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A perfect book to learn about modern day druidry and put it into practice as well Billington has some lovely exercises in the book to help ou on Bogus Allegations your way Even ifou re not that interested in druidry but have a general spiritual interest this book will fascinate ou This is a wonderful book it s taken me ages to get through simply because it s full of practical exercises and I bought it at the same "time as beginning my bardic grade studies with "as beginning my Bardic Grade studies with In the end I decided to give my whole attention to the weekly gwers and as such will probably return to this book at a later date I think there are a variety of people tht can enjoy this book If ou re a Celtic history nerd or someone of Celtic ancestory looking to learn how an ancient religion and culture translates to modern times or someone exploring different spiritual or religious paths The book does a great job of appealing to both This is a fantastic book full of information and lessons to help the reader understand Druidry from a daily and practical level Its not designed to be read through like a novel which is the way I read it So I will be spending a second time through taking each of the chapters very slowly and handling each lesson as intended This is a very well thought out and extremely well written book If ou re interested in Druidry from a practical application perspective I would suggest to start here with Penny s book An excellent introduction to DruidryDruidism for anyone interested The author is affiliated with OBOD Order of Bards Ovates and Druids and not with NARD North American Reformed Druids so the book obviously reflects her affiliation Regardless the information she includes is on point concerning modern Druids and the differences between their practices and those of the ancient Druids those of modern Druids and the differences between their practices and those of the ancient Druids those of pagan neo pagan religions and those of the religions that most of us regard as mainstream Love it one best out there I ll admit I didn t agree with everything she said I m with the Reformed Druids of North America and not with Order of Bard Ovates and Druids where she is from Yet I found this to be helpful pack with great info and tips too 25 Terribly bothered by the Greek Roman element ideas Where are the three realms sea sky and land And a druid must be invisible So anyone who wishes to express hisherself can t be one Why is this even important I have many uestions This isn t a horrible book but not Listen to the call of spirit and seek truth in wild groves the shifting seasons and the beauty of the Old Ways Discover how to embark on this sacred green path and enrich our life with its ancient wisdomPracticing Druid Penny Billington offers a clear and structured course of study grounded in Celtic history and mythology and highlights the mysteries and modern practice of this nature based tradition Each chapter begins with an evocative visualization and captivati. ,

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The Path of DruidryIte right I don t like the inaccuracies nor this ou should look like this and that to be a druid Very inaccurate new age than close to the celtic reconstructionism This "IS A CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED BOOK AMONG "a critically acclaimed book among circles I can see why in some ways and I think for many people it is a useful book to promote deep and engaged study I think it raises some interesting points gave me some things to put down in my workbook and its explanation of Celtic myths along with their useful breakdowns is very valuable I have two major critiues re this book as a disabled person from Australia 1 Like many most Druidic material it suffers from forgetting that disabled people and people with chronic illnesses exist in the world and that many of them indeed so many there s a Serious Ilnesses OBOD group online cannot do daily walks and daily praxis in the way that Billington INSISTS ou do There is absolutely no sense of forgiveness towards frail or sick bodies there s not even an awareness they exist unless ou as a Druid are doing outreach to sick people I like many tens of thousands of other pagans am too sick for daily praxis in the way advised in this book I ve noticed Druidry than "other pagan groups seems to forget disabled people exist If ou are a sick person ou "pagan groups seems to forget disabled people exist If ou are a sick person Southeast Asia 3 Volumes you findourself excluded in this book Of course Qpb Mammoth Book Of Erotica you can pick and choose whatever is useful toou though the book strongly recommends repeatedly against doing this and basically shames Qhr you ifou don t follow every instruction to the letter and for many of us that s fine But I m tired of it I ve been reading many Druidic books as part of my practice and noticing that there seems to be no place for us in the literature either online or in published works Given how tome like and weighty and thick and huge this book is ou would think that two or three sentences would be thrown in the direction of but what if I m too ill to walk every day or what kind of practice might I do daily if I m bedridden Given her love of sub headings and informational caveats it literally would have taken one page of You might find that ou are not as healthy as some of the others around ou who are practicing but just as A Sick Tree Is Still sick tree is still part of a forest ou are still a part of the community and there are ways Quf Man you can gain wisdom from this book without feeling like I am personally shamingou for not being able to do everything I m telling Mr Opp you to do Ng Welsh mythic tales from the Mabinogionare woven throughout introducing lessons and key concepts A series of hands on exercises will helpou internalize these truths develop a spiritual awareness rooted in nature build a relationship with the multi dimensional world and ultimately adopt a druidic worldview to guide Vietnam H Qu Ly And The Ming 1371 1421 you in everyday lifeArchetypes Animal energy The elements The Nwyfre Symbols The Wheel of the Year The Otherworld Trees as teachers and healers Shapes. Ecause I forgotou existed for a hot five seconds 2 This book is incredibly Eurocentric This is understandable it s a book based on a Celtic religious system that IS BY ITS NATURE EUROCENTRIC BUT by its nature Eurocentric But ou re going to mention global audiences it may be worth sometimes keeping in mind the challenges of practicing Druidry somewhere like Australia I mean we do have fantastic books like Australian Druidry by Julie Brett absolutely Go buy a copy it s great It also forgets chronically ill and disabled people exist like every other book on Druidry but it s okay they re All Like That I specifically take issue here because This Book Is So Long book is so long endorsed via introduction by the Chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids Anyway If ou are a perfectly physically healthy individual with absolutely no barriers to doing these tasks Touhou Bougetsushou Silent Sinner In Blue Volume 2 you will get a great deal out of this book I m sure it was literally written specifically forou For me it was useful in sections and didactic and even shaming in others I don t need to be shamed for being too sick to perform some of the tasks in this book and it makes me no less of a Druid I can t give this book 5 stars when reading it made me feel alienated from the Druidic community than the Gwersi ever have Useful practical and certainly an asset For the money and time invested the information is useful and the author s tone is certainly friendly and inviting but the I read the I foun While I m sure this book contains valuable and accurate information I m a beginner so I honestly can t do than judge from the other comments on that part I found it to be ratherpreachy And not in a good way There were several paths where the author mentions things such as what The Life And Times Of Sir Thomas Malory your home should look like howou should dress to be invisible and whatnot and I don t agree with that being relevant to a spiritual path at all Maybe it s important if ou re specifically becoming a nun or something of the sorts but I know plenty of druids who lead completely normal lives and who have completely normal looking homes I guess I simply don t agree that the way I look in any way dictates what s going on in my brain spirituality is an inner path not A Superficial One It Frustrates Me That A Book With superficial one It frustrates me that a book with good ratings annoyed me that muchThen again I also realised while reading the other comments that this book is written by a member of the OBOD which explains a lot of what I mentioned abov. Hifting From joining a druidic community to starting out as a solitary practitioner this uniue spiritual guide offers advice on everything ou need to know about practicing Druidry todayPraise I loved this rich and intuitive approach to the study of modern Druidry Penny's book is full of wisdom and insight The comprehensive course is accompanied by beautiful visualizations and carefully crafted inspirational exercises Barbara Erskine bestselling author of Lady of Ha.