Business Foreign Exchange Dealing

Currency BlocksThe services we offer include:

  • SPOT FOREX – In the ever-changing currency markets, Spot Forex trading instantly lets you take advantage of today’s currency values.
  • MARKET ORDERS – Arrange a Market Order and set instructions to buy or sell currency whenever the market hits a desired rate.
  • FORWARD CONTRACTS – Enjoy the protection of securing top exchange rates and maintaining them for future payments with a Forward Contract.
  • OPTIONS – If you require greater flexibility than Spot and Forward Contracts can offer, then Corporate FX+ is the answer.

More information about our business foreign exchange dealing:


A spot contract enables you take advantage of an exchange rate immediately and then transfer monies all within a very short timescale. With the currency markets always changing, one of our expert team will be able to guide you when they feel is the optimum time to transact. Alternatively, if time is against you then a spot purchase will enable you to secure a rate and transfer with immediate effect.

Through our same day service* you’ll benefit from being able to settle transactions faster than the market norm of 48 hours. You’ll also be able to take advantage of a settlements period of up to one week, during which your agreed exchange rate will be held. *Same day service is dependent on funds arriving before 2pm and is only available for ‘same day value’ currencies.

Once you have agreed an exchange rate with your dedicated dealer you’ll receive confirmation of your trade. In addition, if you are making or receiving payments to the same beneficiary on a frequent basis, mandates can be set up for future use and this will help to speed-up the settlement process.


React to sudden fluctuations in values by placing instructions in advance and committing to buy or sell when a currency pair hits a certain rate. The rate and time period for exchange is agreed up-front and the transaction is automatically actioned, as-and-when the agreed value is reached – so that your desired rate can be achieved whenever possible.

Limit Orders – These are used to achieve a better rate of exchange and maximise the return on your foreign exchange transactions, aimed to take advantage of spikes in rates.

Stop Loss Orders – These are designed to protect you against negative rate fluctuations that could detract from your costed levels or targeted hedging levels.

Good til Cancelled (GTC) – These give you the ability to cancel an order at any time, so long as the agreed rate has not been reached.

One Cancels Other (OCO) – This regulates Limit Orders and Stop Loss Orders when both are live on your account. If a Limit Order rate is reached for example, a corresponding Stop Loss Order will automatically be cancelled out.


By arranging a Forward Contract you can take advantage of securing an exchange rate today for a pre-determined point in the future, thus removing any risk from currency fluctuations that may occur. In addition to competitive rates of exchange, we offer ‘Forwards’ in all major and many local currencies.

As currency values rise and fall, it can be tricky to achieve your optimum rate for a continuous period. A Forward Contract enables you to agree a rate that you are happy with and create a contract to utilise the currency purchased at the agreed forward rate for anywhere from one week up to two years into the future.

Relax knowing that your rate is fixed, regardless of any market volatility between the time you arrange it and the date we deliver the currency. Once the time period is fixed, you can draw down funds of any size, at any time and in addition to our competitive rates of exchange.

Fixed Date Forwards – Allows you to agree a rate of exchange on one or more specific dates in the future, for example, to suit an agreed payment plan with an overseas supplier.

Open Forwards – Allows you to benefit from the additional flexibility of using an agreed rate for transactions on any date in the future, within an arranged time period.


These allow you to set an agreed protection rate but with the opportunity to benefit from favourable currency moves.

Foreign exchange Options can carry a high level of risk to your capital and are not suitable for everyone. You should seek independent advice if necessary. Corporate FX+ Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the conduct of designated investment business.