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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book The author does not approach the subject of autism with doom and despair but with love and a sense of autism with doom and despair but with love and a sense of I love that I saw myself and my son in a lot of the stories she wrote about herself and her sons She also includes wonderful tips and strategies for handling the everyday and bigger issues As a mother of a son with autism I definitely recommend this book to other parents who have children with ASD or anyone who just wants some insight into the world of autism Very ood a self help book but the Author Makes It VERY Entertaining makes it VERY entertaining I laughed and cried This book is one of the best books on Autism that I have read so far As a parent of a 4 year old with Autism I found it to be not only helpful but reassuring A lot of times as a parent you can feel very isolated and alone when raising a child with Autism This book helped me to realize that I am not alone in those feelings and the author ave suggestions on how to combat that feeling I highly recommend this book to no only parents who have a child with Autism but also to family members "Of A Child With "a child with people who work with kids on the Spectrum or just any person interested in learning about Autism and ways that they can help those who struggle with this disorder Really helped me understand about autism and the challenges that individuals and family face This was a book I found to be very comforting overall Sometimes the reatest pain is thinking you are alone My brother was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old and not walking yet My mother has read far books on autism. Stemming from a wealth of both professional and personal experience this uidebook combines real life stories of challenges and successes with practical ideas for handling autism every day Autism consultant Alyson Beytien outlines over 150 tried and true techniues for home school and community Alyson’s three boys cover the whole spect. .

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Autism Every Day

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O have this woman in my life I am thrilled our local librarian this for me I will never it librarian found for me I never let it I am recommending it to everyone I know Alyson Beytien is the mom of three boys on the autism spectrum Each boy has varying degrees of autism and when they were diagnosed she decided to learn everything she could about autism In each chapter she ives real life stories of daily struggles she has had throughout the boys lives then has a section of tips that parents teachers and families can read think on and perhaps implement if applicable I really enjoyed this book This book isn t for really understanding the autism diagnosis on a medical or professional level but rather on the level of a loving mother who was thrown somewhat of a curve ball in the world of parenting who wants to share her ups and downs and what worked for them As I read each chapter and story it was La Capital good for my heart as I related to her and her struggles seeing as how I haveone through some of the same things albeit in different obsessions habits etc There were also sections that I am Lights To My Siren The Heroes Of The Dixie Wardens Mc 1 grateful for because we have not had too through some of the inevitable life experiences that Alyson s family has and it was definitely Unwavering Valor good for me to start thinking about those things that will happen eventually I highly recommend this to all who are affected by Autism whether a parent sibling teacher or relative I met the author during a meeting at the Iowa DHS last week and was so taken with her enthusiasm I bought her book This is an excellent book for people who need alimpse of the life of a family of someone with autis. Inform all those who are connected to a person with autism Alyson believes that each day brings opportunities to learn problem solve and celebrate the joys that children with autism bring to our world after all today’s crisis is tomorrow’s humor Her family’s motto will soon become your everyday mantra  “Improvise and Overcome?. Than I have but I saw this new on display at my Library And I Decided and I take it home Strategies was a word that stood out to me I like to be actively solving problems I felt this book has Laura Ingalls Wilder given me a lot of things to think about plus tools to help me I mrateful it was written and published and that I had the opportunity to read it Really enjoying this book An uplifting read for anyone raising a special needs child and I love the way the author focuses on the strengths of each individual in her family and keeps it light with her reat sense of humor As a parent you are always looking for ways to improve the lives of your children And To Help Them Best Relate To Others And Connect to help them best relate to others and connect the things that make them happy If you have children on the autism spectrum I have two of my three and want to best understand how to help them and yourself through some of the day to day challenges you will find this book helpful I read it on a 3 hour plane ride so it s also easy to digest One of the things I appreciated about the author s style while occasionally too informal was the 2 3 page summaries at the end of each chapter These summaries help reinforce the content in the chapters as well as providing action items and coping strategies The end of the book also lists a number of recommended books magazines websites and organizations for further education about autism and autism parenting Where has this book been the last 13 years It is the autism version of What to Expect When Your Expectingin my opinion Every page I read I thoughtSHE GETS IT I need this woman in my life My son needs me Rum of autism Asperger’s syndrome high functioning autism and classic autism She understands the wide range of needs these children have and has discovered what helps and what hinders Covering a full amut of issues from picky eating and echolalia to IEPs and “The Woes of Walmart” Alyson’s ideas and interventions will inspire and. ,

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