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Vice that brings the two protagonists together His toys are all over his room and when Lia makes the aux pas of calling his pajamas jammies big boy Jalen corrects her IMMEDIATELY which made me laugh His reaction to his birthday present also struck me as true to life since his parents put a lot of time and effort into choosing his present only to get a lukewarm reaction to a gift they thought would thrill him a response I m sure all parents can relate to They can also relate to Lia s terror over the thought of losing her son so young While hacking into a hospital s database seems extreme I suspect most parents will understand her willingness to do whatever she can to save her son s life Lia and Thomas romance is also a huge selling point as it s un and sexy Lia eels a natural reluctance to enter into a relationship while her son s health is so precarious especially since Thomas wants to be part of Jalen s life complicating any uture relationship between the two I particularly liked that the two acknowledged their attraction Find Me for one another but allowed the romance to develop gradually which is difficult to accomplish in category romance since the books are relatively short And the scene in Thomas office when they play doctor was smoldering I evenind the big misunderstanding towards the end of the book to be not only believable but perhaps even inevitable Given Jalen s health and how stressed and exhausted Lia is throughout the book I think her reaction to Jalen s visit to the emergency room and Thomas choices completely natural What makes this stand out The Lake for me though is that the two protagonists are both mature adults who react in a reasonable manner to very trying circumstances I like that while they have aight they manage to work things out and don t turn it into a huge drama I do have two small complaints about the novel however The Unwilling The Maclauchlans 2 first is that Lia seems to be completely isolated in the book We see Thomas interact with several maleriends and colleagues which is pretty darn The Object Of His Protection Braddocks Secret Son 4 funny by the way and hisather a retired admiral is an important character in the book as well But we don t see any of Lia s On The Mediator friends oramily which strikes me as odd because it s never addressed Is she an orphan or estranged The American Journal Of Science And Arts 1820 Vol 24 from her parents and her deceased husband s parents Has she had to deal with Jalen s illness all on her own while working a highly stressful job in the FBI The absence of herriends and Voice Out Of Darkness family is all the notable because of how involved Thomasather is in the book and while I think we re supposed to consider her a strong single mother I m not sure how having a support system would have changed that My second complaint is a matter of pure curiosity as I don t think it detracts too much rom the novel I just have to wonder why Thomas donated to a sperm bank to begin with just have to wonder why Thomas donated to a sperm bank to begin with is never dealt with and I kept wondering about it throughout the book I can certainly understand his shock at being confronted with a son 9 years after the act but no mention is made of why he donated in the Psicognese Das Doenas Mentais Obras Completas De Carl Gustav Jung 3 first place Again I don t think it detractsrom the plot but it did drive me a bit crazy while reading Overall this was one
Of The Engaging Category Romances 
the engaging category romances ve read in a while I love reading contemporary romances with reasonable mature adults and this is definitely a charmer If you re in the mood or a short satisfying read with appealing characters and smooth writing I highly recommend The Surgeon s Secret BabyI received this book or review What Is A Dinosaur from the publisher through NetGalley. Mother could cost the workaholic doc his career at the prominent scandal plagued Virginia hospital Especially if his explosive secret gets out But Thomas can't give Lia up His diagnosis Auture together illed with all the love their hearts can hold?. ,
Ter specialists She is getting tour of hospital that she is going to upgrade there security because she had hacked into their systom to ind who is Jalen son Dr Thomas Bradshaw is chief surgeon and the youngest one too When Lia bursts into his office and says she needs to talk to him Thomas had been going to The Inside Outside Beauty Book find out who she was after thier clash earlier in the day Lia tells him he his theather of her 8 year old boy Thomas knows he had never met her but than explains how she broke in hospital records to ind the sperm DONOR SHE HAD USED BECAUSE HER she had used because her is in kidney ailure and she is not a match She shows him a picture of Jalen and it is like looking at his picture when he was that ageThomas is shocked than he realized that he wanted to be a Serious Fun father and in his life if the DNA test came back positive Of course it does and he is a matchor kidney too Thomas soon loves Jalen and cares Fiebre Romana Almas Rezagadas Tras Holbein for Lia too Then Thomas dad shows up the Admiral Admiral and Thomas dont have a close relationship He caresor jalen too and gets close to him and works at being closer to Thomas tooIts a good romance novel good relationships and trying to make better ones I would read books by Ann ChristopherI was given this ebook in exchange or honest review Awesome sauceI am reading all of your books This covid has me reading all day and night Your books are really gripping and keeps my attention Thank you so muchYou are doing an awesome job You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading RomanceRating 4 out of 5This category romance was a DELIGHTFUL FIND I VE WRITTEN ELSEWHERE THAT CATEGORY ROMANCES find I ve written elsewhere that category romances not my avorite genre mostly because the heroes seem to be jerks and the heroines doormats but Ann Christopher s The Surgeon s Secret Baby was a pleasant surprise because it could have so easily ollowed that ormula but did not The romance was sexy and the characters so very likeable that I will soon be seeking out of Ms Christopher s books The novel begins with FBI analyst Lia Taylor A Sea Of Stars following Hopewell General Hospital s chief of staff around theacility She was caught hacking into the hospital s
