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4 Stars for The Steel Deal original review at The Steel DealAuthor James BlakleyGenre Hard boiled MysterySuspenseSummaryJust when private investigator Sonny Busco s debts threaten to overwhelm him he s approached for what seems a very simple job iven by an attractive young woman He s to take a suitcase carrying an experimental alloy sample to Santa Fe Soon he finds himself running from numerous people who want what he s carrying and aren t afraid of a little violenceReviewWith its struggling PI lead tangled web of investigation and than a few attractive women The Steel Deal is a call back to an older style of hard boiled detective story Not only are the plot and character evocative of those types of stories but the PI s running mental commentary on the case the state of the world and detail oriented view of the world remind the reader of some of the classic hard boiled stories The writing style lends itself to strong primary character development though depending on one s particularly stylistic taste some readers may find the inner monologue excessive Fans of the older style of hard boiled fiction shouldn t mind While the web of secondary characters do not Heraldry Of The Royal Families get nearly as much development the various plot twists and interesting uirks help elevate them away from being mere stereotypes even if they are filling some of the reuisite roles in thisenre eg femme fataleThough the novel starts off a bit slowly once the main plot is underway the pacing serves the dramatic tension well Whenever the tension threatens to sag an answer revelation or new twist appears to keep the reader engaged Unfortunately the denouement ran a bit long It wasn t enough of a misstep to seriously impact my enjoyment of the plot but it was noticeable There were also some sexual elements in the story that though not inherently out of place in this type of story did seem kind of unnecessary Eating Right With Hemochromatosis A Diet Guide For Reducing Iron given their particular position in the plotSonny is not a perfect man and indeed arguably a bit of a loser at the beginning of the story but he s a well actualized intelligent individual with an admirable sense of duty to his task Really the issue seems to be a bit of poor impulse control on the part of Sonny a particular tragedyiven his obvious intelligence While his motivations aren t exactly the stuff of humanitarian awards he does on balance have enough of a heroic streak to make him both likable and interesting As he s a bit on the older side 55 and not a man of impressive means or physical talents there s a Anxious Hearts greater tension involved in his scenes of physical danger Rather Sonny uses his wit and intellect touide him through the case At the same time he s not presented as some sort of improbable Sherlock HolmesI ve noted the classic hard boiled mystery DNA that runs through The Steel Deal but the novel is also a modernized take on the Bred To The Billionaire genre The plot takes into account modern technology and neutralizes certain elements of it in entertaining ways In addition the book takes advantage of Sonny s insights and the modern nature of the society to explore additional sociological themes other than just the nature of local corruption or personalreed Taking advantage of the Tightrope Walking generalized cynicism directed toward all levels ofovernment the novel is also able to weave in larger thriller conspiracy elements that enhance the scope of both the plot and the thematic exploration While I enjoyed these elements admittedly someone who is a hard boiled purist may find them off putting4 stars Meet Sonny Busco a 55 year old down and out private investigator He s in debt out of shape has a mob boss after him his car is on its last leg and he just barely makes ends meet Life has not been ood for Sonny but it looks likes things might just be looking up when young Miss Pixy Sage offers him 2500 to deliver a package to Sante Fe NM

easy enough so Sonny agrees meet Pixy to arrange pick up of the package and et some background information from her The package turns out to be sentient steel an invention by her boss a University professor Sonny is overjoyed here is his salvation enough money to pay off the mob boss et his car fixed and pay some bills and all for a simple delivery Things o south fast for Sonny He uickly learns this is not Pearl Of Oz going to be an easy job and uite possibly little Miss Sage isn t who she says is Enter a beautiful mysterious assassin named Bevel Brand who is after Sonny a very large scarred Navajo named Harlan Red Bull who seems to want the steel and may or may not be working with Bevel and an assortment of other odd characters like Hajii the student Bambi the president of the techno ethics club Zen the free spirit Dr Pfannenstiel the professor and Sal the pawn shop owner Murder and mayhem soon ensue and Sonny learns that he shouldn t haveotten out of bed that morning after allMr Blakely has iven us a story full of twists #And Turns And Ins And #turns and ins and all told from Sonny s point of view Sonny is no Magnum PI Mannix Peter Gunn or even Monk I would even o so far as to say he is the antithesis of these famous PIs He is sloppy out of shape not reat looking and one might even say lazy He seems to have a ood head on his shoulders and did solve the crime but Gulliveriana 2 De 2 Coleccin Milo Manara 6 gollyee willakers what a twisted plot he had to wade through to The Reluctant President get there When I finished the book I still wasn t sure how I felt about him but I suspect I don t like him As far as the other characterso no one is who they seem to be and one could use a score card to keep up with them The mysterious Bevel Brand continues to be mysterious throughout the entire book Is she a bad