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There s certain music to its sentencesI believe for one who s a learner and a writer this book should be in his biblical shelf all the time Edgar Allen Poe is a literary geniusHis prose is frightening chilling and eerily atmospheric His language choices only further enriched the atmosphere that he constructed with precision and mastery and the setting were vividly imagined They were so richly illustrated that I was almost afraid myself to venture into them Poe is a writer that deserves so much credit and praise for the gift he had for nothing will feel like this anthology does The stories "THEMSELVES MAY HAVE INITIALLY BEEN A "may have initially been a to completely invest myself in but once I did I was utterly swept away I was enthralled by the peculiar storylines and nothing could have prepared me each of the endings They were all completely uniue and unexpected and raised uestions than they answered I was often left shaken to my core and was left gaping at the final words Agatha Christie is the only writer who has ever had this effect on me and it was almost as if Death had gifted them the same morbid gift of writing Overall Edgar Allen Poe is a brutal writer and wasn t afraid to dabble with sorcery and create stories that should ve stayed in the afraid to dabble with sorcery and create stories that should ve stayed in the of Hell They were dark and often had me uestion my own morals and ve stayed in the of Hell They were dark and often had me uestion my own morals and mortality Alas it was darkness I didn t want to be led out of I wanted to revel with the demons on Poe s mind I mean it s Poe What do you wantexpect If you like Poe this is Poe If you don t like Poe this is still Poe Poe est Apart from the usual suspects Cask Heart Usher some slightly rarer entries like The Gold Bug which is basically a shaggy dogcipher story and much rarer entries like Berenice A Descent into the Maelstr m and the Fight Club presaging William WilsonThe Gold Bug starts out with a typical Poe hero a man with an obsession telling his weird story to a disbelieving narrator It gets supernaturalor does it But the story s conclusion literally walks the reader through a substitution cipher which seems charmingly uaint in this day and ageBerenice is the story essentially of a sociopath who has an ardent lover the eponymous Berenice but only has eyes for her teeth Add in a little prema. Valdemar The pit and the pendulum The fall of the house of usher The cask of amontillado A descent into the maelström Th.

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The Complete Tales of Edgar Allan PoeTure burial and you got yourself a creepy storyWilliam Wilson is the story of a dissolute man who s plagued by his doppleganger the denouement of which was pretty obvious and basically spelled out from go which makes me wonder if it s ust this latter year awareness of plot devices that makes it obvious or me wonder if it s ust this latter year awareness of plot devices that makes it obvious or this is why the story doesn t make it into the collections very oftenMaelstrom is another rare entry which reminded me heavily of a scene from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean which got me to thinking about the impact of CGI on horror I think practical movie effects had a distinct effect on horror of "The 80s And 90s And "80s and 90s and wonder now to what degree authors and readers think in terms of what they ve seen in modern moviesIdle thoughts as I contemplate the remaining books under P I have the complete two volume Poe which is going to be daunting given the amount of Latin and French two volumes of Proust oy and Pynchon oy oyThe cover of the book makes it look a little like a younger reader s adaptation but it doesn t appear to be edited in any way The interior drawings are fairly cheap scribbles While reading Edgar Allan Poe s stories I was at the same time frightened and astonished He is by all means the Master of horror and creepiness The Masue of the Red Death is a novella in which all the elements mentioned above appear The novella deals with the time period of the bubonic plague when no one was actually safe Although there was no escape a young prince called Prospero thought he could deceive death He organized a ball in order to forget the misfortune outside of his castle Never the less he was wrong for no one could avoid death no matter how hard he triedIt is especially interesting to read the detailed description of the rooms in the castle and the magical influence of colours which symbolically represent life and death Death is symbolised by the person behind the red masue who dances all the time in all rooms Everyone is uietly thinking about the unusual masue and the complete horror happens at midnight when death strikes and the guests suddenly start to die The whole atmosphere is intensed by the interior of the black room where death keeps striking and finally takes Prospero s life as wel. E tell tale heart The black cat The masue of the red death The gold bug The murders in the rue morgue The purloined lette. .
After reading Frankenstein I thought horror "STORIES OF THE 1800S WERE NOT "of the 1800s were not me Until I read Mr Edgar Allan Poe Finally I m finally done with this book Mr Poe you really can be uite insufferable at times Way too descriptive writing to the point it felt he was ust throwing filler fodder at us to increase the page numbers Abrupt endings all around tiring solilouies I was reading the Spanish version not the best translation ever to be honest so perhaps the reading experience would have been much enjoyable if I had the text s original version Maybe I ust don t get Poe maybe it s the generational gap or something I don t know I normally define myself as not a tale person Tales are so short and so cursory to me However Edgar Alan Poe is obviously a master spooky mind of tales and I felt sincere envy of his dark intelligence while I was reading them So The Gold Bug and Murders In The Rue Morgue are my favorites I don t think I enjoyed this one When I picked up this book it was intended to be a reread But I realized very uickly that there were a number of stories in this collection I had never read What can one say about Poe Each time I approach his work I walk away with something else not associated with humorous writing I found many of these stories "To Be Very Funny "be funny in theme but farcical as wellThe Eichenberg illustrations are absolutely gorgeous If you have a chance to find this edition in a bookstore take a look AmaZing Poe s work was always so dear to me because of two reasons one of narration and another of a linguistic one The narration story plot character and form all serve the darkness in his works You ll see wicked people sinister intentions and dark pasts like we would see in our own livesAnd the language he uses is simply magnificent For someone like me who happened to find his book in his early stages of learning the English language although the text was too complicated it helped me understand my mania for languages No matter how fluent you are this book has lots of words and expressions to teach you If you have a thing for metaphors this book will amaze you And if you re in for rhymes and cadence you ll be astonished that even though it s a type of prose you re reading but. King pest MS found in a bottle Silence a fable Berenice William Wilson Ligeia The assignation The facts in the case of ,