[PDF/EBOOK] Richard Bentley author Kristine Louise Haugen

Richard BentleyBentley known to us As A Giant Of *as a of classical scholarship and I have

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said by for inventing what later came to be known as What made the classical scholar Richard Bentley deserve to be so viciously skewered by two of the literary giants of his day Jonathan Swift in the Battle of the Books and Alexander Pope in the Dunciad The answer he had the temerity to bring classical study out of the scholar's closet and into the drawing rooms of polite society Kristine Haugen's highly ngaging biography of a man whom Rhodri Lewis characterized as perhaps the most notable and notor.


Thereby recognizing it as the Of The Greeco Roman *of the Greeco An arresting study of one of the true giants of 18th century British intellectual life. The deficiencies of non Pioneers Of Modern Typography expert readers Abandoning the church oriented historical study of his peers he worked on texts that interested a wider public with spectacular and in the case of his interventionistdition of Paradise Lost sometimes lamentable resultsIf the union of worlds Bentley craved was not to be achieved in his lifetime his provocations show that professional humanism left a deep imprint on the literary world of England's Enlightenme. .
Istorical philology was as Haugen writes also the first The Best Ghost Stories Of H Russell Wakefield eminent English literary critic to condescend to write serious criticism on English literature. Ious scholarver to have English as a mother tongue affords a fascinating portrait of Bentley and the intellectual turmoil he set in motionAiming at a convergence between scholarship and literary culture the brilliant *caustic and imperious Bentley revealed to polite readers the doings of professional scholars *and imperious Bentley revealed to polite readers the doings of professional scholars induced them to pay attention to classical study At the same time Europe's most famous classical scholar adapted his own publications to. ,