Sacred Fate Chronicles Of Ylandre 1 guy is she aood The Fox In The Henhouse guy is she one of them or one of us It s hard to tell and even by the end of the book I was scratching my head over her The characters that Sonny surrounds himself with on an everyday basis were fun but a little too uirky for my tastes I like aood murder mystery I like a Army Of Darkness good detective story so in theory I should have loved this book I did enjoy it but when I was done I was done As I mentioned before there were a number of plot twists and aft In the spirit of full disclosure I received a free PDF in exchange for a honest reviewMr Blakely is a talented writer and his debut noir is well worth reading This is the first noir I ve ever read so I kept my comments contained to over all writing style and characterizationThe GoodI enjoyed how smoothly the writing flows most of the time and the humorous parts The way Mr Blakley interlaces Sonny Busco s thoughts into the writing without making them stand out is admirableOpening with the PI being paid a visit by unsavory characters was an interesting beginningSonny has some interesting uirks which help readers connect to himThe BadThe descriptions are heavy handed I m all for writers painting pictures but there is a such thing as over describing which leads to telling us every little detail Readers will automatically assume certain things without writers pointing them out Telling them every little action annoys themThere are a lot of and beginning sentences whichums up the over all flow of the writingThe writing is mostly passive voice which makes the story drag on in placesConclusionMr Blakely has tremendous potential His passion for writing shines. At 55 big city sleuth Sonny Busco is sinking deep into debt and distrust when suddenly he's thrown a lifeline The chief assistant to a prominent university professor offers 2500 for safe delivery of a confidential briefcas.
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The Steel Deal

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TMy Oldsmobile had broken down so we ot into the Stealth I had borrowed from my mechanic and headed to either the bus station or the train station She hadn t told me yet what mode of transportation she would be taking only that it was too obvious to fly When she said we were being followed by the taxi behind us I thought sure we are But we were With the Stealth I easily lost them She said only four people knew about sentient steel now I was the fifthThe taxi caught up to us and when I slammed on the brakes to avoid etting in a wreck Pixy jumped out of the car and ran I thought no problem I knew we were to meet in Santa Fe so I would retrieve the briefcase and head thereBut my way would be much difficult than I ever could have anticipated4 STARS Would Highly Recommend To OthersI received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review James Blakely sent me a signed paperba The Steel Deal A Uniue Voice in the Gumshoe Genre Rating 4 of 5 Author James BlakelyFormat Paperback KindleGumshoe Sonny Busco is broke Worse than broke he owes everyone big time With loan sharks on his tail and his security ig not paying enough to keep up with the bills he struggles to et from one end of town to the other in his junker car Enter Pixy young attractive in trouble and willing to pay 250000 up front for Sonny to simply deliver a package to Santa Fe What could be easier Exactly Too easy and Sonny knows it Things uickly breakdown and Sonny finds himself beaten and confused Whose side is he working for anywayJames Blakely s The Steal Deal reads like an homage to Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer novels replete with witty repartee and smug confidence displayed by Blakely s larger than life PI Sonny Busco With female character names like Pixy Bambi and Bevel Brand it is no surprise Busco throws out lines like there is no tomorrow The novel s overall voice and narrative is perfectly executed Just take a read of this passagethe figure s deep set eyes red veined and volcanic fixed an unflinching Hercules gaze directly on me When the figure s stiletto then lips split a hideous smile lunged for me Great stuffThis book was a lot of fun to read No one talks the way Busco talks but that is sort of the point of it all Enjoy the character for who he is Beyond the wonderful characterization and uniue voice there are also a number of surprising plot twists and turns and just when I thought I had it all figured out I was surprised again If this is your style read you ll love The Steel Deal I look forward to future Sonny Busco casesNote A complimentary copy of this work was provided in return for a review My Rating 45 StarsDrawn into the story immediately I was amazed at the wonderful originality of thought within the sentences Mr Blakely conveys ideas with uniueness rarely encountered no worn out tired clich s I absolutely fell in love with this author s voice and style The sentences are particularly well constructed fluid and contained phrases that helped me visualize the story and the characters personalities especially well The whole idea of sentient steel fascinated me and the ramifications of such a technology kept me trying to seconduess where the story was headed There were multiple twists and the whole escapade finally unfolded to an ending that was logical though somewhat of a letdown to this Fox Mulder fan This is an exciting story of industrial espionage trendy technology shifty villains and an intelligent courier Told in first person I was kept entertained and fully engaged as Sonny Busco figured out smart solutions to the difficulties he faced while responsible for the contents of a briefcase that could potentially revolutionize society I hope Sonny returns in future adventurous frolicsReviewed by Laurie JReviewed for Night Owl Reviews It all started with the horses Sonny Busco private eye aged 55 thought playing the horses would help him make ends meet Business had dried up and he needed money badly Living
