( Read ) Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz BY Juan Oritz

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Super Fabulous eIful book Military A great new book The Verge Awesome movie style posters forvery original Star Trek Episode Flavorwire A Very Cool Blend Of Modern Often episode Flavorwire A very cool blend of modern often stylings with vintage sci fi flair and an *Unabashed Love For All Things Trek The *love for all things Trek The contains all of Ortiz art and would make the perfect sort of coffee table addition for the Trekkie in your life who already has verything MoviesBetter than a vast majority of real movie posters that we see these days Aint It Cool NewsIf youre a fan you will go crazy "over these amazing prints If you know a fan Star Trek " these amazing prints If you know a fan Star Trek Art of Juan Ortiz is perfect gift material Geek DadA remarkable xercise in creativity that will appeal to hardcore Trekkers or just anyone who appreciates great graphic design Topless RobotThis gorgeous over sized book X mm perfectly displays Pioneers Of Modern Typography each one of Juans creations Blurppy Wonderfully retro Fast Company Star Trek The Art of Juan Ortiz is such a compelling art book one fantasizes that Ortiz or anotherually talented artist will offer the same treatment to other TV showssay The Sopranos or Mad Men Also the book damn near forces the reader to pick up the remote and stream those wonderful old Star Trek pis. .
Odes Culture Mass This is an xcellent book to keep on any Geeks Coffee Table Opening coffee table opening up is just as immersive and Poems Of Henry Lawson excellent as a marathon of thentire series The trip is well worth it Geek MagazineStar Trek The Art of Juan Ortiz isthan a love letter to Star Trek Its a beautifully designed tribute to movies classic TV shows *comics musicits a delight to see something that takes the series and finds something fresh to say about it *musicits a delight to see something that takes the series and finds something fresh to say about it Whether youre a fan of Star Trek The Original Series or just love a good movie TV poster you will definitely want to check out this beautiful oversized book The Blot Says Gorgeous hardcover book Hero Complex gift guide Each page is jammed packed with a full dose of art and classic subject matter that will give any fan butterflies in their stomach Urban Vinyl DailySince Juan has been an illustrator designer for Disney and Warner Bros and has penciled covers for DC Comics Looney Tunesand Tiny Toonsmagazines He is also the publisher of his own comic book series Silver Comics seen in the Disney Dreamworks release I Am Number Four produced by Steven Spielberg as well as The Skull Army a macabre detective pulp featuring his creation named The End. .
Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz