Bruce Piasecki [Kindle ePUB] Doing More with Less The New Way to Wealth

Dge of facts and the author s personal stories No new information or Insights Were Offered A were offered A read but disappointing Very few thoughtful insights were offered in this book Almost no actionable or predictive information was provided The author keeps coming back to a vague point that companies that succeed in the future will have to be frugal No great insights related to this are offered They are fairly mundane and disorganized thoughts that

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fail to into enough detail because before moving on I was not a and disorganized thoughts that repeatedly fail to go into enough detail because before moving on I was not a of the writing style which often consisted of personal anecdotes which do a sub par job of illustrating the authors point Also these personal stories are too short to allow the reader to get invested before being ripped back to another seemingly nrelated point I assume that I was not the intended audience for this book but have trouble picturing who that might be Thank you to NPR for recommending this book I thought this was a great read Not only was it tempered with personal anecdotes making it much lighter and breezier than the average business book it contained practical advice based on the wisdom of Ben Franklin I read World Inc and was inspired by Dr Piasecki s concept of Social Response Capitalism bc it presented Happy Ein Drama us with a way where everyone wins and everyone enjoys a piece of the pie Doing More WIth Less was an awesome followp I propose that business students everywhere read this and his follow Michel Thomas Speak Spanish For Beginners up book Doing More With Teams I ve seen Dr Piasecki speak thought provoking influential and definitely intriguing I found his reel here Great principles for life and financial examples of how the frugal flourish and the excessive eat dirt He cites great examples of Benjamin Franklinone of the great polymathic heroes of all tim. With information persuasion and delight givings informed glimpses of a poetry in our near future HADASSAH BROSCOVA founder and Editor in Chief of Carpe Articulum Journal and FoundationThis new book captures the humility and moral insights of Bruce Piasecki whose life has been shaped by p close encounters with an amazing range of governments and corporations I have posted numerous radio shows on the life and work of Bruce Piasecki They all are inspirational like this must read book DAVID WILLIAM GIBBONS broadcaster of In Discussion syndicated worldwide at DG NetworksRead this book and grow GORDON LAMBERT Vice President of Sustainability Suncor Energy. I m passionate about frugality but this book gives no concrete suggestion as to how to inch toward it in life or business The main theme of this book is an obvious one that is generally overlooked the larger the organization the it is passed over It is all about waste that can be eliminated with no negative conseuences and lower costs with increased profits Despite the new sources of fossil fuels that are being opened p there is still a limit to how much can new sources of fossil fuels that are
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opened p is still a limit to how much can be extracted from the Earth Oil is not the only natural resource that is limited and will run out at some point in the foreseeable future There are projections that many essential raw materials will also be exhausted in a timeframe that is within the lifetime of a baby born this year The solution is twofold the first is to se less in an intelligent manner and much of that is simple to execute and will save rather than cost money For example most energy saving devices pay for themselves within a few years so it is smart to swap out that old microwave and refrigerator in the company kitchen Safely archiving an email and only printing it out when necessary is another One of the most effective increases in organizational productivity is to simplify email messages that are now the most common form of communication Surveys have indicated that the modern office worker spends a significant amount of each day processing email messages Shaving an average of a few seconds off the handling of each message will significantly increase overall productivity Towards that end I recommend the book NAKED WORDS The Effective 157 Word Email by Gisela Hausmann Her findings are consistent and complementary with what Piasecki has discovered and states in this book there are many ways to do with less and Praise for Doing ways to do with less and Praise for Doing with LessBruce Piasecki redefines what winning looks like for all of s GERALD BRESNICK Vice President of Environment Health Safety and Social Responsibility HessBruce Piasecki has created a book about discovering and maintaining wealth that in fact redefines wealth itself to include much than mere numbers in a bank account JAY PARINI bestselling author of The Last Station and The Passages of HMBruce Piasecki is one of the few thinkers really pping the ante for leaders in business and society JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER bestselling author of The Long Emergency and The Geography of NowhereBruce Piasecki offers new grounds for hope in th.

review Doing More with Less The New Way to Wealth

Doing More with Less The New Way to WealthOme of those tactics improve the work environment as well The two forces of a rising population and diminishing resources will force organizations to reduce their levels of consumption and doing so is some of the best public and community relations actions that can be done Therefore Piasecki s point is one of the first that needs to be made about the future success of business the raising of awareness Further as he states so clearly the savings compound in two ways The money saved now can be considered to be earning interest in the future and the frugal mindset leads to an active search for further savings Some executives nderstand this and have reaped benefits while others have not and may and have reaped benefits while others have not and may their organizations sueezed in the future This book was made available for free for review purposes and this review appears on Noteswritten to business owners not everyday joesgood info I guess but not for me The author has a great point to make but the delivery was hard to follow I hate when an author refers to something he s going to tell you later in the book His premise is to live frugal like Benjamin Franklin Might be better just to read the works of Franklin if that s a philosophy you value This book was weird The main point seemed to be that being frugal and not wasting anything time money choosing the right people etc will make a business competitive T GRAIN OF SALT ALERT I did not finish or even barely start this book I found the first chapter completely incomprehensible It was a bunch of businessy gibberish through which the twin themes of doomsday panic and greed were barely nderstandable This was a book recommended by NPR so I thought I would give it a try based on that recommendation It was disappointing Much of the content was a hodge po. Is century as he the content was a hodge po. Is century as he the roles of competition innovation and stewardship in our lives BARBARA KASS author and teacherBruce Piasecki's latest work artfully blends the practical with the profound Piasecki teaches s now that frugality is not only a personal virtue but a dire necessity in a world filled with 7 billion souls DEMETRI CHRISS Senior Development Officer–North America Anatolia CollegeBruce Piasecki has a Sapphos Fables Volume 1 uniue global perspective He weaves powerful anecdotes and adroit business analysis to explain how our modern times work at its very core EROL USER President and CEO User Corporation Istanbul TurkeyPiasecki is a prose master who inspires.

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