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35 This is the second "Story I Ve Read By "I ve read by and she s fast becoming one of my new favourite authors The characters were wonderful And The Stor. When the stor. When cat burglar out on a job saves a lawyer from being illed by a crazed one night stand both. ,

A Cat In Cream

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A bit disappointed because I WANTED TO READ OF DANE AND ALEX S DELICIOUSLY to read of Dane and Alex s deliciously Relationship Ah Wellmaybe We Ah wellmaybe we hope for a seuel in the futur. Hat even the not so good people of this world deserve love too and that sharks should always mate. Y was exciting and engrossing with several humorous moments that me laughing out loud The ending was satisfying although it did leave me feeling. Of their lives changed forever Somewhere along the the now former cat burglar realizes
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