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A CIA conspired story to kill a Chilean communist resident using a hypnotized guy from tamil nadu indiaAs a clumsy story grows into an international security threat you will left to be stunnedcheck out my full review The story line is very thrilling right from start to end Sujata in this story line telling about how mind can be manipulated by others through hypnotism This this book A uick read as usual because the name is
sujata the author 
The author the reader guessing till the end of what would be the truth as the story unfolds The way the books starts and the writing style is uniue to the author As each character comes into icture you cannot stop even to guess the what d be next but just to read ahead and wonder what is the "treasure this book is going to offer youConsidering the timeline this book was "this book is going to offer youConsidering the timeline this book was not only the author s knowledge of various technology amazes me but also his talent to convert those information into a Amazon Fire Tv Stick Made Easy psychological thriller andolitical conspiracy based story like this is which is beyond my comprehension No wonder why the author wasis and will be appreciated forever From the beginning to end this book has all the suspense elements to hook you in I ve never read an interesting mystery novel like this before Five stars for Writer Sujatha s Nillungal Rajave It truly deserves it One of his best work I guess The way the book started was at different level It made me think what I might do if I am ut into the same situation Where sujatha scores in those hases is making the e. நீ?. Rson going through the tough situation sensible which actually makes his feelings understandable and effective As always sujatha s way of writing and taking the script forward was top notch However the Lalaloopsy plot some how misses the same effect that it created in the later half May be since the later half does not have a effective reason andersonal suffering the Trying To Save Piggy Sneed plot seems to have lost itsace With just ganesh and vasanth interested owing to their curiosity the same curiosity could not be imbibed into the reader But Towards The Climax When towards the climax when get to know such modes have been used in history it brings back the sujatha touch but still on the whole the sluggishness in the middle makes this novel not score 5 Go for it a typical sujatha novel Where Night Stops playing witheoples mind and sychology in his own way If you are a fan of "Sujatha One Must Read If Not A Very Good Read "one must read if not a very good read will make you think different Another gripping thriller novel from Sujatha The story of this novel is about harmacological mind control ie controlling another The Letters To The Colossians And To Philemon person s mental activities and human behavior through medicines Using such method alot is hatched in secrecy by CIA American intelligence agency with the help of an Indian The Singing Sword Camulod Chronicles 2 psychiatrist to kill the President of Chileana a communist country on his arrival at Chennai using an innocent man by controlling his mind by way of medicines After so much of mystery the famous duo Ganesh Vasanth unveils the same andrevents the assasination of the Chilean President A very good and short thriller no. ??்?. Vel from Sujatha PS In the last age the author has given reference to a book entitled Operation mind control by Walter Bowart with a note that the book was not fiction but based upon true events I did not See that ending coming It is surprising to see a huge change of genre at the end The novel Starts with an identity crisis moves on to a medical drama and ends in a totally totally different genre SPOILER If I Say What That Is I Started Reading if I say what that is I started reading book while travelling from Coimbatore and finished it when in Erode 15 hours90 minutes to read a 125 age book means only one thing it was "Written By A Bullet Train "by a Bullet Train SujathaGenius One of Sujatha s best A fantastic sychological thrillerThroughly enjoyed itOne of the best thriller novels ever written by Sujatha and one of the best thriller I have ever read in Tamil A Classic Medical thriller A different experience A book based on Mind control through medical improvements in today s world The climax was just tooo good The story unfolds only in the last few Offspring Of Empire pages but it kept me glued to the book Again its typical Sujatha This book was apparently written in 1967 when I wasn t even born Very difficult to believe given how fresh it still reads It could have been written in 2017 except for stuff like mention of tapes using the library to research on a topic etc The Ganesh Vasanth duo never fail to entertain and Sujatha has the amazing knack of describing aerson or a lace with amazing accuracy and wit but using very few sentences I really miss Sujatha. ?ள். ,