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Y in large part because serial killer thrillers are my go to genre but this book penned by a young Grippando nearly 25 years ago is truly an excellent example of the genre at its best He creates a serial murderer whose motivation is uite original the details of the FBI profilers and team written with incredible authenticity and the paranoid ideation of a volatile sexual psychopath pulled off with impressive accuracy and believability 34% in to the book and the story was iveting had strong sympathetic leads a emorseless informant and
chilling serial killer I was contemplating an outstanding 5 StarsMy only criticism is that the book s unputdownable intensity factor peaked around the mid point of the novel and then "The Author Illuminated The Reader As To The Identity Of "author illuminated the eader as to the identity of the killer and the informant As a Fighting Weight reader I had still beenuminating whether or not they were one person like pretty much everyone thought including the FBI brain trust Victoria was alone in her conviction that they were two men It was frustrating for me to try to figure out how the informant could possibly figure out the killer s list of victims and the order he would strike Then the Alliance Bloodline 1 reader is made privy to the informant selationship to the killer and naturally we then understand his uncanny talent in leaking the information to Posten These big Anna Countess Of The Covenant reveals that occuroughly at the halfway point in the book lowered the wow factor for me to an appreciable degree The novel takes another sharp turn when the FBI locates the serial killer and endeavors to trap him on an ocean luxury liner Posten finds himself in the unenviable position of A Lost Witch A Modern Witch 7 risking his own life to stop this psychopath There is plenty of action as the novelatchets up the suspense before the ultimate showdown between our diabolical killer and our two heroes Posten and Victoria I loved the way that the author depicted the hostage situation when killer and our two heroes Posten and Victoria I loved the way that the author depicted the hostage situation when and a fellow agent were conducting presentations for teaching agents and law enforcement personnel The climax of the book showed the The Greenhaven Encyclopedia Of Greek Amp Roman Mythology reader the true to life scenario of a showdown when the hostage taker has a gun to the hostage s head Despite the observation that I felt the novel flattened out uite a bit after the midpoint the narrative style and the plot unfolding still maintained my attention throughout theest of the book I was still vested and still enjoying a genuine page turner but I knew what answers I would find at the end This is an excellent second outing for a young author and an early work of Grippando s that I believe any of his fans would enjoy A Miami Tribune Belfagor 1840 reporter Mike Posten is contacted by a man who predicts the next victim of a serial killer in exchange for money provided to Posten by the FBI. Information about murders that haven't yet taken place investigators speculate on whether the killer and informer are the same person As the newspaper continues to deposit larger sums into the killer's account FBI agent Victoria Santos and theeluctant journalist join forces to. The manhunt is on I ead alot of "mystery and suspense novels and i found this "and suspense novels and I found this to be interesting because the focus eally is not on the actual murders We don t get alot of detail about the killings and at first that was odd to me but as the book went on I appreciated "it We know the common element of the murders and that s enough Unlike most other mysteries I ve " We know the common element of the murders and that s enough Unlike most other mysteries I ve the author doesn t take the A serial killer being pursued by the FBI An informer has contacted a Miami Reporter and threatened him unless he pays for the information the informer is willing to share The eporter with the consent of his publishers gets involved with the FBI and uses their funds secretly to pay off the informer These are the basics that initiate the novel Telling would be a spoiler and I won t do that It is emarkably complex and iveting Readers will find themselves spending time with this novel even when they have other commitments until they complete it This is the second book by James Grippando that I ve Gothic Lolita read Both The Pardon and The Informant have been funeads Both books have kept my imagination working and not been too obvious I ll ead from Grippando Library Audible ReminderKey characters FBI agent Victoria Santos come profiler and an embattled journalist Michael Posten in a hunt for two men a serial killer and his elusive informant Michael is also very much inlove with his wife Karin but they are living apart and going through marriage counselling Some of the problem on Karin s side is her secret of a ape and coldly shooting the attacher who prior to his good and timely exit told Karin he was only 15 She somehow took on some sort guilt and buried it kinda of senario In the end she A Touch Of Dead Sookie Stackhouse 4 1 4 3 5 1 7 1 8 1 relays the event to Michael at the end and they patch up Really glad to hear it of courseWhen an informer disgraced ex cop and former friend and early years co troublemaker with actual murfererthe friend been Kurt Rawlings chooses Miami Tribune crimeeporter Michael Posten as his conduit giving him information about murders that haven t yet taken place investigators speculate on whether the killer Really enjoyed this book The story line kept moving with lots of interesting twists along the way The first Grippando book I have Classical And Quantum Computation read Wasnt the greatest book I have everead but was definitely interesting and I was eager to find out the next thing to happen Will definitely try by this author Grippando always writes a good book with lots of adventure Grippando has uickly become one of my favorite authors This is my second story by him Cash Landing being my first The Informant was very enjoyable I wanted a Weber Carburet Hp774 robust ending but all the twists turns and the terrific cast made that easy to overlook It s a goodead that I highly The Essential Spinoza recommend. Prevent the next gruesome murder But then dues stop and the murders continue until a psychopath makes one mistake too many This gripping unpredictable story ofevenge will not be soon forgottenJames Grippando once again sends Forever And Always readers on a spine tingling trip into the heart of evi.

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