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The Rebuilding YearKids begin The Forgotten Treasure The Book Of Mormon Sleuth Vol 4 having troubles atome especially is teenage son Mark Now the "Duo Must Figure Out "must figure out to build on their relationship while also andling the issue with is kids and bitch ass ex wife And Douchebag New Husband I Won T douchebag new usband I won t waste breath or space addressing these two I simply say to themAnd there you Sourcery By Terry Pratchett Summary Amp Study Guide have it Oh wait there s also this out of place murdersuicide thingappening in the background at the university Yeah I don t get that one either Had nothing to do with anything And the wrapping up and explanation of the investigation didn t Oliver Cromwells Letters And Speeches With Elucidations By Thomas Carlyle help any Couldave completely been left out So now let me explain my feelings Did I really like the book Absolutely Did I like the characters Hell yes Ryan and John were great Ryan with John s kids was perfect I The Shallows have a little crush on Ryan actually LOL Was the story believable and enjoyable You bet I couldn t put the book down BUUUUUUUT I feel like it was lacking that certain something A real spark That butterfly in your belly feeling when two characters are about to embark on something great or share a kiss or mutter sweet endearments or dirty innuendos orwell you get the point I got that a few times but not enough to feel completely satisfied If I wouldave ad a little of that this would ave easily made it to 5 stars Does this even make sense Overall would I recommend the book Yes This is definitely for that time when you re looking for low drama low angst a sweet and endearing love story that just is Oh and that endingWTF How you going to just drop the mic in the middle of a scene Fade to black What is that I mean no cliffhanger or anything just abrupt ending UGH UPDATE A release date as been set for the seuel Life Some Assembly Reuired will be released June 9 2015 It set for the seuel Life Some Assembly Reuired will be released June 9 2015 It niceThe story was niceThe characters were niceNothing mindblowingFairly mundane No way was it than 275 stars for meHave no interest in continuing the series really Review completed December 18 2012 After aving endured a severe accident in a burning building Ryan lost Misteri Buku Harian Johanna his job as a firefighter as well asis girlfriend Ryan is not a uitter though Hence it s time to evaluate Past Lies his options time foris rebuilding year that is He decides to go back to medical school Due to Wives Mothers And The Red Menace his injuryis knee never gained back its full strength Isn t it amazing what can Junkyard Planet happen when you re falling down a couple of stone steps and a kind and gorgeous guy is there toelp you back on your feet Yeah Ryan what a great first impression That s His Angelic Mate Paranormal Protection Unit 7 how Ryan and John the college s groundskeeper meet for the first time You re older than me John Explain that to me They say everything gets better with time So why does it stillurt so bad to talk about The Ayurvedic Self Care Handbook him I m not sure John said slowly I think may ETA both this book and the seuel are now available again in ebook as indie publications with a wrap up novella now also available Book 1 and 2 are in print And Gomez Pughas brought all 3 books of The Rebuilding Year into audio with great skill Thanks for giving voices to my characters Gomez 3 35 starsThere was a uiet intensity to this book two lonely men in crisis meet and fall in love John is a divorced father of two whose bitchy ex wife won t let Bombay Gin 32 him seeis two teenage kids He is also the Wings Of Fire head landscaper at a local college campus wheree meets Ryan a former firefighter and current medical student whose badly damaged leg forces to walk with a cane Ryan falls and John is there to catch im literally and symbolically This was a double GFYOFY as neither man ad been with another man before which could Sacrificed To The Dragon Twins Bbw Dragon Paranormal Erotica have been a giant mess in theands of a less experienced author but was done well Questions Kids Ask About Weather Questions Kids Ask 20 here There was a strong current of emotion fr 45 starsThis was dangerously dangerously close to being all time favorite read of mine So close Kaje I loved the first 60% or so of the book so much that I spend most of the night reading it But the mystery that came to aead near the end just didn t work all that well for me Let me start with what I liked which is pretty much everything This book is just SUEEL just such an awesome sexuality discovery story It was the Station Ss9 holy grail of sexuality discovery story a DOUBLE ONE I Alizese’s falling in love with Pussy Worship hisousemate and things take a turn for the complicatedJohn Barrett knows about loss After moving twice to stay in touch with Keep Your Love On his kidse could only watch as is ex wife whisked them away to California Offering Ryan a room seems better than rattling around the empty ouse but as casual friendship moves to something and a firestorm of emotions ignites the big old ouse feels like tight uarters It’s nothing. .

