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Joined Filipino guerrillas to fight the Japanese Good book Lots of info here and good uniue perspective on many battles I think my criticism of it would be that the First Third Of This Book third of this book a ecap of previous battles that intrepid was not eally involved in But the narrative on the sinking of musashi was great This book first tells the story of the training and formation of the Intrepid s Air Group 18 which consisted of 3 units the fighters dive bombers and torpedo bombers that made up her strike force Then it details their service ecord leading up to the time when they took part in attacking the super battleship Musashi one of the largest warships ever built it follows closely the life of one of the torpedo bomber pilots who struck the first blow but was shot down and miraculously escaped with his life The first person accounts make this a very moving story and one feels the tragic loss of life that warfare entails Any student of World War II and of the Philippines campaign in particular will find this book worth eading Riveting storyVery informative and interesting as to what aircrews endured to accomplish the task they were assigned in the defeat of the Japanese naval forces during ww2 Good narrative interesting insite about aviation and naval operations in WWI. Eluded capture by the Japanese with the help of Filipino guerrillas and joined their anks against their common enemyIntrepid Aviators is the thrilling true story of the brave bomber pilots their daring duel with the Musashi and Will Fletcher's struggle to survive as a guerrilla soldier The sinking of Musashi inflicted a crucial blow in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and would mark the first time in history that aviators had sunk a Japanese battleship on the high seas. ,

Gregory G. Fletcher ☆ 3 ead

I m obviously not a WWII military historian but I Liked This Book Since My Father Was Involved In These this book since my father was involved in these and flew off the carriers that were mentioned The book gave me some insight to the challenges and terror of being on board a ship during the war Good book following some of the 3 types of planes on the Intrepid during WW2 the fighters the dive bombers and the torpedo bombers Good first hand accounts of the torpedo bombers action Holy Smoke H reports life on ship before after action some training the usual for a historic I was there novel Well written kept my interest An easilyeadable account of
small unit not Sar Lacivert Fkeli Adam really famous its actions yet contributed to the war effortTheesearch was top notch and the writing clear and White Fang readable A very wellesearched detailed history of a group of aviators bombers fighters and torpedo bombers who trained and then served aboard the USS INTREPID IN 19445 THIS BOOK IS A VALUABLE NARRATIVE in 19445 this book is a valuable narrative describes a critical period in the Pacific War at both a strategic and personal level It s eally a emarkable and well balanced account This was a highly accomplished and busy group of airmen I Robot Dellalba responsible for attacks on the Philippines and Formosa and on Japanese fleets defending Luzon It wasesponsible for the sinking of many enemy ships includ. On the morning of October 24 1944 in the Sibuyan Sea amidst the Philippine Islands VT 18 a close knit suadron of six young American torpedo bomber pilots departed the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid on a search and destroy mission Their target the super battleship Musashi the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy The pilots were tasked with preventing the immense enemy warship and the huge naval armada of which she was a part from inflicting unspeakable damage on th. Intrepid AviatorsIng a Yamato class Japanese super battleship The Author S Father Was One Of author s father was one of heroes of this story and he tells his story through training eporting to the Intrepid life aboard the Intrepid and his Navy Cross winning attack and subseuent crash and survival at sea and life among Philippino guerrillas and eventual escue by a submarine The level subseuent crash and survival at sea and life among Philippino guerrillas and eventual escue by a submarine The level detail is excellent and the author paints a vivid picture of life in a US Navy suadron life aboard Navy ships US and Japanese and life among freedom fighters in the Philippines Enjoyable and well written I think the author did a good job of explaining the operations of aircraft and ships without being overly technical verbose I cannot uite explain what I personally found lacking which stopped me from giving the book a full five stars Perhaps the story was to broad for my taste Regardless it is well worth a look An excellent and well The Fate Of Liberty researched book of a suadron of American torpedo bomber pilots from the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid on a mission to destroy the super battleship Musashi The pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy around Leyte Gulf in the Philippines during World War II After crash landing The only survivor Will Fletcher was adrift at sea and made it to land and escaped in the jungles of the Philippine islands where he. E transports and supply ships that were supporting the American amphibious landings within nearby Leyte Gulf Little did these young men know that they had embarked on the openingounds of history's greatest and last epic naval battle Two bomber crews launched in the first wave of attackers were shot out of the sky Only pilot Will Fletcher survived the crash landing Adrift at sea Will made his way to land and escaped into the jungles of the Philippines where he.

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