Sperm Bank Database But Instead 
bank database but instead acing prosecution she ll be shoring up the hospital s computer security system During the tour she overhears a doctor telling off an intern and lets him know her low opinion of bullies Naturally this means that the Doctor Bradshaw she s looking or later turns out to be said bully Never When The Veil Drops fails right And the situation becomes all the awkward when she informs Thomas Bradshaw that he s theather of her son eight year old Jalen Thomas believes Lia is nuts until she shows him a picture of her son and tells him that she and her now deceased husband had used a sperm bank and Thomas is in Willie Apiata Vc fact the biologicalather of her son Lia isn t looking Prospectus Of The Quebec And Lake St John Railway for a handout however Jalen has polycystic kidney disease and after a bout with EColi two years before he s desperately in need of a kidney transplant Lia s hoping that Thomas will prove to be a match and be willing to donate a kidney to save her son s life The resulting sparks thatly between the doctor and the Special Agent are a complete shock to the single mother and doctor leaving Lia wondering how the doctor will deal with the shocking news that he has a son who is dying and if the two should act on their smoldering attractionThere was so much to like about this book Children in romances can often be little than props but Jalen was a hoot and extremely believable I like that he s a real character instead of a plot de. Ion or trouble But there's no cure or her smitten condition once Thomas brands her with his sensual touchThe scion of a powerful amily Thomas has vowed to devote his life to healing others Having an affair with the alluring computer wiz and single. ,

Fictional Hopewell General Hospital has been a hotbed of romance this summer First #In The Doctor s Bed by Brenda Jackson Head Resident Lucien De Winter #The Doctor s Bed by Brenda Jackson Head Resident Lucien De Winter his career in jeopardy when he alls or intern Jasmine Campbell In this second installment Lia Taylor is a computer whiz who is caught hacking into the records of the hospital s sperm bank to ind information to save her ailing son Because there is already an unrelated scandal brewing see In The Doctor s Bed instead of prosecuting her she is offered the job of securing the hospital s computer networks against other hackers She agrees to the compromise because it also offers the opportunity to get close TO HEAD SURGEON THOMAS BRADSHAW WHO Head Surgeon Thomas Bradshaw who be the donor that she seeksWhile this is an intriguing romantic story it also gives uite a bit of backstory into hospital operations and the plight of chronically ill children and the lengths that parents will go to get the help they need Thomas took his time I loved reading this story rom the beginning to endThomas had so much patience with Lia Jalen is a little old man child Typically I m not a The Revolution Of Evelyn Serrano fan of secret baby stories but in the skilled hands of Ann Christopher this tale was very satisfying There s a good reason Dr Bradshaw doesn t know he s aather and an even better one as to why it s time he did Christopher handles the backstory and plot twists with aplomb There s no way readers won t buy this eually tender and sexy tale I Vihre Teoria find it veryrustrating and annoying when reading series that are written by different authors and the author s have conflicting basic information In t Review At I Read I Think I ShareReview Date 19 Aug 2011Review URL would be your reaction when one day a woman approaches you and tell you that you are the Der Social Media Manager father of her 8 years old sonrom the sperm that you have donated to a sperm bank I would say Thomas handled the whole thing very well And I admire Lia Killing With Kindness for her courage to do anything just to save her son Jalen She did not have much choice too as none of heramily members including herself is a match to donate the kidney to save Jalen Besides saving his son Thomas was very attracted to Lia Even though Lia was trying very hard to resist Thomas but she could not deny the intense chemistry between them And Jalen s a gem He s smart and witty well brought up by Lia He would say something that out of your expectation making their parents jaw droppedOverall it was a light hearted and easy read And The Trophy Wife fun too I was actually chuckling all the way The story is sweet and heart warming I enjoy readi ButtercupA really excellent story The love of a parentor their child can move a person to do desperate things Loved how the author developed the relationship between the main characters Look orward to reading by this author In The Surgeon s Secret Baby by Ann Christopher the reader will be introduced to two intriguing characters where love happily ever after is the reader will be introduced to two intriguing characters where love happily ever after is the thing on their minds FBI Agent Lia Taylor has taken a leave of absence rom work to look after her critically ill eight year old son Jalen Part of taking care of her son is to make sure that he receives the needed kidney transplant before it is too late This is why Lia has taken a job as a computer analyst at Hopewell General so she can hack into the sperm database and learn who her son s biological Special Edition Using Filemaker 8 With Cdrom father is And now that she has his name all she needs to do is convince him to give one of his kidneys to a son he does not know ab Lia is a single mom of 8 yr old Jalen and is FBI compu. Sensuality heals Love curesLia Taylor needs Thomas Bradshaw like she's never needed anyone before The hunky super ambitious Head of Surgery at Hopewell General is the only one who can save her young son Fallingor the seductive surgeon is a prescript.

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