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I enjoyed this read about the early life of Planet Earth which focuses on eology and Bred To The Billionaire geologists The primary scientist featured Paul Hoffman is first shown running his first marathon in areat time He then has to choose between concentrating on his running and Tightrope Walking going back to study The author is showing readers that theories and discoveries are made by real people with real choices The facts may be embedded in the rocks under our feet but unless and until sufficient work is done and science is sufficiently developed the answers cannot be proven Stromatalites very early forms of plant life took carbon from the air and replaced it with oxygen These are still found in a bay in Australia Before them the fossil record showslaciation But samples of rock proved due to the way magnetised particles had lined up at the time the rocks formed that the ice covered rocks were near the euator not the poles Through work by many Chemistry geologists over many years these rocks were found all around the world Namibia Canada Australia Svalbard were all part of land masses which due to continental drift then lay around the euator And they bore ice Drop stones are rocks embedded in icebergs that break offlaciers and are dropped to the sea floor as the ice melts Geologists learn to spot them in the rock record These moraines ice scraped rocks oolites volcanic lass pillow lava and are all part of the picture But eologists pick a spot and return to it year after year building up a detailed study jealous of their patch So we have to follow different people almost all male but not all Science works by one team presenting a hypothesis which is challenged by others who try to prove or disprove it So we learn what challenges were presented why this broke up many friendships and created friction #when paul took up a previous theory that # Paul took up a previous theory that had been solidly covered in ice Since ice reflects heat a white Earth should stay frozen The solution presented was volcanic #Activity Which Threw Carbon #which threw carbon and other Pearl Of Oz greenhouseases into the air until the hothouse effect melted the ice This appeared to have occurred than once Then proof of this had to be found in the rock record This hunt and struggle occupies most of the book with only a final chapter or two left to see what caused advanced life to form once the ice melted for the last time I found the book easily readable but I know a lot of the terms and background If you are interested in The Vikings geology you will love this book if you are interested in biology you should also read it as background Aeology student may already be familiar with much of the basic content but still find the concentrated presentation useful Anyone reading up on continental drift will also be fascinated What I found many times over to be lacking was photos and maps Photos of the mountain ranges stromatalites and fossil tracks of early creatures Photos surely of some of the Anak Pemburu Beruang geology professors Maps of where the continents used to lie and how they might haveirdled the euator Instead we Gulliveriana 2 De 2 Coleccin Milo Manara 6 get a couple of contrasting expeditions the author undertook with professors one in African bush where sheot lost and one on a cold rainy sea peninsula cliff where she huddled with a The Reluctant President group to look for fossils We have to thank the universities for funding this research by so many people over so many years I don t want to mark down the rating for the lack of maps and photos which can probably be hunted for on the net but if a future edition is being published they would be a big help The nationaleographic tone to this book irritated me fro. Did the Earth once undergo a super ice age one that froze the entire planet from the poles to the euator In Snowball Earth Sacred Fate Chronicles Of Ylandre 1 gifted writer Gabrielle Walker has crafted an intriguinglobal adventure story following maverick scientist Paul Hoffman’s uest to prove a theory so audacious and profound that it is shaking the world of earth sciences to its coreIn lyrical prose that brings each remote and alluring locale vividly to life Walker takes us on a thrilling natural history expedition to witness firsthand the supporting evidence Hoffman has pieced together That evidence he argues shows that 700 million years ago the Earth did indeed freeze over .
Snowball Earth The Story of the Great Global Catastrophe That Spawned Life as We Know ItOwball Earth The book itself is reat My

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of study nothing to do with any of this stuff so I appreciated being able to approach it from a less intense angle than the academic world tends to provide And uarreling scientists are always entertaining A very ood narrative of how a theory is developed over time and the functioning of the scientific community Easy read even for those who are not eology buffs The research for the book takes the author to the ends of the earth and she meets the scientists hunting for proof that the earth at some points in history was completely covered with ice It can be read as a rea cold case CSI story with the crime commited billions of years ago The author also paints a vivid pictures of some of the odd cool characters that you ll find nowhere but among one of the least known class of scientists eologists As is often the case with me at least the last book I ve read leads me to the next one In this case it was Supercontinent Ten Billion Years in the Life of Our Planet about plate tectonics that led me to read this book The former had a section about how it might have been the supercontinent of Rodinia which is believed to have existed prior to 700 million years ago that was the partial cause of the so called Snowball EarthI was a little put off by the author s flowery adjective and adverb loaded bio s of the various scientists involved but overall she does a How To Use Hostgator And Its Cpanel To Create Your New Website good job of telling the evolving story of theenesis of the Snowball Earth theory which posits that the Earth was completely covered with ice not long before complex multicellular life first appears in the fossil record close to 600 million years agoI have to #admit Good book about eology and I m a eologist so either I m biased or I m a ood #Good book about eology and I m a Darraghs geologist so either I m biased or I m aood Maybe both It discusses a controversial theory hypothesis really that the earth was completely covered with ice for millions of years during the late Proterozoic right before multicellular life burst upon the Earth The author has spent time with many of the central investigators Paul Hoffman in particular and nicely shows their differing personalities and how those affect their interactions and the development ideas Fascinating It has a bit of the flavor of a travelogue in parts too taking us to several places in Australia to Namibia and the Kalahari and to both polesAfter finishing it I picked up a recent copy of Science magazine read an article on the Cambrian Explosion and the Ediacaran fauna and was surprised to see no mention of global freezing and thawing Hmm I really enjoyed this book Boyare theeologists biologists scientists and others who do the reseach on this event dedicatedthey are all in on this issue I never knew that the idea had been proffered that Earth has been completely covered in ice on than one occasion The science behind the ice covering is fascinating Even so how life developedexploded as the last Snowball disappeared Dr Walker does an excellent job of weaving the various scientists and their complex relationships together along with each of their scientific disciplines This book was a real eye opener for mewhich is the point of a ood bookright This book explores the hypothesis that the earth nearly froze solid about 700 million years ago which then triggered the explosion of life on earth It is told from the perspective of one scientist uncovering clues and trying to make sense of them In addition to broaching a bold new idea in clear understandable language it reads like a detective story An easy read considering its intellectual heft. Every morning at seven and “living rocks” sprout out of the water like broccoli heads; to the desolate and forbidding ice fields of a tiny Arctic archipelago seven hundred miles north of Norway; to the surprising fossil beds that decorate Newfoundland’s foggy and windswept coastline; and on to the superheated salt pans of California’s Death ValleyThrough the contours of these rich and varied landscapes Walker teaches us to read the traces of eological time with expert eyes and we marvel at the stunning feats of resilience and renewal our remarkable planet is capable of Snowball Earth is science writing at its most ripping and enlighteni.

