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This was an entertaining read My major complaint of the book is that it needed to be tightened up The weakest part of Ashe s writing is he overplays the psychological dynamics of his two main characters The issues he explores concerning their relationship are inter Love wasn t a choice It was collision It was catastrophe Can you say Daddy IssuesIt s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Wahredua Missouri Assuming what you have in mind is a sprawling modern mansion and a hail of unfireBook three in the most frustrating ay male mystery series ever written takes us to a very very dark place We dig deep into the family values Of Wahredua Into The Private Wahredua into the private of its elite power players and we find them wanting Emery Hazard and John Henry Somerset struggle along working brilliantly together in fits and starts while alternately screwing up royally because they simply don t communicate Gregory Ashe ives us another complicated and increasingly ugly murder set up tying the reader and our heroes into knots at the same time They overthink everything I suppose as a ood detective should but so much of what they think about each other is never spoken aloud and this simple fact is working my last damn nerveWe learn a rather shocking truth about Somerset s past lies and we begin to key into why neither he nor Hazard are willing able to take that critical step of candor with the other Cora John Henry s estranged wife begins to take on a three dimensional character here and I confess I liked what I saw I m etting a feeling she will have a critical role to play further on down the road Her counterpart in Nico Hazard s boyfriend also ets focus here He too is oing to figure largely in how this all plays out but I suspect in too is oing to figure largely in how this all plays out but I suspect in very different way from Cora I just have a feelingAshe delivers tension and emotion with both barrels so to speak I confess that his constant back and forth between Somerset and Hazard s points of view can be confusing if you read too uickly Having a page turner with complicated text structure is an interesting dilemma you want to race through it but if you do it may leave you in the dark Take some deep breaths and read with careI m already halfway through book 4 Just saying 45 stars from me Such a well written series with only the occasional typo These two will be the death of me sighs Just when you think everything has been resolved between them and they ve worked things out in their heads with NO secrets Somers decides to be a entleman a sober entleman for a change too and lea. It's almost Christmas and Emery Hazard finds himself face to face with his own personal nightmare oing on a double date with his partner and boyhood crush John Henry Somerset Hazard brings his boyfriend; Somers brings his estranged wife Things aren't oing to end well When a strange call interrupts dinner however Hazard and his partner beco. .

.com: Paternity Case: Hazard and Somerset Mystery Series, Book 3 Audible Audio Edition: Gregory Ashe, Tristan James, Tantor Audio: Audible Books OriginalsSo the MCs handcuff him to a Chair In An Unused Room And Go in an unused room and o and eat They don t even ask about the un much less secure it Naked Santa mysteriously ets free and crashes in again with the Art In Transit gun and kills oneuest and seriously injures the MC s extremely unpleasant father The MCs again subdue naked Santa In the aftermath everyone is stressed and Identity get unpleasant and irrational The series had a promising concept the writing s okay the plots have been prettyood but the execution just makes me want to not read any Ok as some other reviewer stated please move this story along There are spoilers in this review so beware Like others I really like the writting and in Whom The Gods Destroy general the story line It is a cut above most other Gay novels The stories areood and the mysteries around the two main characters flow well and I would Four Faces Of A Leader give the first two 4 5 stars But OMG the relationship between the two main characters just drags on and on and on in an really repetitive way As relates to the two main characters the 3rd book ends pretty much EXACALLY as the 2nd book and my reaction was a total YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME This seemed to be a poor way toet you to buy the next book Instead of dragging this on the author could have Hawthorne gotten them together sooner then used the space to work on their relationship It would make forood reading and I would have continued to enjoy the stories a lot I originally refused to Zoeys Broken Heart Making Out 26 get the 4th book in the series since I don t think I could have taken one book where the MCs still had the same issues But I read the trailer for the 5th book and wellFINALLY the plot moves along It s taken me a little while toet into this series I ll admit So many people have raved about it and while I enjoyed the police procedural parts of the first two books I will confess that I found the characters heavy How To Cure Backache Caused By Disc Problems goingThat changed about 23 of the way into this installment It s like things have shifted up a couple ofears and finally we begin to see what the shadows of the past really are and wonder how our MCs are oing to move around them and et on with their lives Somers was still massively annoying for most of this book but at the very death he redeemed himselfAnd this and because I need to see where it leads takes me into book 4 This
series ets better 
gets better every book I couldn t work out who the murderer was it plot was very clever I really want the two loonies to et their act together Somers needs to man up to admit exactly how he feels towards Red maybe the next book will do it here s hoping. G pressure to stop Their search for the truth draws them into a dark web of conspiracy and into an even darker tangle of twisted love and illicit desire And as the two men come face to face with the passions and madness behind the crime they must confront their own feelings for each other and the hard truths that neither man is ready to acce. ,

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Ves Emery and Nico to et on With Things At Least That Leaves The things At least that leaves the clear for our two MC s to finally FINALLY et it together in book 4 she says hopefully For me this was a much better instalment overall than Transposition an over extended Murder Mystery party with unpleasant characters The whowhy and how was well worked out by our two heroes Bing was a truly revolting character like father like son and deserves to either rot in jail or have a lethal injection asap Hopefully something nasty will happen to his slimy old bigot of a dad in one of the other stories and then we just have the Mayor and Somers awful parents to deal wit This is a new author to me loved the first in the series and am now reading book 4 The relationship between the two main characters has The Stolen Heart grown in aradual way so that by book 4 I really do know these Queer Theory Gender Theory guys The will they won t they other readers mention is frustrating but if and when they doet together and accept their love it will be something to behold Their partnership is pretty solid as it is so once they move past the obstacles and the small town prejudices the story will be enhanced even hopefully There were a few editing problems in the first two books but that has very much improved I m looking forward to a few Hurricane great books by this author in the future After having returned to his boyhood home for only a few months Hazard and his partner Somerset have been involved in several murders Despite learning each others hidden pasts they still remain heavily attracted to each other but totally unable to commit to each other Their relationshipetting to be a bigger mystery than the whodunit theme I liked Pretty Pretty Boys although some things bothered me about it notably that the MCs simply didn t act professionally at work a lot and did things that any experienced law officer just wouldn t do The relationship between the MCs was promising and I looked forward to the series The second book bothered me even with the additional botheration of just how unpleasant the MCs were to each other With this third book in the series I reached a breaking point about a third of the way into it for the same accumulated reasons and did a DNF when I realized that I didn t like anybody in the book except maybe Nico but Character Is So Underdeveloped It S Hard To Tell The so underdeveloped it s hard to tell The starts out with the MCs etting called to a party hosted by one of the MC s set of prominent parents because a naked high Santa has crashed it with a un The Minutes Of The 56th Annual Session Of The New Hope Missionary Baptist Auxiliary Sunday School Convention Held With The Mount Zion Church And Sunday School Eight Miles Southwest Of Chapel Hill August 1 To 3 1933 guests have subdued naked Santa when theyet there. Me witnesses to a shooting The victims Somers' father and the daughter of a high school friend The crime is inexplicable There is no apparent motive no connection between the victims and no explanation for how the shooter reached his targets Determined to et answers Hazard and Somers move forward with their investigation in spite of mountin. .

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