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Ean can I get an Halleluiah Lord does this author know what I like There is a reason that Kaje Harper is I like There is a reason that Kaje Harper is auto buy author for me We get a deliciously slow burn romance with gay first timers and a love story that feels completely real I loved this couple together and loved their realistic first time together And the sex was just a ma zing Thanks Kaje for delivering on the goods I even loved the family dynamic with John s kids though I wish the ex wife wasn t so predictably bitchyWhat I Wish Was Missing From The Book Was The Wack wish was missing from the book was the wack doodle mystery It was like an interloper in a near perfect study in ow a relationship should unfold in a book I wanted to kick the mystery in the butt and push it out a window Granted I m not big fan of romantic suspense and mysteries in general but I thought it was just one thing too much for this story I get Breaking News how it added some excitement to the storyline but I wouldave been than 200 Ways To Raise A Girls Self Esteem happy toave the romance be the sole focus Don t get me wrong I still loved this HARD but it was achingly close to perfect so much so that I Geordie have a little pout on thinking of what couldave been Re read June 2015 Loved this even the second time The secondary plot about the crimes on campus made a lot sense to me now I guess the first time I was just so anxious to ear about the men s budding romance that I saw that storyline as bothersome But in indsight it was interesting and was able to facilitate that awesome rescue by Ryan Now on to the seuelThis GFY tale was frustratingly close to perfection MC John Barrett is living a mostly solitary life as a University grounds keeper mourning the end of Dead City World At War Online 8 his marriage and the fact thatis teenaged children live across the country and is overbearing ex wife is making excuses for not letting the kids visit im He meets MC Ryan Ward ex firefighter and first year med student relocated from California after being injured and permanently maimed in a work related accident The two develop a fast friendship and eventually move in together to share expenses Both eterosexual they are confused when they become attracted to one another and it is a delight to watch these two navigate the GFY waters together and fall in love They are wonderful together and for the most part in sync with their in love They are wonderful together and for the most part in sync with their relationship for most of the book No real angst there And the story about John s teenage children trying to fit into their mom s new family and wanting to come and live with their dad was eart warming especially watching John and Ryan work together as a parenting team It just strengthened their bond and made me love them The reason I can t go A Second Loving Harlequin Romance 3099 hog wild with glee and put this book on the fuck yeah shelf is because of the weird murderdruggie sub plot It didn t make a whole lot of sense to me it jumped around in the book uite a bit and I really wasn t prepared for it to be a major plot point at the end But it did give us a great firefighter scene so I am grateful for that I can absolutely 100%ighly recommend The Rebuilding Year It is a MM romance and GFY lover s dream book Wow A TRUE double GFY bookone where neither man Arabic Grammar Made Easy had ever even considered or been attracted to orad an inkling of other men before a rarityI am a big fan of Kaje Harper This The Pyramid Of Souls Magickeepers 2 however was not my favorite I think the GFY angle wasard for me to embrace Taking two very broken very lonely men and Excellence In Business Communication having them find companionship and eventually love with one anotherok I can see itappening But The Hilarious True Story Of One Mans Sexual Adventures In Bangkok having them totally embrace the change f ing like rabbits I tell ya and barely blinking twice about now being with a manthat wasarder to wrap my All Our Broken Pieces head aroundIf I can get myself past that the story itself was ok It did feel like there was maybe one too many story arcs in the bookinjured firefighter custody battle teenaged son campus murder death in the family ALL on top of the GFY But the strength and where the enjoyment of the book comes from is the relationship between the two MCs John and Ryan Good good men that you find yourself completely rooting for If you re looking for a book with strong characters and the kitchen sink thrown in this would work for you 4 s for both the story and narration. They can’t learn to navigate though But when dead bodies start turning up on campus and one of the guys is a suspect their first taste of real love could go up in smoke Product Warnings Contains twoot men wrestling with a shift in their sexuality as well as a few positions probably listed in the Gay Kama Sutra But it’s not all about the Wine hot and sweaty especially when your previously straight life knocks on the door and comes back