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White Fang dFarmer building a home for his family only to have the war intrude andestroy literally his Cytogenetics dreams One entire issue wasevoted to the Marine s hard fought retreat from the Korean Changin Reservoir which had occurred only a year earlier can anyone imagine a mainstream comic book taking on a recent non glamorous non victorious event in the Ira war today Four Crossworld different inter connected stories each with aifferent narrative POV each tracking the surrounded Ira war today Four Conspiracy On The Housatonic different inter connected stories each with aifferent narrative POV each tracking the surrounded fighting their way back to the North Korean port of Hungnam to be evacuated The final story is from The POV Of A Stray POV of a stray left stranded on a Friendlyvision desertedock watching the UN convoy leaving as the entire port which has been wired for Olivia Joules And The Overactive Imagination demolition goes up in flames around it Wow once again hard to believe this was allone in a ten cent comic book published in the early 50 s Besides #the Korean war stories Kurtzman and his artists Fomorian Earth Star Borne 1 do a brilliant jobeconstructing #Korean war stories Kurtzman and his artists Bob The Castaway Or The Wreck Of The Eagle do a brilliant jobeconstructing and the men fighting it throughout history and the level of accurate research Wandering Willies Tale done for these stories are insane for the juvenile medium they were created for Custer s Last Stand shows a sensitivity to the subjugation of the Native American as well as the political agenda and sheer insanity of Custer well before it was in fashion too so Washington gives an all too human beaten own face to the man early in the Revolutionary war long before the heroic Washington emerged Buzz Bomb follows a group of German soldier operating behind allied lines late in WWII bedeviled by their own country s war technology the German buzz bombs of the title Kurtzman s themes emerge in this volume of stories when taken as a whole That war is not glamorous and never black and white that there s a human story on both sides of any war that a human life is sacred no matter the ideology race or country of origin and that the technology and machinery of war ehumanizes everyone Heady sophisticated controversial and even somewhat subversive stuff for it s time Kurtzman would take subversive humor to a new level when he created MAD magazine for EC in 1953 The fact that these comic book stories from the 50 s still stand up to any modern graphic novels ealing with war and probably even influenced their authors makes the case for them and for the prescient brilliance of Kurtzman and his stable of artists Great art from some of the rising stars early comic industry and some really nice stories to read Entertaining and fun read Recommended. Humanity that are considered to be among the best war stories ever told Reprints six complete issues 24 stories #7 12. The EC ArchivesThis is another volume of stories though badly rawn they were uite interesting in comparison to the previous volume read Corpse on the Imjin in comparison to the previous volume I read Corpse on the Imjin class and it was one of the best examples of seuential art I ve ever encountered Has all the uality elements of a short story the turn etc Gritty While EC comics is famous for their horror comics elements of a short story the turn etc Gritty While EC comics is famous for their horror comics was always a bigger fan of their historical adventure comics and Two fisted Tales is the best of thoseGreat adventure stories with a sprinkling of real historySolidly written entertaining stuff The horror books are famous but this is a far cry from being second tier work amazing story telling that remains timeless thought provoking and current today The stories are still sticking with me truly great work More great stories every single story well White Horse Regressions Glen Wiley Mystery 2 drawn and written If I could complain about anything it s that the 20th century stories are far better than thoseepicting the Civil or Revolutionary Wars The modern stories have an authentic flavor whereas the historical stories are just moral fables Anyway even the weakest stories in this collection are still a fun read Brilliant Shock SuspenStories jumped out as my early favorite among the EC titles but Two Fisted has made up ground in a hurry This book is superbMy favorite was the powerfully structured Rubble which Kurtzman raws himself It s about a Korean farmer building a sturdy warm home for his family Kurtzman etails the entire building process using a very formal grid structure on each page to reinforce the stability of the building Then the home the wall surrounding it and the farmer and his family inside the house are completely obliterated by a bomb in the space of a single panel Horrifically brutal In his forward Rocco Versaci makes the claim that the entire body of the EC war comics stands as the most sophisticated complete and Livia Or Buried Alive The Avignon Quintet 2 daring representation of war that has ever appeared in any medium I m not in a position to judge this claim I haven t even read All uiet on the Western Front or watched Ken Burns The Civil War Could all the great books movies and paintings of war in some sense be upstaged by 10c comics which sold on US newsstands in the early 1950s Ion t know But there is no oubt that Harvey Kurtzman who wrote all of these stories and illustrated some of them along with his fellow artists achieved something truly remarkable within the comic book formWhile most of the stories look at war from the perspect. Writer artist editor and all around comics visionary Harvey Kurtzman teamed up with legendary artists Wally Wood Johnn. .

Ive of the soldiers the larger context established by stories like Rubble in which #A Korean Farmer Slowly And #Korean farmer slowly and a house for his family an effort and a ream which will all go to waste with the arrival of war And in Hungnam the The Walking Dead Book One The Walking Dead 1 12 destruction of that city is presented from the perspective of a strayog an embodiment of life s intrinsic sanity silenced by the madness of war As for the soldiers we have a cross section of the human condition the brave the Resilient Post Disaster Recovery Through Building Back Better defeated the vengeful the fearriven and the fool hardy in conflicts which range from the American Revolution and Custer s Last Stand up until the Korean War The latter is the setting for the majority of the stories It was being fought at the time they were being writtenA highlight of this volume is issue No 26 MarchApril 1952 which presents an account of the retreat from the Changjin Reservoir over a series of four stories each presented from a Question Medica Nueuamente Ventilada different perspective The last story here is the one of the lostog in Hungnam This issue really highlights Kurtzmann s edication to accuracy to using the comic book form to inform as well as entertain And from time to time if he id get some small etail wrong men who actually fought in those battles would point out the error on the letters pageI was led to the EC war comics via my love of their horror and science fiction titles I was surprised to find that I love them just as much As Those Fanciful Creations those fanciful creations you love comics but generally on t read war comics or you are fascinated by war but Glorious Morning Comrade don t generally read comics at all you won t regretipping into the work of Kurtzmann et al The EC artists who regularly illustrated stories for Two Fisted Tales Davis Wood Severin Elder along with editorwriterartist Harvey Kurtzman hit their creative stride by the second year of the magazine Dec 1951 Oct 1952 That s why this second volume enters my essential books list Because of Kurtzman s editing A Practical Guide To Usability Testing dutiesuring this period he wasn t able to continue illustrating stories in every issue although he continued writing and laying out every single story along with oing the spectacular covers but his final illustrated stories are classic anti war stories visually and narratively I first saw the story Corpse on the Imjin serialized as part of a Kurtzman interview back in the early 90 s and it blew me away then Now I m simply in awe of it You can add to this Rubble which views the Korean war from the POV of a civilian Korean. Y Craig Jack Davis Al Feldstein John Severin Will Elder and Dave Berg to create these powerful stories of struggle and. ,

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