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Be all can be restated as to learn to live with the conditions of technology rather than try to overcome it or conditions of technology rather than try to overcome it or defeated by it Technology will far outlast local ethical codes and therefore the codes of our lives must always be evolving along with the technology that causes such change The narrative they provide is riveting along with examples that fit their narrative but often times they seem to underestimate the human condition in relation to the technology side Technology is our child there is no doubt about that but somehow this child has become something outside the boundaries of control and evolve to become a meta narrative The reality might just be what they describe and I should just accept it but if I did I wouldn t be listening to their much needed advice and that is to be skeptical and critical even in the face of overwhelming odds I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the clear and unambiguous presentation of unpredictability The depiction of the impact of new technologies or decisions clearly resembles a personal opinion of mine in that cause and effect are uncertain and that the deterministic world is a myth of convenience In my opinion the myth I promulgated to simplify concepts into easy to understand memes as a way to sell ideas that would otherwise be far to complex to even explain Citizenry is sold concepts such as a war on terror or global warming in one dimensional cause and effect scenario without the benefit of understanding that solutions lead to many unpredictable outcomes These simplified concepts become planks in political platforms and eventually become laws or social memes that focus popular conscience on palatable concepts that politicians can easily use to motivate voters As such the process is one of polling the Incoherent pointless pop nonfiction of the worst variety Meh Transhumanism involves much of overcoming our evolution by manipulating our genetics and using it to engineer better human societies It involves a lot less crap like that 2014 Transcendence movie An essential addition to the literature on transhumanism the authors critiue is a critical antidote to the magical thinking of supporters and opponents of human enhancement and the transformative potential of converging technologiesThey offer a very useful rubric for thinking about the complexity and impacts of technology and society demonstrate its application to a variety of cases historical contemporary and near future and set out an ethical framework for managing socio technical complexity in all a remarkably extensive undertaking for a slim and highly readable volumeThe authors are professors of mine Allenby is on my dissertation committee As always when a reader knows the authors it s entertaining to hear their voices manifested The two are uite different in their style and politics but have produced a coherent whole. O remake the Earth system itself Coping with this new reality say Allenby and Sarewitz means liberating ourselves from such categories as human technological and natural to embrace a new techno human relationship Describing the terms of this relationship and exploring sociotechnical systems ranging from railroads to modern military technology Allenby and Sarewitz ultimately locate individual authenticity in the uest for a new humility in the face of the rapidly disappearing moorings of the Enlightenmen. ,

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Vel I II and III technologies Level I technologies imply a simple cause and effect relationship cars allow ou to get from Point A to B easily Level II technosocial systems have complex effects many cars create traffic and a lack of parking Level III Earth systems are almost unknowable in their implications cars redesign cities and ways of life create foreign entanglements in pursuit of gas and change the composition of the atmosphere with unknown effectsCoping with Level III technological conditions is the aim of the book Allenby and Sarewitz propose flexibility and options above all else Since the effects of technology are prima facia unknowable we must be ready to change direction at any moment facia unknowable we must be ready to change direction at any moment to forestall debate and to always be prepared to reflexively examine our values This is an ambitious program and its ambition and ambiguity weakens its real world relevance people with simple solutions will always implement their plans faster than those with complex ideas But it also might be the only way to survival There were some strong points and concepts but I felt a lot of it was very blah in terms of reading pages and pages and feeling the authors weren t really saying anything This book presents the most accurate balanced and robust view of the impact of technological development on this era of human culture While many stories of singularity hit the popular press in this book the authors describe the increasing struggle we undergo to demonstrate clear value of our technological development as culture and technology become entwinedBasically the new human condition does not have easy answers and we are immersed in processes that transform who we are through our tools according to path dependent processes The singularity might in effect be a trip through a technological muck where benefits are hard to understand than a new transhuman superman It is hard to agree or actually disagree with this book and this is surprising given my usually judgmental nature when it comes to ideas What is technology and how do we confront this phenomenon as it becomes exponentially relevant in our lives Our modern day Frankenstein seems to constantly haunt us with its impersonal interjection into our personal life but et we can t seem live without it or worse we refuse to Allenby and Sarewitz provides us with alternatives to deal with this phenomenon by reshaping the argument It should be said they approached this with a scientific mindset free from bias but et THEY CRITICIZE THE VERY PROCESS THEY USE AND IT criticize the very process they use and it deliciously ironic and even so because they are aware of it The argument they take is that we should stop viewing technology as black and white where it can either provide utopia or a dystopia but rather a condition we must try to manage using fundamental ideals of the Enlightment Skepticism and Argumentation Their ends all. Ect of managing that complexity we will need to escape the shackles of current assumptions about rationality progress and certainty even as we maintain a commitment to fundamental human values Humans havebeen co evolving with their technologies since the dawn of prehistory when toolmaking and meat eating co evolved with brain development and social complexity What is different now is that we have moved beyond external technological interventions to transform ourselves from the inside out even as we als.

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Level III complexity is different reuires a robust eco system of Level I technologies and alternative approaches before ou even know what it looks like In The Techno Human Condition Braden R Allenby and David Sarewitz develop several concepts in order to analyze the place of technology in society They trace problems with technology generally to disconnects BETWEEN ITS THREE LEVELS IN SOCIETY INDIVIDUAL TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICES its three levels in society individual technological devices operate on the shop floor Level I the broader technological and natural environments in which they operate Level II and ultimately in world systems Level IIIChapter 3 4 31 85 THEIR THREE 4 31 85 Their three levels of ethics correspond to their levels of technology 179 181 The Precautionary Principle is the primary pillar of Level III ethicsFor policy specialists Allenby and Sarewitz seem especially pessimistic about cleanly bridging gaps between technological or ethical levels due to technical and social complexities and uncertainties Instead they offer up 11 unoriginal precepts to help decision makers muddle through claiming that this is the best we can do Precepts 1 9 162 169 precepts 10 11 174 muddling the best we can do 110 They ignore the transhumanists anticipation of super intelligence which could work through humanly incomprehensible complexities and uncertainties In fact they never really address any specifics in the transhumanist agenda preferring to generalize about how to muddle through What constitutes successful muddling Maybe we are already doing the best we can doAllenby and Sarewitz repeatedly reject the foundations on which people have sought to address the challenges of technology Enlightenment reason religion tradition worldviews because they are incomplete Why this troubles them is unclear after all they embrace the unknowable complexity of the techno social natural world They reject conventional relativism and dogma 66 but seem to offer their own in their place seeking to Rehabilitate humility 13 Sadly their confusing coherentism may be necessary to do policy work in a pluralistic American societyThe Techno Human Condition is flawed but it is useful as a review of the issues that complicate the study of technology in society It reinforces the importance of values and goals in understanding the forces at play with many illustrations that beg for analysis For example Cochlear implants and deaf culture 54 56 Disclosure time Sarewitz and Allenby are two of my favorite professors and I generally believe that they re very smart That said The Techno Human Condition starts by examining transhumanism the belief that human being can and should improve their bodies using technology and the common arguments for and against it Allenby and Sarewitz soon drop the idea as both sides hold flawed and simplistic views about technology and its ability to solve problems They advance a theory of Le. In this latest version of humanity we are euipped with a fully re engineered immune system; the latest set of cultural assumptions about gender ethnicity and sexuality; and a suite of customized enhancements including artificial joints neurochemical mood modulators and performance boosting hormones In The Techno Human Condition Braden Allenby and Daniel Sarewitz explore what it means to be human in an era of incomprehensible technological complexity and changeThey argue that if we are to have any prosp. .
The Techno Human Condition

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