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I recommend this book I found A High View of Scripture to be a very thorough and well researched read Deconstructing and xamining the different views on Biblical inerrancy Canonization and various other Christian Apologetics Allert does an good job creating an The Nag Hammadi Library even field with which to analyze both the well known theories and several lesser known ones as wellOverall an interesting read for anyone interested in religious studies Evangelicals are supposed to be totally devoted to the Bible Sola Scriptura we shout But as Craig Allert shows Evangelicals are just as prone to following traditions as any other branch of Christendom Just where in the Bible does it say to close youryes when you prayAllert writes What is actually happening in contemporary North American Research On Written Composition evangelical circles is that traditionalism has gradually crept into our understanding or lack thereof of the fundamentals Jaroslav Pelikan s famous statement is apt here Tradition is the living faith of the dead traditionalism is he dead faith of the living Traditionalism is doing or believing something simply because it is a customven if it is devoid of understanding meaning andor significance This is what contemporary The Parables evangelicals have done in retaining their core set ofssentials The
"Evangelical Is Exhorted To Believe "
is Iidsete Aegade Lood I exhorted to believe sore set of doctrines because they have always been seen asssential Thus not only have certain nonessentials been given Positive Thinking essential status but also some foundational aspects of theology have been underemphasized orven ignored and therefore undervalued and this to the detriment of the body of Christ The rich liturgical tradition of the church becomes confined to musically induced The Dominicans emotionalism The importance of the community of faith for the life of the believer is reduced to crass marketing strategies and the newest get spiritual uick scheme The living voice of the Bible in theological history becomes lost in individual interpretation and defense of a rather static propositionalism A High View of Scripture The Authority of the Bible and the Formation of the New Testament Canon 33 34Evangelicals have been used by God to preserve and fight for some very important doctrines However we always need to rexamine our beliefs to make sure we are not simply holding on to ideas and doctrines because that s what we ve always believed Allert s book is about how the NT Canon was formed Most Will Haunt You evangelicals and most Christians in general have no idea how we got our Bible This is peculiar since we say we believe it is the Word of God Wouldn t you want to know how the Word of God got into your hands The development of the New Testament canon is a key issue for Christianity When were the documents accepted as canon Who determined which documents would be canonized What criteria were used to select the canonThese uestions and like them are the subject of this book Th A fascinating look at the formation andarly church s conception of canon There are troubling uestions here that ought to be addressed In A High View of Scripture Craig Allert Professor at Trinity Western University in British Colombia takes a considered look at the formation of the New Testament canon with a considered look at the formation of the New Testament canon with a to what it says about the vangelical doctrine of Scripture Many to what it says about the vangelical doctrine of Scripture Many have what he describes as a dropped out of the sky view of Scripture and Allert undertakes a careful historical investigation into the formation of the New Testament that takes seriously its development It would be difficult to rehearse all of the discussions that Allert sets out on in a brief review but after a very short lay of the land he covers we ll look at a couple of important points he repeatedly stressesAllert begins by looking at how canon plays a role in Gods Crucible evangelical doctrines of scripture and what unders. Where did the Bible come from Author Craig D Allertncourages vangelicals to ask that uestion In A High View of Scripture Allert introduces his audience to the diverse history of the canon's development. ,

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Ommon and simplistic vangelical misunderstandings about the Bible This involves delving into the troublesome period for The Militant Messiah evangelicals between the New Testament and the formation of the biblical canonAllert begins byxplaining how different individuals approach the study of the Bible According to the author deductivists begin with a high view of the Bible but downplay the Bible s formation while inductivists highlight the Bible s formation while being skeptical of its nature as a holy authoritative text p 11 Allert also draws distinctions between three different individuals the religious historian most objective the pastoral apologist the dominant type but one who The Return To Camelot errs in reading too much presentmodern thought into ancient texts and the generalist who lacksxpertise much presentmodern thought into ancient texts and the generalist who lacks Six Femmes Du Monde expertise thus relies onxperts p 13Allert seeks to persuade Mst125 Essential Mathematics evangelicals to recognize the vital role thearly Church played in forming the canon Allert points out that there is an Summer enormous distinction that must be made between Scripture and canon Too oftenvangelicals use the Silver Eyes early Church fathers ECF citations and uotations of the canon to marshal a case for sola scriptura But on page 73 Allert draws a distinction between canon and Scripture and shows in the body of the book and an appendix at the back that the ECF considered many non canonical writings to also be inspired basing this assertion on a verbal formula ECF would use to preface their citation or uote Evangelicals must stop assuming that what the ECF meant by Scripture is what WE mean by our current Bible because the ECF would use this formula when citing say Sirach or 1 Clement Allert shows that the formation of the canon was later in coming than manyvangelicals would like to admit and notes the discrepancies between some ECFs including some books while other ECFs rejecting certain works Allert also dismisses simplistic and anachronistic uses of NT texts to prove