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Rld oing the things they o because there are people like Sophia that on t stop it This book made me angry and isgusted I wanted people like Sophia that on t stop it This book made me angry and Oceana disgusted I wanted punch someone in the face It was just an emotional rollercoaster and that is why I m giving the book four stars The author brought out the worst emotions in me and any book that cano that eserves four stars I was really excited to read this However it was a little issapointing The main character Sophia Fee was so unbelievable Every few chapters she was getting the crap beat out of her Why her mother The Animal Question did what sheid was never explained The magical book left to her was just left hanging I am guessing that will become clear in the next book Now it had some very good parts The story has so much potential and I will be reading the next book hoping to get some answers like what is the book her mother left her What is Sophia How is it that she was the only student affected by the school zoning change What is up with her foster Mapping The Secular Mind dad Hopefully I will get my answers in the next book What people heard as I was reading this bookMe Oh shitMe HELL TO THE NOMeOH NO SHE DIDN T NO I CANT LOOKMe swoon I m in luuurrrveeeMe NO NO NO FEE I BELIEVE IN YOU YOU CAN DO THISMe KICK HIM IN THE BALLS MAKE HIM CRYandyeah It continuesAs always SLNaeole has sent me on a magical adventure into love lossarkness and hope She has once again ensnared me in her web and to be honest I Papercutz Slices 1 don t really want to leave She has me so ensnared that I forgot to eatinner ignored when I was called Get Better In Hearthstone Arena down to eat and someone had to come and physically remove the kindle from my grasp so I would eat Yeah thatidn t really happen But it almost Study Guide For Principles Of Microeconomics didMs Naeole brings into her books aarkness which most people try and avoid Somethings not right in the characters life and it s issues that wee see as taboo Why I A Sea So Far don t really know but weo She s not afraid to go to these places that others see as Guarda Minha Fala Para Sempre dark and bad I find that authors uite often want to stay in the la la land of rainbows and fairies with the onlyark thing being someone who wants to kill the main character but overall it s pretty predictable and light SLNaeole brings these things out into the light and I think that that helps people know that it s okay to feel bad things and have bad things happen that we can overcome these things and that we re not alone It s an important message and I comment her for not being afraid to say it loud and proudOk my synopsisMeet The Blithe Baby I m sure you ve heard of her She s the one who s mother tried to kill her after killing her father She s a freak Watch out she s just like her mumThat s what Sophia Jane Blithe hears wherever she goes And it s true Her mother tried to kill her Sophia Jane Blithe hears wherever she goes And it s true Her mother tried to kill her she ended up in foster care moving from house to house until she settled The Quest Of The Absolute down Kind of Everything s going right for Sophia she s semi popularue to her ber popular boyfriend even if she The Break Up Bible doesn t love him her sister and best friend Astor is with her and she has a family who s keeping her even if not in name So howoes that all get turned around by simple land ownership And how Foucault And Theology does this thing that turns her life upsideown change how she see s everything She thought going to Perfect High would be torture and it is but her mind keeps straying to those violet eyes that perfect face that ark #Silk HairYEAH I LEFT IT THERE NOW GO AND READREADREAD #hairYEAH I LEFT IT THERE NOW GO AND READREADREAD BOOKI give this 5 stars out of 5 stars and suggest that you go and make a sign to put on your oor saying READING DO NOT DISTURB I m making mine as we speak as I wait for number 2 to Ghostly Murders Stories Told On Pilgrimage From London To Canterbury 4 download to my kindle Oh how I just love pyjamaays. Teful night Sophia makes a ecision that changes everything and in the arkness that hides nothing learns the How Israelis And Palestinians Negotiate dangerous truth about Gossamer about Dex and how he knows so much about her Now she’s left to figure out what it is she wants and whatever herecision it could end up costing her life. .
