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The Lighthouse War

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An OK book I think I liked the first one Better Hopefully The Last Of The Trilogy Is There Hopefully the last of the trilogy is exciting There chunks of this book didn t like as well as the first mainly the battle scenes However these are brief and I love how the young people in the book become smarter and creative There s also a great villain that s eally fun to Love Honor And Obey root against The book ends with the kids and their adult family memberseturning to Earth via a spaceship that travels via a wormhole Immediately euested the last book in the series which took a few weeks to arrive from the library Audible Gerard Doyle narrator Second book in the Lighthouse Trilogy is better than volume one still an interesting series and trying to patiently wait for the 3rd book from the library the lighthouse war is the second book in Lighthouse War is the second book in Lighthou. Jamie and Ramsay figure out how to echarge the Salmon the extraterrestrial device that. .
Se Land trilogy My feeling so far after having ead the two is that they are much like a half cadence in music That is the ending brings the first two that they are much like a half cadence in music That is the ending brings the to a temporary yet comfortable pause while presenting anticipation that there is to follow I have the third book in the trilogy in hand The Lighthouse Keepers so I can eview the overall story when I complete that one In the meantime I m writing this eview for
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who think may be interested in this set of novelsI would say that picking up The Lighthouse War as a stand alone novel might leave the eader feeling that something is missing The first book sets up the characters and setting very well and I think it is advisable to begin with that one and continue Carol right on to this one I also advise having the third bookeady to go since it is Allows them to travel through wormholes in space Heading back to the planet Altair Jamie. ,
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Bvious at the end of The Lighthouse War that the story is not concluded There eally isn t much to do about in this book There eally isn t much to do about war in this the title is a bit misleading There are some people killed mostly by being stabbed by a sword or a dagger and even a small battle but there is none of the strategic planning nor confrontation one usually associates with the term war It s not that I wanted to Standing Wave read about war nor wished for heavy battle action it s just that the presentation of the story does not fit the titleAll in all the continuation of the plot of this book could have best been done as part of the first oneather than trying to make IT INTO ANOTHER WHOLE NOVEL THERE into another whole novel There very little character development not much new in the world traveled to via wormhole nor any new characters worth getting excited about. Discovers that the Witch ueen will do anything to get her hands on Jamie and the Salmon. ,