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Whilst this has not been as much as say the runes that I use I have found them useful at the times when I have been I have found them useful at the times when I have been to them Pulling out a card I have found the description of the animal powers useful in helping me understand what ualities I Need To Focus On At to focus on at time Accompanying The Deck Is A Concise Booklet That Describes Each Animal deck is a concise booklet that describes each animal For example The Otter s keywords being joy play helpfulness Following on from this the meaning of each card is provided in addition to its reverse meaning The booklet also gives us a brief description on how to use the cards and provides the reader with a few spread examples The booklet IS basic and does provide just the bare minimum details which is my only criticism Overall a lovely deck of cards that are magical and enchanting both to look at and to use Beautiful informative easy to use great for meditation and contemplation As a Druid these particularly appealed to me As principal of Animal Magic Training they appeal greatly to all my students The symbolism and imagery is well thought out and each card has wonderful interpretations that one can almost meditate upon to give further clarity Liked it a lot Read it uickly This is not so much a book as a manual and set of cards using Druid animal oracles Fascinating and everyone who has used it with me sceptics and all have found it useful It is beautifully packaged. L gain powerful insights into our life situation and receive positive guidance for the future Authors Philip and Stephanie Carr Gomm who live in England are Chief and Scribe of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids one of the largest international Druid grou. .

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ResAll in all 4 stars rather 45 but that S NOT POSSIBLE ON THIS WEBSITE A FUN READ not possible on this website A fun read I do not believe in this sort of thing This is a beautiful deck of oracle cards with an obviously very Celtic flair The definitions are enlightening and thought provoking the images and symbolism on the cards are beautiful A beautiful Collection To Any Divination to any divination It s a good set but I really wanted it to go deeper and include cultural information What a really great deck and the accompanying book is incredibly helpful I ve been reading the book daily and using the deck almost daily and it s always been spot on which has never been my experience when working with any deck Provides a lot of great food for thought and the deck works in a very no brainer type of way easy to pick up and work with right off the bat I use this freuently A wonderful and enchanting deck of cards The art work and attention to detail on the cards is beautiful so much so half of me just wanted to get some picture frames and have them dotted about the house rather than use them for their proper purpose This being Well the cards are said to draw wisdom from the wellspring of ancient Celtic tradition and from it ou can receive healing strength and guidance for ou own life journey I have to say I have used them on several occasions especially on meditating or at times where guidance is needed. Red guides guardians and protectors Today the book and beautiful card set of The Druid Animal Oracle can bring healing and will help ou draw strength from its intuitive knowledge From the interpretations of the card spreads and the animal lore given ou wil. First things first I do not
*believe in oracles *
in oracles and But I Find The Whole find the whole funnyinteresting The reason bought this set and an almost matching Tarot set was the beauty of it In this case the cards show animals and I was in love with the images right away so I got curious and wanted to know what the cards were supposedly for and what the images supposedly meant respectivelyThe book The layout of the book as well as the details given in it are wonderful One can seefeel that this matter was not just a way or earning money for the authors but that they actually know their material I like the fact that they did not just include information about the cards but also showed spreads and included myths and stories known from Ancient Britain that inspired oracles like this Also the two sample readings at the very end were uite funnyinteresting One star I deducted because I m a rational sceptic and some of the points addressed or rather the way they were adressed were a bit too aloof for me The card deckThe images are colourful detailed and very beautiful They were the reason why I bought this set Again I have to deduct a star because they are uite big and therefore not all that easy to handle I tried shuffling them just for fun and it was a challenge I guess the size is necessary however in order to actually be able to show all the wonderful details of the pictu. Bring the power of Ancient Druid wisdom into our life todayYou are holding a source of great power and influence the wisdom of the animal world drawn from the wellspring of ancient Celtic tradition The Druids like the Native Americans revered animals as sac. .

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The Druid Animal Oracle

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