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The first person is likely to mislead or confuse readers Twelve poor "uality black and white photographs document the subject s time Carlisle "black and white photographs document the subject s time at Carlisle Industrial *School and show him receiving the gold medal for the pentathlon from King Gustav V of SwedenJanice * and show him receiving the gold medal for the pentathlon from King Gustav V of SwedenJanice Hayes Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro Copyright Reed Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reservedGr Bruchac expands his Jim Thorpe s Bright Path into a full length biopic or at least the literary euivalent Casting the narrative into the first person but sticking closely to documentary sources for people incidents and even dialogue he details Thorpe s stellar amateur career in track baseball football and the Olympics along with the young athlete s repeated run ins with hostile and sometimes corrupt off. Jim Thorpe, Original All-American

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Icials and the harsh conditions he and his classmates ENDURED AT SEVERAL INDIAN SCHOOLS IN ADDITION AS THORPE at several Indian schools In addition as Thorpe football for Carlyle s brilliant coach Pop Warner readers will find fascinating glimpses of the game in its formative years Relating his feats in matter of fact never boastful tones Thorpe demonstrates a peaceable team minded spirit a solid work ethic a persistent reputation to the contrary notwithstanding and an occasional stubborn streak but never a trace of bitterness or anger As in many otherconventional biographies he comes across as both a hero and an nexcelled role model For readers wishing to knowabout Thorpe s professional career and later life Bruchac supplies a long afterword and an "annotated resource list John Peters Copyright American Library All rights "resource list John Copyright American Library Association All rights ,

Grade A fictionalized biography Thorpe spent his life runningrunning away from school running on the baseball diamond running the football or running to win both the pentathlon and the decathlon in the Olympics in Stockholm His accomplishments his kindness and consideration of others his defeats and his exploitation are related in first person narration from his childhood on an Oklahoma reservation to the loss of his Olympic medals for playing on a professional minor league baseball team Readers learn about his athletic performances some related play by play his triumphs his friendships and his hardships through the se of dialogue "And Description The Trust "description The trust Thorpe had in others and his own perseverance
both his personal weaknesses and While the writing is accessible Bruchac s se of.

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