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Thank you so much Adam for recommending this beautiful graphic novel to me I noticed that the Goodreads entry seems to be a collection of three stories but I am reviewing Virtus here which is the first story in this collectionCreated by the amazing artist of My Brother s Husband Volume 1 which is one of my all time favorites this story is a rather cruel and sexually graphic and incredibly violent story which seems to be the artist s usual bread and butter from what I ve seen of his art Virtus is the story of two gladiators Crescens "Virtus Contains Three Stories three stories of medium length and two shorter onesYushinvirtus VirtusManlinessIn ancient Rome a trainee gladiator Gaius is raped by a champion gladiator Crescens and vows revenge for his humiliation It is a story of the love the hat. ,
and Offspring Of Empire paves the way for their journey from enemies to lovers if that sounds then you know why LOL They get caught in a web of intrigue and eventually have to face each other in the arena in a fight to the deathIt is shockingly cruelIt is also extremely expressive and it touched me on so many levels I love Gengoroh Tagame s art He manages to bring one character into his stories who always looks familiar almost as if he s drawin. Red and the destinies of these two enslaved gladiatorsSetsugen Byobyo The vast snow fieldDuring the Russo Japanese War a white bearded lieutenant general and the leader of the mounted bandits make love to one another a short benigniece about a big old. ,
G an actor that he wants to appear in ALL OF HIS STORIES IT S TOTALLY UNIUE I of his stories It s totally uniue I a bit sad that his characters always have to suffer endlessly and in horrible ways but this story is one of few that actually resembles a romance and dare I say it ends like oneI can totally recommend this if you can stomach a story as violent as this I m not even utting any disclaimers here because it would be easier to mention the triggers that this story DOESN T haveHere are samples from the beautiful absolutely amazing artworkview spoiler hide spoiler. Bear and his boyDarenimo Ienai I can't tell it to anybodyA hunky
student falls in love with new father "IN LAW BUT HIS NEW DAD IS A BISEXUAL "law but his new dad is a bisexual starts to train his new son as his ersonal bottom addressing him using a feminization of his na.