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U.S.S. Seawolf: Submarine Raider of the PacificAaaap Aaaap The battle station Alarm Through The Boat blared through the boat naked their bodies gleaming in the yellow light the men tumbled out of their bunks The narrow passageways were suddenly filled with men and then as suddenly cleared as ach man fitted into his assigned positionThe USS Seawolf was one of the greatest submarine raiders of all timeHaving narrowly avoided the attack on Pearl Harbor the Seawolf set out for the seas of the Pacific to wreak havoc on Japanese shippingJoseph Melvin Eckberg was on the Seawolf from her maiden voyage and remained with her until January As chi.

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Ef radioman he was instrumental in assisting Captain Frederick Warder to find and destroy Ann Petry Loa 314 Library Of America enemy targetsFrom the claustrophobia of being trapped under water and the overwhelming fear of depth charges to the joys of aiding the warffort and the camaraderie on the ship Eckbergs account told to the authors Gerold Frank and James Horan gives remarkable insight into submarine warfare of the Second World WarIt is a narrative straight as a sword from which emerges the story of how that happy marriage of courage and skill was achieved which the story of how that happy marriage of courage and skill was achieved which our submarinesthan any other group the fl. Eet that won the war The Saturday Review Fletcher PrattThe successes of the Seawolf bear testimony to the ffectiveness of single purposeness and teamwork Jonas H Ingram U S Navy Commander in ChiefGerold Frank and James Horan were professional authors who wrote down Eckbergs story after meeting him on a slow train between New York City And New London and New London in August USS Seawolf Submarine Raider of the Pacific was first published in Frank went on to become a prominent ghostwriter and passed away in Horan author ofthan forty books died in Eckberg died four years before him