to visi. It was just like itad been Except it wasn t There was that edge of tension that never went away In the past Krlek Hur Fan Gr Man he mightave bumped up against Ryan if both of them were going for the fridge at the same time Or In De Schaduw Van Yavin Star Wars 2 he wouldave put out a Fucking Frankenstein hand to the man s elbow if some move shifted Ryan s weight onto the bad leg wrong Because the fool refused to useis cane around the The Women On My Couch house Now though there was a careful few inches of space between them at all times And yete was always aware of exactly where Ryan was And of wanting im This is my favorite uote from the book just love itThe book itself was really good I loved it at some parts and really disliked some others but overall it s a great read that I d recommend to any new MM reader The storyJohn is a GARDENER AT THE COLLEGE RYAN ATTENDS THEY MEET FORM at the college Ryan attends They meet form friendship and soon Ryan moves in with John who is looking for a tenant After an emotional episode they share a kiss and it changes everything between themIn the meantime there is something strange going on with the college kids some of them turning dead or suicidal The charactersBoth MCs are straight at the beginning of the book eheheheheJohn is divorced with two kids and Ryan is a former fireman with a knee injurySo ow they The Darkest Surrender Lords Of The Underworld 8 hook upIt s a slow build we get to see their friendship andow they re relaxed around each other living together and all Then the KISS appens 3Lovely scene I think it s my fav from the book DAnd that s what changes their relationship the uote above it s all tense and awkward with both men thinking about that kiss and wanting yayThe sexrelationshipThis is why I d rec this to any new MM readerIt s very slow with the relationship you get to see them falling in love and both of them getting used to aving sex with a man although they picked up on that one pretty fast LOLThe sex is Fight For My Heart hot but nothing pornish pretty light but still sexy D perfect combination I likeow they dealt with everything their families and living together and all Very mature without too much unnecessary drama What I didn t likeThe Endangered Hearts Endangered Hearts 1 homophobia It really took down my reading enjoyment Yes I know it s there and it s an important subject and all that yes but gah it just bothered meFor one since I m obviously not aomophobe I really couldn t understand the direction where the author went ereListen to thisJohn s son finds out is dad is gay The first thing that crosses Maru his mind is thate will get view spoilermolested ide spoiler 425 Let It Happen StarsRyan and JohnLet s start with my ramblings shall we Ryan is a 30 year old ex firefighter who sustained a serious leg injury in the line of duty He s "decided to finally pursue is dream of being a doctor and as moved to the Midwest to attend medical schoolJohn is "to finally pursue is dream of being a doctor and Den Samlede Sagaen 1 has moved to the Midwest to attend medical schoolJohn is 37 year old divorced father of two who works as the groundskeeper at the university He used to be a suit working at a large landscaping architectural firm but moved to the Midwest to be closer tois ex wife and kidseven though said ex wife eventually remarried and Cliff Walk hauled ass to California with the kidsRyan and John meet when Ryan s bad leg gives out ande eats concrete on the first day of school From there the two War Birds happen to run into each other at one of the local wateringoles and strike up a friendship Ryan s roommate is living out Tratado General De Ajedrez Tomo Iv his Hugh Hefner fantasies and using their apartment asis very own Playboy Mansion Since Ryan is older clearly this lifestyle doesn t appeal to La Locura De Dios him And would you look at that Johnappens to Panic Room have this big olouse all to The Trader Of Saigon himselfSo the premise weave ere is two seemingly straight men who eventually fall for each other The building of their relationship is smooth and simple No big dramatic realizations no second guessing or drawn out insecurities and fears It s just two men living day to day who appen to just two men living day to day who appen to enjoy each others company and suddenly find themselves attracted to a man for the first time in their life Ryan and John s transition felt natural and right It was sweet and endearing watching them just go with the flowat times fumbling but letting their attraction and passion lead the way In the midst of them navigating this new relationship John Losing nearly everything leaves room for the one thing they can’t live withoutA few excruciating minutes pinned in a burning building cost Ryan Ward is job as a firefighter the easy camaraderie of El Faro De Barlovento his coworkersis girlfriend and damn near cost im is left leg Giving up though isn’t an option Compared to the alternative choosing a new profession going back to school and renting a room from the college groundskeeper are simple Until e re.