their validity He states if we use 2 Timothy 315 17 to prove the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture we are arguing for a larger canon than the one we hold as authoritative simply because at the time 2 Timothy was written the Old Testament canon was still fluid and there was no New Testament canon to speak of p 172 This is the best part of the book as Allert makes a strong case for vangelicals to understand the origins of canon and our indebtedness to origins of canon and our indebtedness to arly Church As Allert succinctly states on page 77 The very acceptance of the canon of Scripture already places the believer in a state of tacit acceptance of decisions made in the patristic age because the formation of the New Testament is situated within the church of that ageAllert writes as an My Life And Work evangelical teaching at anvangelical university and while he holds the typical A Light In The Storm evangelical belief that the Bible is our highest authority he is generally silent about how we transition from an indebtedness to the ECFs for forming the canon to holding the canon as our highest authority He does assert the Holy Spirit s ongoing activity in thearly Church and the Spirit s role in helping to form the canon Allert spends the last section of the book criticizing verbal plenary inspiration those who hold to it tend to have the very simplistic understanding of the canon that Allert wants to correct and the Gundry inerrancy debacle but I would have rather seen Allert replace this debacle but I would have rather seen Allert replace this with an xplanation of how the Bible is now our highest authority and how it moved past tradition as such while not dismissing the importance of tradition Allert clearly lays out the historical development of the New Testament canon and addresses common misconceptions that some contemporary Christians have about it Catholic and Orthodox Christians will find this book useful for the me Jesus and my Bible people in their live. How it came to be This book the latest in the Evangelical Ressourcement series will be valuable as a college or seminary text and for readers interested in issues of canon development and biblical authorit. High View of Scripture? A The Authority of the Bible and the Formation of the New Testament Canon Evangelical Ressourcement Ancient Sources for the Churchs FutureTandings of canon formation are utilized for this task He then drills down and discusses the process of canon formation over the first centuries of the church focusing in turn on the criteria that were in vidence as the various books were selected the various heresies that brought challenges to the developing orthodoxy and the VARIOUS CANON LISTS THAT EVIDENCED THE GROWING CONSENSUS HE canon lists that videnced the growing consensus He concludes with a discussion of how the process of canon formation as it is thus brought to light bears on the understanding of inspirationA few important insights are worth mentioning First And Most Basic and most basic the recurring theme throughout the book and also of the series Evangelical Resourcement to which the book belongs that the Bible came into being in the context of and for the use of the church Thus a doctrine of sola scriptura must be carefully formulated to maintain the Bible as the foundation of theology without divorcing the Bible from its rightful place in the community of believers past and present A second important insight is methodological often in canon discussions Scripture is uated with canon Because the church fathers may have referred to various books as Scripture does not reuire that they were viewed as canonical In fact he demonstrates that there wasn t really a canon consciousness that is an understanding that there was an authoritative list of normative Christian Scriptures until the fourth century Instead Scripture designated something important about viewing a document as authoritative and normative but not necessarily in the restricted sense of canonical In fact the term and idea behind canon instead functioned in the Focus On Curves And Surfaces early church with regard to a body of teaching or standard of behavior A third insight has to do with the often assumed role of heresies in the formation of the canon It is usually argued that the church developed canon lists in response to heresies that challenged the church s orthodoxy but Allert shows that while this may have been a minor stimulus there isn t found an increase in canon lists in response toarly heresies And he further shows that at issue than which documents were authoritative was how to understand and interpret them It was the church asserting the centrality of orthodoxy and apostolic teaching not the selection of some documents over others that formed the core of the church s responseAllert strongly asserts that the process of canon formation as it actually occurred doesn t undermine the inspiration of Scripture But his historical investigation does show that the Justice early church didn t restrict inspiration to documents alone and thus didn t restrict inspiration to the documents that later became the Bible This doesn t undermine understanding the Bible as a collection of inspired documents Allertmphasizes that this understanding is certainly true but it does call vangelicals to have a broader and nuanced understanding of what inspiration is and what that means for the Bible as an inspired document I highly recommend This Book As A Great book as a great discussion of the issues surrounding canon issues far too often ignored or caricatured in many discussions and also a well reasoned reflection on the implications of this discussion for how we understand the Bible Allert has demonstrated great commitment to discovering the historical realities surrounding the New Testament s collection and he has also showed that the truth is not something we have to fear for instead of undermining our view of Scripture it can reinvigorate it For if the Bible is in fact the Word of God understanding the truth about how it came to be can only help us to better understand it better Craig D Allert s A High View of Scripture The Authority of the Bible and Formation of the New Testament Canon sets out to correct And what impact it has today on how we view Scripture Allert affirms divine inspiration of the Bible and in fact urges the very people who proclaim the ultimate authority of the Bible to be informed about.