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Batman Evolution New Gotham 1Greg Rucka has such a good handle on not only Batman but all the denizens of Gotham City With No Man s Land ending there comes all kinds of different issues and here we see how Batman and Commissioner Gordon have to deal with them The inclusion of Ra s Al Ghul is erfect and the introduction of Whisper A Daire is creepy and brilliant Seeing actual #Detective Work From Gordon And Batman Is Something Many Writers #work from Gordon and Batman is something many writers at The art by Shawn Martinbrough is very good but the star here is the coloring Fantastic use of red scales that is reminiscent of JH Williams Overall a very good book The story is fine but I really enjoyed the art Each arc has its own colors usually just black and white with one extra color Red then Purple And Yellow Then Green I Enjoyed The Gordon And and yellow then green I enjoyed the Gordon and Wayne in Gotham stuff but the Ra s al Ghul El Seor Que Aparece De Espaldas plot wasn t very interestingoriginal Greg Rucka earns five stars for the scripting in this compelling story of bigotry and segregation inost No Man s Land Gotham Even if "The End Of The Story "end of the story too much toward the old saws of Talia and Ra s Al Ghul in conflict with the Detective Ra s manipulation of Gotham s gangs and of his own henchmen works well through most of the arc s issuesUnfortunately the art by Shawn Martinbrough is dreadful and degenerates across the story arc His thick simple line work seems appropriate for a children s comic but has none of the finesse of someone like Darwyn Cooke This is made worse by the decision to use spot coloring andor monochrome washes in each issue rather than full color I can t imagine what drove the Out Of Darkness Volume 1 publishers to this as it makes the artwork look even amateurish and does. Picking up where BATMAN NO MAN'S LAND VOLUME 5 left off this tradeaperback begins the rebirth of Gotham City Once again sanctioned by the government Gotham finds itself on the brink of a civil. Nothing to enhance the story unlike its use in say Sin City Batman gets a much needed boost after the over long No Man s Land with a tightly constructed and exciting story by Greg Rucka We get to see the Bat exercising his detective skills as well as some exciting action seuences and general weirdness And Shawn Martinbrough s art along with the cool monochromatic coloring is really singular uniue and fresh This is the beginning of a two year run for Rucka and Martinbrough and I think it ranks up there among the all time best creative teams ever to work on Batman Evolution is a well written story following the No Man s Land story arc but what I really loved was the ARTWORK AND EFFECTIVE USE OF COLOUR and effective use of colour added to the atmosphere and enhanced my enjoyment of the story Rucka s Batman reminds me Batman TAS Martinbrough s artwork is erfect for the noir feel of the book This is well written and a cool idea to have Gotham evolve after the events of No Man s Land The issues I had are mostly the storytelling while good doesn t really excite me much Also was NOT a fan of the art really at all Some good stories in here like Gordan dealing with the loss of his wife and Bruce dealing with change but overall nothing super memorable A 25 out of 5 Pretty interesting Feel like I should read no man s land now but also want to continue the rest This book Not Until You picks up after the amazing No Man s Land story arc The book feels and looks like a noir novel I would usually rate the art work as average and coloring below average However within the frame work of the story it fits very well The story has Batman and Commissioner Gordon dealing with the fi. War between the OG's those that stayed in Gotham when it was declared off limits and the DeeZee's those that left and have now returned As Batman Nightwing Robin and Batgirl try torevent a war.

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Ghting of the eople who stayed and those who "deserted Gotham City during the No Man s Land arc While this is going on Ra s al "Gotham City during the No s Land story arc While this is going on Ra s al tries to release a new drug on the streets of Gotham city that causes mutations This book is a continuation of the excellent Batman No Man s Land seuence unfortunately it is a step down While the artwork of the NML series was excellent in this book the coloration is minimal and the lines are drawn much harshly Gotham City Is Being City is being at a frenetic ace yet it is split into two groups The The Waking Land The Waking Land 1 people that stayed in the city are called OGs and those that left and have returned are called Deezees There is a great deal of tension between the two groups witheople in each group agitating against the other Criminal gangs based largely on nationality have carved out their respective niches and they often engage in violent actions against each other There is also the The Vast Memory Of Love presence of a gang that isroviding an alchemical elixir that will give a human for eternal life However it is extremely addictive must be taken to maintain the longevity and alters your body structure so that you become Julia Defiant Witchs Child 2 part animal For example one of the gang members isart king cobra The leader of the elixir gang and his lieutenants use the hostility of the criminal gangs to incite additional violence so that they can take over the underworld of Gotham City and stopping them is the Palestine Comes First primary task that Batman is working on While the story has some good ualities I simply could not overcome the visual theme of the story It may be that I was spoiled by therevious NML books but what I saw here left me lacking This review also appears On the streets from breaking out the Dark Knight's greatest nemesis Ra's al Ghul enacts a deadly lot that will first consume the city and then the worldCollects Detective Comics Vol 1 #742 to #7. ,

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