running water or a telephone not Darraghs good for business or for him He figured he d cash in on the ponies but as it usuallyoes he lost Enter Gator Grimes the loan shark Sonny borrows 500 and before you know it it s 1500 When he can t meet the payment deadline friends of Gator come callin Ziggy and Sully don t et uite the reaction they were expecting from Sonny He s like can t we be friends than scared You re #too chilly Sully carped You take the fun out of the collection biz #chilly Sully carped You take the fun out of the collection biz et worked out and Sonny La Fsica En La Vida Cotidiana gets an extension a costly one Then as luck would have it heets a client Pixy Sage looks like her name She s a petite thing with short platinum blonde hair and black large framed lasses She looks like a school kid But her offer is all rown up 2500 large to retrieve a package and have it in Santa Fe New Mexico in 24 hours Doesn t sound like too big of a deal He could pay off Gator and maybe pay for the repairs on his car The rusty olds still had some life in her and he didn t think the sleek black Stealth he was driving was right for spying on people He kind of stood out from the crowd in it but when Hub offered to loan it to him he couldn t resist It brought back memories of Magnum P I except Sonny s a little slower older and portly Sonny retrieves the package easily enough but before he can even Henny Penny get to his car the men in black appear And the woman who steps out of his loaner is taking the package even if she has to pry it from his cold dead fingers What s auy to do he tosses it to her and ducks for cover The next sound he hears is his car being driven away So now he has no car no package and no idea where they went The sentient steel in that package must be the real deal Sentient steel makes me think of the cop in Terminator Two It s flexible lightweight and incredibly strong and it can think and become whatever it chooses Now Sonny has a much bigger job and a sleuthing he will The Forebears Of Kalimeros Alexander Son Of Philip Of Macedon go I loved this book The names and expressions the characters use when speaking were reminiscent of the old PI shows I could just see Peter Faulk in Columbo with his rumpled clothes and cloud of smoke following him driving that old clunker His appearance disguised a brilliant deductive mind just like Sonny s I even liked the baduys How could I not They are so well written The author makes it hard to Twilight guess who is telling the truth and who sood or bad He has you spinning like a hamster in his wheel A super mystery in a small package Steel Deal is a very fast story that you ll want to read to the end once you start There s too much fun and action to pick a stopping point The Steel Deal by James Blakey is a story about an 55 year old private detective named Sunny Busco who is buried in debt and broke Sunny owes money from playing the horse and the loan shark is after him Sunny s car is breaking down on him Sunny needs bad and uickWhen Sunny meets Pixy who offers him 2500 to deliver a package to Santa Fe New Mexico in 24 hours He jumps at the opportunity Little does Sunny know that delivering the package will bring him into a web of liesThe character Sunny is funny and realistic I also liked how strong the author made the female charactersThe plot flowed very well and had reat twist to the storyThe book remembers me of the show. Rom falling into a wicked whirlwind of men and women in black whose mission is to secure sentient steel for what appears to be the other side But in a city full of smog and cynicism things are rarely what they appear to be. .

Through in the noir The storyline isn t too bad though I d have liked to see a few unexpected twists James Blakley s THE STEEL DEAL is a crisply written novel about a hard boiled noir style detective think Sam Spade who ets mixed up in a complex case involving stolen science and The Flowering Of Kew government intrigue Sonny Busco is a wise cracking 55 year old private investigator who s been down on his luck for as long as he can remember he doesn t own a cell phone or a computer and he owes loan sharks money than he makes in a month When a woman named Pixy offers him an easy way to make 2500 he jumps at it and right into a complicated conspiracy that turns sour right from the startTHE STEEL DEAL is all about Sonny Busco He s sarcastic brash and a total smart ass He describes himself twice as smart reliable funny and even a little daring and it s all true It s not easy writing a smart ass protagonist the reader needs to like him enough to care what happens to him while at the same time seeing him for the sometime idiot he really is Blakley has managed to pull this off with aplomb due inreat part to the minimum of misogynist snark coming out of Busco s mouth Busco pays the reuisite homage to boobs and butts but he s definitely Prince Harry gentleman than womanizer I liked Busco and I was with him all the way as he pursues a stolen sample of sentient steel wondering all the while which of the people he comes across are theood Passchendaele guys and which are the baduys Blakley peppers his novel with a bevy of uirky characters all with cute and clever names ie Ziggy Steed Hub Wheeler Pixy Sage Bevel Brand Bambi Wiles Harlan Red Bull Ferris Pfannenstiel Zinnia Prattle etc There are also a few eually cute and uirky place names ie Cruise Again Auto Repair commonly called CAR owned of course by Hub Wheeler Since the novel is really about Busco than it is about the so called steel deal the story takes a bit of a back seat to Busco s interactions with all of these characters and places That s not necessarily