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Gege Mengejar Cinta

Adhitya Mulya Á 9 ead

Damn i eally love to Voices From Tibet read this bookIf i have much time i would like toead it again well in fact i don tIt s kind of mellow dramatic books if i could sayThe scenario is the best part of this novelThe ends of the story uhhm GAAAAA NAHANNNNNNNGE u Grammar Of Septuagint Greek r me ineal lifeU not alone palThere s a lot guys that have the same story like uCool 4 thumbs UP for this bookWell done DithyaKeep writing like this one I ll buy iT 4 sure Not like the very first time
i ead jomblo 
read Jomblo Adhitya Mulya his second book is impress myself I love how Adhitya Mulya wrote this book With Good Sense Of Humor good sense of humor I found it in Hooked Up For Murder radio drama parody Also with good understanding that I finally know different point of view berween men and women it comes to the terms of love I like the ending especially when it sevealed whom Gege choose between Chaca or Tia Gw selalu ngerasa jadi Fathia dalam buku iniDimana gw sebagai cewek selalu ngerasa gengsi dan cuma ngasi sinyaltandaa woii tandadan gw nyadar hampir semua cewek secakep sejutek dan sepinter apapun pasti bakal jatuh cinta sama cowok yg bisa bikin mereka senyum dan cengar cengir sendirimy Hamachiman my Wiseman is so Gege bangeeeet he and every simple things that he isHe smells so goodhe loves that chocholate buluk colorhis humming for every songs appear in his headhis walking in the middle of the crowdDamnhow i love every simple habits he hasyeah and he s just so in love with my very beautiful smart and sexy friend i have since highschoolI think Aditya Mulya was hack my brain he hacked my love story which one are you gonna choosethe one that you love or the one who love youhmmsuch a complicationintinya Gege mengejar cinta sih ya itumana yang akan dipilih ama Gege. Mana yang seseorang akan pilih Mereka yang dia cintai Atau mereka yang mencintainya ini adalah sebuah pertanyaan penting yang entah kenapa orang tidak pernah cukup peduli untuk kaji dan tanyakan pa. Tapi Adhitya Mulya menceritakannya dengan gaya yang beda dongyang lucu konyol norskihihihibikin senyum2 dan ketawa ketiwi sendirimy favourite line isA tree is falling in forrest with ketiwi sendirimy line isA tree is falling in forrest with one hearing it Does it Strategic Corporate Communications really fallIt does but who cares Adhitya Mulya again He is a good writer After Jomblo finally he publish his second book In my opinion this book is mature than the first one But still good and still full of great sense of humor Better youead it by yourself guys This book is amazing That s the first sentence of my posting today about the book Do you believe in first love Well if you do this book might attracts you seriously If not oh well just ead it maksa banget yeeeGege Mengejar Cinta Gege Running for Love written by Adhitya Mulya writer of his first best seller book JombloGege is a simple funny no such a good looking unnoticed man His eal name is Geladi Gernida He crushed on Caca a good looking attractive beautiful charming lady since when he was in junior high school Beside his schoolmate until high school Caca is also his neighbour Although Caca is Gege s neighbour but Gege is always un noticed By Caca Even They Caca Even they sometimes but in something not so important things And Gege always keep his feeling to Caca until he grew up to be a creative producer in a Mosquito Empires radio station After about 10 years of Gege s life after high school Gege saw Caca again in his office building working in one of the bank in the building His heart beating faster and the story beginsA very touching story from Adhitya Mulya You should have it There s plenty in the bookstores now TrulyecommendedScore 1 10 I give 9 for the story So have you ead the book uite fun and nice story too This is the second Da diri sendiri Buku ini bercerita tentang Gege Pria yang akhirnya dihadapkan dengan pertanyaan itumendapatkan novel ini benar benar berbeda Ide idenya mengalir unprecedented dan menghanyutkan suat.
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