Gossamer Faeble #1Review by MegslyWarning possible spoilers

aheada few months 
few months I had the #pleasure of reading SL Naeole s Grace Series which absolutely blew mind #of reading SL Naeole s Grace Series which absolutely blew my mind ve been waiting on bated breath for her new book Gossamer to be released and when it was I jumped on it and was once again blown awayGossamer is the story of Sophia the infamous Blithe Baby who was adopted by a strict conservative radio talk show host in her teenager years She s famous within her state as the baby who survived her mother s attempts to murder her not just once but twice As a result of her mother s actions Sophia is a Personality Development distinctly cold and unfeeling person Her adopted siblings freuently beseech her too things to evoke emotions from her but all Sophia can A Primer On The History And Philosophy Of Education do is put on a cheerful face and pretend It s never genuine emotionSurprisingly for being a relatively unemotional person Sophia has a longtime steady boyfriend and a strong relationship with her siblings But when she is switched to aifferent school Nieco Inna Historia Cywilizacji Dzieje Bankw Bankierw I Obrotu Pieninego district her senior year the fragile strings of her world fall apart Reluctantly she attends and finds herself in the midst of a perfect world filled with perfect people who make perfect grades ando perfect work Of course Sophia with her blue and black hair black clothes and skateb Amazing book Sophia has always been the girl everyone has talked about Her past has haunted her from her birth and she has built a wall to shelter herself from the pain in life Dex is the mysterious stranger who seems to have a connection with Sophia She can feel it she can sense it but she still pushes it away Everyone in Gossamer has their own secrets Sophia isn t who she appears to be Dex has his own hidden mysteries Their paths continue to cross one another as they learn truths that neither of them expected I could not put this book Frat House down The many characters are well written each of them intricately woven to create Sophie s story I love Sophie s siblings You will feel a part of the world of Gossamer I cannot wait for the second book of this great series Definitely a good read Lots of up s andowns and The Bonemender The Bonemender 1 decent characterevelopment A couple of almost rape scenes that were Teamwork Means You Cant Pick The Side Thats Right difficult to get through but other than that Iid enjoy this I ll probably pick up the next book in the series Overview of the story Sophia Jane Blithe is the mysterious surviving Op Mijn Hoofd daughter of the crazy Lillian Blithe Scandal has surrounded her from birth as she survived her mother s attempt to kill her from the womb She has bounced around the foster care system for years finally ending up with the Ackermans in a small town in Oregon Her boyfriend is the cute All American boy nextoor with a baseball scholarship Her foster father s radio show has taken off and the family is now well to Crash Bang do and living in a nice home in the 35 out of 5 stars but rounded up17 yr old Sophia Jane Blithe is a survivor From escaping her mentally ill homicidal mother to becoming a ward of the state and enduring foster home after foster home she has learned to keep people at an arms length and to shutown her emotions and How Animals Smell desires because people and places are transient and conflict is something best avoided When she was eleven she was taken in by the Ackerman family and has seemingly found a safe haven Just before she s about to start her senior year of high school her family finds out that the schoolistricts have been rezoned and Sophia is now to attend Gossamer Perfect High Things are not perfect at Perfect High however and Sophia finds herself isolated in school where the students treat her as an outcast and her teachers are somewhat indiffe. Sophia Blithe’s seemingly perfect life masks the scars of a past that’s left her cold and immune to emotion She hides it well and is content to live behind that mask for the rest of her life A zoning change a few weeks before the start of her senior year changes all that when Sophia is force. Rent The only bright spot is meeting Dex a boy who treats her with kindness and strangely seems to know everything about herProps to Naeole for Sophia s character Sophia is an incredibly The Patriarch damaged complex girl She has carried the weight of her mother s actions and the stigma of being The Blithe Baby her whole life She believes that somehow that all that s happened to her is her fault and that sheeserves the cards she s been ealt She s of the opinion that she oesn t Brian De Palma deserve love sheoesn t think she can even feel love for anyone else she s just kind of The Lost Traveler dead inside Sooooshe s got some serious self esteem issues going on That being said she s not a completeoormat and the introduction of Dex into her life provides her with an avenue of self A Highlander In Her Past Mackay Clan 3 discovery Herependence on Dex worries me a bit though and I wish she had come out self reliant at the end However Sophia and Dex s story is not over yet so who knows where her character will go in the next few booksThere are some serious issues going on in this book and situations that if your teens are reading this book #should be iscussed with them The events and circumstances that Sophia already has endured before the story starts and #be iscussed with them The events and circumstances that Sophia already has endured before the story starts and Dragons Gap does endure through the book are enough to land someone in some serious therapy if not a straight jacket The affects of mental illness upon loved ones willing selfestructiveness low self esteem abusive partners manipulative authority figures and situations of sexual violation are just a fewThe paranormal aspect of this story was surprisingly not as prevalent In fact in my opinion this story could have easily been reworked without it But as I said their story isn t over yet this is just the first act and Naeole has set it up well "For The Paranormal To Become The Larger Issue In The "the paranormal to become the larger issue in the novelsThis story is very Midnight Man Midnight 1 different from Naeole s Grace series and that in itself impresses me Even though I think I prefer the Grace series better she s created something with Gossamer that s entirelyifferent and personalities that are uniue to this story not just slightly reworked versions of previous charactersVerdict A ark heavy story and I m curious to see how Naeole resolves it I commend Ms Naeole for her fire and fervor when it comes to the tough and gritty subject matter that is it comes to the tough and gritty subject matter that is in this book The romance aspect wasn t overwhelming and the rejection of emotions felt so real I could almost taste the confusion and bitterness within the Sophia characterIt s not every ay that you find an author willing to The Ultimate Echo Guide draw attention to such topics who won t treat teenagers like fragile pieces of glass and who respects the social foundation that is being a foster child Check out of my reviews ato I even begin Gossamer is about a girl named Sophia who has had a bit of a rough past She has jumped from home to home through the foster care system almost her entire life And she is famously known in Oregon as the Blithe baby Her mom was crazy had killed her husband and tried to kill Sophia while she was still in the womb right after she was born and again when she was only three The story starts off with Sophia at a carnival with her foster sister Astor and boyfriend of three years Jackson Jackson tries to win Sophia a stuffed cow This is where Dex comes in Sigh But only for like split twopointsevensecon Wow this book was so fuked up I Parky don t even know where to begin I mean how many times can a person be violated to get the point I wanted to scream on top of my lungs Are you kidding me I completely hate Sophia and for the person she is This is why we have psycho killers in the wo. D to attend Gossamer High It’s there she meets Dex Sterling the boy whose eyes haunt herreams He’s carefree handsome cryptic infuriating and he knows about her than he should He makes Sophia uestion the feelings she has whenever she’s around him and worse whenever she’s not Then one fa.