a bad thing there are enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged But I did feel that the intricacies of the complicated steel deal plot sort of fizzle out in the final few chapters The story itself actually wraps up at the end of Chapter 19 the remaining 50 plus pages are mainly Sonny s explanation to another character of what really happened He The Sacred Heart goes on for about three chapters explaining the ins and outs of who did what and why It always annoys me when characters do this it s the weakest part of THE STEEL DEAL and the only thing keeping it from being a truly superior piece of detective fictionOverall I did enjoy this novel Blakley is a talented writer and this is a well written and professionally edited book I liked Sonny Busco enough to wonder what kind of mess he llet into next which means I liked him enough to read future Sonny Busco novels That is always the key to a novel s success There s something about Busco that reminds me of times long Cowgirl Yum Yum gone times before cell phones computers and instant messaging That almost nostalgic uality creates a nice contrast between Busco and the world he lives in he s a bit of a fish out of water which is what makes him likable I recommend THE STEEL DEAL to anyone who enjoys snarky detective fiction It s definitely a satisfying read The Steel Deal is about Sonny a PI who s buried in debt owes the wrong kind of people money and lives a bare minimal kind of lifestyle His clunker car is in the shop again and he s presented with an opportunity to make some uick money Sounds like a solid deal Or so he thought Sonny is pulled into a deep web of lies and starts putting the pieces togetherI liked Sonny from the start he s a funny realistic no BS kind ofuy that s down #on his luck He s a bit older than most main characters you ll see in this enre which was #his luck He s a bit older than most main characters you ll see in this enre which was welcomed change of pace I LOVED THE AUTHORS FLARE FOR DESCRIPTIVE the authors flare for descriptive but at times it was a bit too descriptive thus pulling me out of the flow of the story Clearly the author had a complete vision when writing this book and he is very talented when it comes to creating setting and mood but I think if that was scaled but just a hair the flow would be spot onThat aside overall the plot pace flowed very well the story keeps you on your toes slowing only enough to introduce you to a Everytime A Knot Is Undone A God Is Released great cast of characters I ve read a lot of books where the sub or secondary characters are there but are somewhat pointless Here that s not the case Each character serves a purpose and brings something to the story they all help propel the story forward Which is exactly whatood writing should do You won t find any bland lifeless filler characters in this book and it s a tough call to say who s my favoriteI was also pleased to see so many strong female characters in this book Usually in this enre which is a enre I love actually you maybe have one strong female character the rest are just there for sex appeal and don t bring a whole lot to the table otherwise I have to Goodbye Miss Granger give the author a pat on the back for that adding his own touch to theenre that would be appealing to female readers yet still holds the same essence fans of the Inkheart Inkspell Scholastic Pack Volumes 1 And 2 genre love and come to expectOverall this was aood easy read The plot moves along nicely with twists at just the right points and I really loved the twists at just the right points and I really loved the and how the author tied everything up As I mentioned earlier the whole cast of characters really ave the book some pop making it stand out than other books in the enre I would definitely read works by this author and would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of mysterydetectivepolice books I received a free copy from the author for review If you are a conspiracy theorist this may be a book for you Sonny Busco a Private Investigator finds himself mixed up with The Men and Women in Black while trying to keep the other side from stealing sentient steel a revolutionary new invention that could change the world as we know it Sentient steel is lightweight like aluminum elastic like rubber and durable like titanium It can be shaped into almost any form It can think and become whatever it wantsMy name is Sonny Busco I am a Private Investigator I am fifty five and feel my age I drive a twenty six year old Oldsmobile that I am never sure will start I like my Bourbon and I bet on the ponies to try and augment my lack of incomeI have a second job as a security Stonehenge And Neighbouring Monuments guard It s a steady job that helps to cover my billsWhen I am working as a Private Investigator I wear a Blazer and tie It s really hard to tell though because I dress the same whether I am visiting my Bookie a bill collector or a broadI am in hock to a loan shark because business has been slack It seems private eyes aren t in as much demand as we used to be When Iot the call from Pixy I arranged to meet her right away She offered me 2500 for what seemed to be a piece of cake job I would be able to pay my Bookie my debts and still have some pocket changeWhen I saw the irl with the silvery box I noticed how scared she was We exchanged our agreed upon coded responses She told me her name was Pixy Sage and all I had to do was retrieve a suitcase that held a new invention sentient steel and deliver it to her in Santa Fe NM tomorrow nigh. E to Santa Fe NM Sonny accepts thinking it's easy money That is until he learns of the case's contents an amazing alloy called sentient steel Soon Sonny risks life liberty and property to keep the revolutionary invention .

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