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The author synthesizes decades of fraudulent studies starting from the 80s including the Stargate program and presents them as valid Remote viewing telepathy precognition psychokinesis communicating with the dead and including the Stargate program and presents them as valid Remote viewing telepathy precognition psychokinesis communicating with the dead and have all been roundly disproven without any evidence to support them outside of outright scientific fraud such the hoax committed in Project Alpha The theories presented by Mr Gober have completely changed my life in a ood way Along with upside down thinking it has righted so many things in my life Because I truly believe my consciousness comes from elsewhere I believe I am stronger capable and better than I was before I m open willing to help others in a selfish way and the Positivity And Sheer Force Of Positive Vibes and sheer force of positive vibes attracted the most amazing people into my life and brought back old ones This self belief has transcended into my business those around me and it has been the most beautiful experience of my life Call it a hoax call it self hypnosis who really knows But the results have been a hair short of miraculous And in my case I have personal anecdotal evidence that backs up a few main contentions Let the resistance begin we welcome it Have a reat day yall This book makes statements with no proof The book implies a knowledge by the author which transcends that of the most brilliant scholars that have lived up to now I couldn t even finish reading it The title falls a bit short in my opinion and does not really indicate what the book is about or the seriousness of the content which I think does it a disservice This is essentially a summation of prior ideas and research rega. Consciousness creates all material reality Biological processes do not create consciousness This conceptual breakthrough turns traditional scientific thinking upside down In An End to Upside Down Thinking Mark Gober traces his journey – he explores compelling scientific evidence from a diverse set of disciplines ranging from psychic phenomena to near death experiences to uantum physics With cutting edge thinkers like two time. An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday LifeRding the nature of consciousness and OTHER RELATED FRINGE TOPICS SUCH AS related fringe topics such as mediums Near Death Experiences NDEs reincarnation and the like It is uite thought provoking and effectively challenges what we think we know for It is Uite Thought Provoking And Effectively Challenges What thought provoking and effectively challenges what think we know for about reality However for my personal tastes I did not care for the audio version of the book as I feel it would have been much appealing if it had been read by a professional voice actor rather than the authorAs to the uestion of consciousness a primary subject dealt with in this book there seems to be substantial evidence suggesting that it is non local not created by or housed in the brain and thus may survive bodily death But if true the uestion as to where exactly does that consciousness o and in what form does it continue to exist after physical death is a much murkier one That is one area that I wish the book had done a much deeper dive on as the uestions are essentially left unanswered though they may be the most important uestions of allAlso this book seems to keep the notion of a supreme being almost completely out of the discussion perhaps to enhance its appeal to non religious readers However since many people who have experienced NDEs claim they encountered some kind of God like figure or even Jesus Himself in some cases eliminating the possible existence of God from the larger discussion would seem to be a uestionable approach in my estimationCritics will continue to insist that all of this has been thoroughly debunked and proven patently false When I read comments like that it makes me wonder what source material the skeptics are referencing These uestions deserve serio. Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Ervin Laszlo Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences Dr Dean Radin and New York Times bestselling author Larry Dossey MD supporting this thesis this book will rock the scientific community and mainstream Fidel Castro generalists interested in understanding the true nature of reality Today’s disarray around thelobe can be linked at its core to a fundamental misunderstanding of our reality This book. ,

Us thought not flippant dismissal It is hardly enough to declare that something has been debunked and then just walk away without ever explaining who supposedly debunked it how it was ostensibly debunked or addressing the substantial countervailing evidence suggesting otherwise Granted that certainly doesn t mean that every odd religious belief bizarre paranormal theory or alternative view of reality is correct But it does indicate that no amount of research will suffice for those convinced that reductive materialism is all there is and explains absolutely everything or at least eventually will In some instances the routine dismissal of supporting data closely resembles a of bias and religious intolerance exercised under the uise a commitment to rational thinking However I would the uise of a commitment to rational thinking However I would that it is not rational to ignore information simply because it challenges your preconceived notionsWhile wishful ullibility in the absence of facts is no attribute steadfast denial in the face of satisfactory evidence is no virtue either It ought to be okay to admit that there are things happening around us that we cannot adeuately explain with our conventional current model of reality and may never be able to This book shares the scientific basis for consciousness that everyone should know It is the fabric of our being and yet often misunderstood The author covers topics such as psychic phenomena near death experiences and uantum physics It does not matter what your current worldview is or what you believe to be true this book will transform the way you think about your own potential and expand your understanding of lif. Aims to shift our collective outlook reshaping our view of human potential and how we treat one another The book’s implications encourage much needed revisions in science technology and medicine General readers will find comfort in the implied worldview which will impact their happiness and everyday decisions related to business health and politics Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time meets Eckhart Tolle's The Power of

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