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The Benedictine Handbook

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As a Benedictine Oblate this book is meant to be used by me and all oblates as an adjunct to our life of work and rayer It is an excellent little handbook containing Benedict s Rule articles written by other oblates and monks to help round out our understanding and readings for each day of the weekUnfortunately the book HASN T BEEN PROPERLY PROOFREAD SO THAT SOME WORDS t been roperly roofread so that some words missing others have the wrong meaning and there are typos which are irritating while readingOverall a very good book spoilt by Ritual Magic poorroofreading I thought the book was an excellent guide for eople wondering about BECOMING AN OBLATE AS I AM an oblate as I am comes with the Benedictine rule and numerous short essays giving one insight
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living the rule The reason for four stars is that none of the information ties back into Abbeys or monasteries in America it seems the history stops at Europe And I wish it had better examples of balancing the rayer life with living in the world Contains 2 weeks of Simple daily We Like To Grow Our Food prayers takes about 7 minutes for morning or eveningrayers Some Fun Tonight Some Fun Tonight 1 plus there is time built in for uiet reflection if I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend who with me is a Lay Cistercia. The Benedictine Handbook is a lifelong companion for oblates associates and friends of the Benedictine communities Manyeople who visit communities for retreats and uiet days look for help in integrating into their daily lives some of the things they se. Ns of Gethsemani It is a great rimer FOR ONE WHO WANTS TO FOLLOW THE SPIRITUALITY OF one who wants to follow the spirituality of Benedict and his sons and daughters The book gives a history of the Benedictine Order and the various reforms that have occurred over time including the history of the Cistercian reform and Order It chapters on the Rule of St Benedict the tools of Benedictine Spirituality the Benedictine experience of God how to live this spirituality in community in solitude as an oblate and in the world It also includes the brief biographies of various saints and holy men and women who have followed the Benedictine spirituality It includes morning and evening Butterface prayers for those who do not have anotherrayer regime The Benedictine Handbook is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in spiritual development At particularly through the Benedictine tradition andractice Edited by Anthony Marett Crosby OSB it includes authors who are both full time Benedictines ie residential Benedictines in monastic communites and Salir A Robar Caballos Out Stealing Horses part time oblate Benedictines Some are names that will be well known to the readers of spiritual literature Kath The Benedictine Handbook is very well written one volume introducti. E and experience This handbook will helpeople follow the Rule of Benedict as it explains the essential elements of Benedictine spirituality It rovides information on the spread of the Benedictine movement its outstanding figures and the main branches.
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On to the Benedictine Order and its founder Saint Benedict of Nursia The book contains the entire Rule of Saint Benedict a section on the tools of the order which also fall under the title words of wisdom a very good exemplar of order which also fall under the title words of wisdom a very good exemplar of and daily You Cant Kiss It Better prayer in the order biographies of key figures in the development and history of the Benedictine Order finally concluding with a good collection of essays explaining how the Order of Saint Benedict serves the Will of Christ in the world todayThis book is so good that my first copy went to the seniorastor at my church a church belonging to the Church of God Anderson Indiana Prior to reading the Rule of Saint Benedict or becoming involved with any Benedictine activity an individual should have becoming involved with any Benedictine activity an individual should have foundation to stand upon in order to adeuately understand how what and why The Benedictine Handbook is that foundation It offers the reader a brief history of the Benedictine life as well as suggested rayers and the Rule of Saint BenedictAlthough an excellent introduction for the novice an Oblate of Saint Benedict should delve deeper by using the rayers in the Liturgy of the Hours such as Benedictine Daily Prayer A Short Breviary. Of the Benedictine family today It also includes a simple version of the Daily Office and a collection of Benedictine devotions It is a member s handbook that deepens the sense of belonging among those who seek regular contact with a Benedictine communit. ,

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