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Ast featured The collection includes poets such as Ted Hughes DH Robert Browning Emily Dickinson and many others read for class is a set book for AA100 a core module of BA English Literature and most Humanities undergraduate courses I haven t ready every poem in this book as many take significant effort to analyse but I Ve Read All The Ones read all the ones for the module and skimmed the whole book to create my own mini anthology Poetry was a branch of literature that had previously eluded me and I ve subseuently learned that poems are much like those 2D linear drawings once someone has shown ou how to look "At Them They Fold Open To Reveal Magical 3D Landscapes "them they fold open to reveal magical 3D landscapes never uite look the same each time ou revisit them At least now with poetry I know enough to know what I don t know pretty much everythingIt probably deserves five stars the missing star signifies my lack of ability to fully appreciate the complete anthology Read what I needed to for the course but haven t read any I find poetry offputtin. Duction 'We are most human in the presence of animals' And it is just this sense of how our humanity is illuminated by the contemplation of bestial life that he has set out to celebrate The results are wonderfully rich and thought provoking.

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To read it seems like they end either far too uickly or drag on for far too long there never seems to be an in between This was read as part of my university course and whilst I m grateful for the opportunity to have been able to experience the writings of an eclectic mix of poets I m also rather disappointed that only a handful truly appealed to me 35many snails This collection is uite a mixed bag and not everything will suit one person s taste For me it was a revelation to discover some great poets and also learn some to avoid My favourite poet s featured in this book are Ted Hughes Seamus Heaney Elizabeth Bishop DH Lawrence Thom Gunn William Shakespeare and Whitman A wonderful compilation of poetry both old and new The unifying theme is beasts whether it is just a mention of a beast in a poem or a poem completely revolving around one if it fits the criteria of Muldoon then he s included it Another interesting aspect is that the poems are published alphabetically according to the type of be. S Among creatures gathered here tame or wild; common or exotic are mammals reptiles birds insects and others perhaps than real A zoologist's delightThere is too a moral or philosophical purpose As Paul Muldoon says in his intro. ,

A great collection of animal based poems Favourites of mine were Baby Tortoise By D H Lawrence D H Lawrence Female of the Species by Rudyard Kipling and The Sloth by Theodore Roethke but poetry is a personal thing than books I think I ve been powering through this book the past few days for my course Well half for my course and half for myself because not every "Poem Needed To Be Read But I Wanted To Know "needed to be read but I wanted to know sure which poems i liked in this and ou can only really do that if ou read the whole anthologyAnyway Not every poem appealed to me but that doesn t take the talent away from the authors I liked the way it way it was organised It s in Alphabetical Order By Poem Title So There order by poem title so there a nice mix of style era of language and metre To name a few poems I liked though not all because I do actually need to get back to workAuguries of Innocence by William BlakeA bird came down the walk by Emily DickinsonThe captiv d Bee by Robert Herrick Cock Robin b A lovely selection of animal poetry I ve always found poems unfulfilling. The Faber Book of Beasts is a collection of many of the best poems in English about the creatures who share our planet The animal kingdom has prompted some of the liveliest and most enjoyable writing by poets from Homer to our contemporarie. Faber Book of Beasts