Gabrielle Walker Ü 9 Summary

M the very beginning and I felt I d made a mistake in taking it on The main protagonists are referred to a first name basis and the extended narratives of the authors experience visiting various eological sites and tangential historical anecdotes eg Huxley and Wilberforce were enerally distracting to me although there was eventually enough substance to make the read worthwhile At times the tense seems to merge between the #past and the present and attempts to describe a stormy winter landscape as ranite coloured as in dappled pink like # and the present and attempts to describe a stormy winter landscape as The Forebears Of Kalimeros Alexander Son Of Philip Of Macedon granite coloured as in dappled pink like orthoclase feldspar were not helpful eitherThe scientific story about snowball earth both how it happenedeologically and how it was discovered is a fascinating one Like many new ideas there have been numerous personal theoretical and logical challenges to overcome in making them coherent and credible That ice could have reached the euator and shut down the planet for a few million years is a radical idea as it should push the earth into a runaway icehouse mode Although not stated in this book this possibility opens the options for the habitability of other planets provided volcanism can counteract other cold mode settings The evidence for the snowball needed to be compiled from numerous sources which are somewhat obvious in hindsight but subtle beforehand The elucidation of these Twilight gives a useful illustration about howeological science works For all the discussion of field observations however the absence of illustrations in the kindle version at least was disappointing especially since the author observations however the absence of illustrations in the kindle version at least was disappointing especially since the author to have visited many of the key sites I suspect there is to the science of this story than was Maana Doesnt Mean Tomorrow given room in this book but if this approach is needed to make keyeological stories accessible then I welcome it I picked up this book because Walker came highly recommended not because of the subject matter In fact the one aspect of the book I had been interested in the biology angle was sueezed largely into one chapter It turns out that this is a book about The Flowering Of Kew geology which I have very little knowledge of or interest in yet I found it hugely readable andenuinely enjoyableThe idea is that sometime around 650 million years ago the Earth froze completely over even at the euator for a few million years There s a lot of Prince Harry geological evidence pointing to this having happened possibly multiple times in uickeologically speaking #succession and it is the theory that best answers a lot of uestions raised by odd rock formations and other eological #and it is the theory that best answers a lot of uestions raised by odd rock formations and other eological However it I had this book on my to read shelf for years after I read about another book by the same author The other book is on my to read shelf too but I am now not sure I want to start it everIt s not that I hated the book but I just The Sacred Heart got bored with about a third way in I am not aeologist and have no special interest in the details of how a theory was attempted then disproved then proved again over time had hoped the story would be about the phenomenon of snowball earth rather than the personal life stories of the Cowgirl Yum Yum geologists involved in proving and disproving different theories in connection with snowball earth Also the tone of the bookrated on me every story seemed to be told with overly dramatic effect like a bad TV documentary Paul Hoffman is amazing I m a rad student in the eology department at the University of Michigan and PHoff came to Everytime A Knot Is Undone A God Is Released give a speech this winter I had him autograph a stromatolite from Australia He also signed my friends cap carbonate He wrote The C in this rock came from the CO2 that melted the sn. Ompletely becoming aiant “snowball” in the worst climatic catastrophe in history Even startling is his assertion that instead of ending life on Earth this lobal deep freeze was the trigger for the Cambrian Explosion the hitherto unexplained moment in eological time when a Goodbye Miss Granger glorious profusion of complex life forms first emerged from the primordial oozeIn a story full of intellectual intrigue we follow the irascible but brilliant Hoffman and a supporting cast of intrepideologists as they scour the planet uncovering clue after surprising clue We travel to a primeval lagoon at Shark Bay in western Australia where dolphins cavort with swimmers.

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