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Al effects of automobility on both workers and consumers EMPHASIS IS ON UNITED STATES THE WORLD'S FOREMOST is on the United States the world's foremost culture with developments in the rest of the world analyzed to illuminate the American experience Flink notes that although mass personal automobility will remain the dominant mode of transportation for as far into the next century as we can see the impact of the car and the road on a society and its culture will never be so great as it was in America for the past half centuryA wealth of topics spawned by the world's first automobile culture is covered in this extensive study the technological evolution of the motor vehicle focu. .

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The Automobile AgeSing on the passenger car; the introduction and refinement of mass production techniues and their impact
On Workers And Labor 
workers and labor relations; the developing business organization and marketing strategies of industry and the growth of a mass market for cars; the roles played by social and economic conditions and policy decisions in the creation of today's carculture and the concurrent decline in mass transit; and finally the transformation of American life by mass personal automobilityJames J Flink is Professor of Comparative Culture at the University of California Irvine and is affiliated with its Institute of Transportation Studie. The automobile age has ended And With It An Extraordinary with it an extraordinary of social and economic change brought on by the impact of the road and the car In this sweeping cultural history James Flink observes that by the early 1970s the automobile had ceased to be a force for change in America Automobile Age expands on ideas developed in Flink's previous books The Car "Culture and America Adopts the Automobile provide a fascinating and comprehensive account of the automobile industry and "and America Adopts the Automobile to provide a fascinating and comprehensive account of the automobile industry and impact on a societyThe Automobile Age is at once a critical survey of the development of automotive technology and the automotive industry and an analysis of the soci. ,

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