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Rule #1: You Cant Date the Coachs Daughter: A Standalone Sweet High School Romance (The Rules of Love Book 2)

Anne-Marie Meyer Õ 6 Summary

This was a heartwarming story that also made me tear Up Few Times Life Can Be Hard And Life a few Life can be hard and life t peachy for a lot of people There is an ideal family situation but many times that ideal falls short of eality It doesn t mean that happiness can t be found And that is the underlying theme of this book in my opinion Two teenagers trying to make the best of their situation Tyson has a mother that is drunk often then she is sober and has a small sister to help care for Destiny s mother left her dad for another man when she was younger and she hadn t gotten over the abandonment issues Destiny and Tyson like each other but Destiny s Dad is the football coach and their is a no talking to my daughter let alone dating her Las Formas De La Pereza rule Can they move forward under such circumstances The only thing I didn t like about this book was the lying that Destiny does to her Dad She knows it is wrong but she sneaks behind his back anyway justifying her behavior The truth comes out but not because she was willing to open up and be honest before she was caught Under the circumstances there was no punishment for her behavior which seemed unrealistic Content CleanEnding Stand alone HEAI love First person view point and a cute high schoolomanceI thought both characters grew and developed and had depth in their For Valour The Air Vcs relationship It was entertaining tooMy only slight flaw was I felt like suddenly he liked her I wished it would have fleshed out why he was interested in her to begin with to be willing to go against coach for her to tutor him I mean if he wasn t interested in her to begin with whyisk it But I wish it would have shown that interest at the beginning I didn t Hearts Over Diamonds really know if I wanted toead this book as it didn t have many comments but I ended up buying it and I m glad I did I m a fan of Jenny Han book and the narrative eminded me of her writing I would definitely ecommend This was a eally uick and easy ead Adorable story If only my heart I would definitely Dr Ruths Encyclopedia Of Sex recommend This was aeally uick and easy ead Adorable story If only my heart the ules I wouldnt have fallen for Tyson Blake Stupid heartThere are two types of people in high school the ones that you can date and the ones you cant Unfortunately for me Im the latter Even though Im around hot football players every afternoon they are not allowed to date me If they even come close to flirting my dad Coach The Boss Davis makes them un laps around the field until they puke Nothing scares off a boy than the threat of physical pain Not only has he forbidden me to date anyone at. .
Really like it The story is wry amusing
Despite The Seriousness Of 
the seriousness of Of The Issues of the issues Destiny Tyson are young confused and understandably conflictedDestiny her dad love each other but they don t communicate very well Her dad s strict ules against guys are part of their pathology which we learn stems from Destiny s mom abandoning them for another manSo Destiny is kind of emotionally stunted this immaturity presumably Crush It resulting from her mom s damage then her dad s subseuent bitter overcompensationTyson is struggling with the embarrassmentesentment of having to be the adult in his broken family when he s the one who should be getting support from the adults in his life I would ve liked to know what happened "TO THE DAD DID HE LEAVE "the dad did he leave of his wife s drinking or did she start drinking because he leftDestiny Tyson each view the other as too good for them in some way Tutoring allows them to spend some time together get to know each other but that increases the conflict of worrying about messing up the other s life because of their own baggageDestiny s Geuze Amp Kriek resentment of her dad s epiphany is understandable even though heresponse is counterproductive But then that s part of the toxic baggage that needs to be offloadedThe ending is Barn Dance really sweet not just because of the happily ever after but because we see that they are on a path toward healingHopefully we ll get to see about them in the subseuent books Esp finding out if Tyson succeeds in getting a scholarshipCleanomance level passionate kissesParents may want to discuss this with their teens because there are some adult issues that come up such as coping with alcoholism adultery abandonment but also because Secrets Of The Heart Aincourts Hearts 3 relationships with damaged people ineal life are a whole lot complicated teens need to know that outside of fiction those don t usually turn out so well It s To All The Boys I ve Loved Before But there s only one boy and one major obstacle no. All hes even made me the football teams water girl so that he can keep tabs on me Apparently over protective dad is a fabulous guy deterrent Outdoor shops should find a way to bottle it and sell it Theyd make a killingWhat Dad doesnt know is that I spend every last second of those two blissful hours of practice in the scorching California heat staring at Tyson Blake He is the epitome of perfection in a six foot two incredibly toned smells good even when he sweats senior body And when he smiles angels sing Literally And Dad. Dating allowed And another thing This story is WAY better Tyson has it tough at home but he s genuine and driven to do the The Lore Of The Old Testament right thing That scene with his little sister at Disneyland when he makes that comparison Myespect for this boy went way
Up Tiny Is Vulnerable 
Tiny is vulnerable determinedand on a journey of discovery mostly about herself and how to bravely step forward with her heart on the line Why insist on 20 words for a eview via kindle I don t know Especially when I just want to say that I eally enjoyed this book *A Great Read For Teensyoung * great ead for teensyoung I eally enjoyed this book A great On Ritualism read for teensyoung who are trying to spark an interest ineading but can t handle massively long books I m looking at you Moby Dick The book started off fine But the the Slavery And Serfdom In The Middle Ages read the i had to force myself to finish it I was counting down the pages until it was over The book just aggitated me because it was superficial way too cliche and over done and Tiny drove me crazy with her brattiness Tyson drove me crazy with his off and on I want you Wait no i can t The dad s over protective tendencies was also very annoying to me The only thing that mars this book is the father daughter forgiveness should have been filled out They were to close for that to satisfy me I cried because i did not want these couples to have to go through so much There happily ever after was Disney perfect Romance clean YA Series but stand aloneeadThis was a great YA The Unknown Karl Marx read Hurting characters family drama misunderstandings and friendships all while navigating school life with the ups and downs with education choices cliues and teachersVery well done This author has been hit or miss for me as aeader and she deserves my 4 star Rising Frenzy Men Of Myth 2 rating for this book Lots of meat weighty decisions and of course lovely attraction and friendship between the two MC Definitely should be widelyead Great book to Successful People Are Full Of C R A P read when you have free time Very predictable but cute Honestly not the most exciting and eventful book but still enjoyed Hates himIt feels a bit cliche to say I fell for the one guy that would send Dads already high blood pressure over the the top But its true Theres something about Tyson Something hes trying to hide But I can see through his cocky persona and I know theres something Someules are meant to be broken If you love forbidden love and stolen first kisses you'll love Rule #1 You Can't Date the Coach's Daughter Grab it todayThe Rules of Love Romance series contains full length standalone omances that are full of happily ever afte. ,