HurinUnfinished Tales is a collection of narratives ranging in time from the Elder Days of Middle earth to the end of the War of the Ring and provides those who have read The Lord of the. .
St us I read Letters from Father Christmas because why the heck not It was the second time I bawled my eyes out reading his work It is by far his most not It was the second time I bawled my eyes out reading his work It is by far his most work naturally given its nonfictional nature to glimpse at the man behind his writing to see the kind of father he was was fascinating and warmed my heart His love not only for his children but for storytelling is so apparent throughout all of these Christmas letters And this leads us finally to my read of his Unfinished Tales I bough it almost a year ago but was too intimidated by it having ust read and loved the silmarillion having ust read and loved The Silmarillion pick it up immediately This week prove to be the perfect time to take upon this new adventure Exploring the world of N menor and Middle Earth never gets oldTolkien s Unfinished Tales weren t difficult to read at all They are definitely not for newbies and people unfamiliar with his work but if you have read The Silmarillion you should be fine It provides detailed information about characters events and places mentioned only briefly in The Lord of the Rings Versions of such tales include the origins of Gandalf and the other Istari the death of Isildur and the loss of the One Ring in the Gladden Fields and the founding of the kingdom of RohanMy favourite tales were definitely Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin Narn i H n H rin Aldarion and Erendis The Mariner s Wife and The uest of Erebor The reason for that is probably the fact that these were the most complete These narratives were very endearing suspenseful and well written The notes and appendices definitely heightened my understanding of them and helped me expand my knowledge of Middle Earth I thought it was very clever of Christopher Tolkien to put all of the tales and essays in chronological order the first three parts aligning with the timeline of Arda by being split into the three ages of the world The fourth part was a collection of short essays concerning the Dr edain the Istari and the Palant ri Of course it is kind of unsatisfying and in some places even frustrating that the tales and essays are incomplete and sometimes even contradictory eg Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin cuts off at the most interesting part when Tuor eventually reached Gondolin and was admitted by Turgon What happened after that ie the fact that Turgon did not hearken the council of Ulmo and the ensuing fall of Gondolin is unfortunately not included Nonetheless I think that Christopher Tolkien did a fantastic ob of curating his father s writings and putting them into an intelligent form and order Reading Unfinished Tales made me even curious about Middle Earth and what lay beyond especially the First Age is of great interest to me I m still trying to figure out what to think of Galadriel I want to know about the downfall of N menor and Gondolin I am consoled only by the fact that Beren and L thien and The Fall of Gondolin have yet to be read by me As soon as they re available in my preferred editions I shall devour them This is *the first work that showed us how Tolkien s obsessive perfectionism was a double edged sword On the *first work that showed us how Tolkien s obsessive perfectionism was a double edged sword On the hand it gave us the wonderfully deep world and implied distances of The Lord of the Rings and on the other hand it left us with a umble of tales in various states of revision and development that had to be compiled by Tolkien s son Christopher into some form as The Silmarilliona A Perfect Scar And Other Stories jumble of tales that if they had been finished would have given us a truly staggering body of work Just reading the fragment that makes up the entirety of Of Tuor and his Coming to Gondolin makes me weep for what might have been Given the chance to expand even half of the partial tales from The Silmarillion into something euating the full treatment of the LotR would have been a wonder indeed Even given the incomplete nature of the works herein the reader is greatly repaid the effort of reading them even though many tantalizing uestions are left unanswered We get perhaps the only significant view of the land of Numenor in the Second Age intriguing glimpses into the nature of the Istari the Woodwoses and the Palantiri and expansions on the background of the Third Age and the events that led up to both The Hobbit and the LotR A really amazing work and enjoyable read if you re a die hard Tolkien fan This is a hard book to rate because it s sort of like rating a compilation album of Led Zeppelin studio out takes If you love Led Zeppelin you would undoubtedly want to listen to pretty much anything they did On the other hand objectively speaking it s proba. Rings with a whole collection of background and new stories from the twentieth century’s most acclaimed popular authorThe book concentrates on the realm of Middle earth and comprises such elements as Gandalf’s lively account of how it was that he came to send the Dwarves to the celebrated party at Bag End the emergence of the sea god Ulmo before the eyes of Tuor on the coast of Beleriand and an exact description of the military organization of the Rider.

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