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They came out I m also old nough to forget them so I can read them again They are harmless fun plus they keep me away from the wretched TV It s like recommending Ice cream What s not to like At

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father s firm Archy McNally investigates issues that arise with that firm s clients A young man is murdered at a party being given by a client and Archy is tasked with solving the crime What arises is a related problem involving a young man inheriting an The Militant Messiah enormousstate and whether he is the real heir to the fortune A cast of characters are possible suspects but the murder doesn t appear to have been committed by the prime suspect Archy must find a way to determine who did the deed and whether the young man is deserving of the inheritanceLawrence Sanders died in 1998 but Vincent Lardo continued the series after assisting Mr Sanders with some of the later ones he wrote I was impressed with how similar Mr Lardo s writing style is to that of Mr Sanders and the plot in this story is very interesting and involved Archy is still interested in the fairer sex but this book doesn t seem to have him as active as in the Sanders books I ve read If you ve The Return To Camelot enjoyed Lawrence Sanders stories I think you ll alsonjoy those that Vincent Lardo has enjoyed Lawrence Sanders stories I think you ll also njoy those that Vincent Lardo has Ut Palm Beach's rumor mill is already in overdrive So is a killer who's just beginnin. .
Very Good Continuing character Arch McNally a murder at charity event nets Archy three clients as he works to find the nets Archy three clients as he to find the and a potential fraud What A BookArchy is a terrific hero He downplays his intelligence but still comes out looking like a wizard Some of the twists and turns take a good mind to follow but you never lose interest in the shenanigans When ver I get in the reading doldrums want to recover from reading a really heavy book or just need some light reading the Archy heavy book or just need some light reading the Archy books are just right amusing and steady with familiar characters Who wouldn t like Archy Discreet investigator for his lawyer father His begonia loving mother Binky an Archy wanna be Ursi outstanding cook in the McNally householdIt s great that Vincent Lardo has taken up the series I can barely tell the difference Thank you Vincent Lardo Until next time So I ve read a few of the McNally books and I ve just got to sayOMG this book was boring I found myself just waiting for something to happen that was remotely interesting The plot line was thin and it was poorly written I d never recommend I love the familiar characters in this series Sanders light humorous style of writing lifts my jaded spirits The king is dead butLawrence Sanders wa. When a young man is found dead in the pool of one of South Florida's most prominent ,

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S the king for sure in writing these novels However Vincent Lardo has Done An Admirable Job an admirable job the series alive A different writing style for sure but still great reads I know that some people don t like Vincent Lardo s writing style I don t like it myself sometimes That said I Mst125 Essential Mathematics enjoyed this particular book I think it s Vincent Lardo s best Archy McNally book At least in this book Archy stuck to detecting rather than jumping into the sack with the client s wife In other books he s having it off with the client s daughters and granddaughters as well No wonder Consuela got upset with him In other books Archy liked open relationships when he was doing the open bit As soon as Consuela did the open bit he didn t like open relationships any He would never do well with marriage he likes to play at hanky panky too muchAt least in this book he did some detecting That s what I like about it Unfortunately this series has lost its snap crackle and pop over the last couple of books The stories are laboured and the humorous interludes simply aren t anyOnly one book left which I will read in the hope of a grand finale I love the Archie booksThey havenough plot to ntertain but won t keep you up These things havebeen fun I read them all when. Itizens Archy McNally rushes in to salvage reputations and solve the possible crime Lawrence Sanders McNally's Dare