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Afraid of the dried persimmon that is on his back But what T Realize doesn t that it a person the thief who on his back and is just as afraid of the tiger and he is afraid the supposedly dried persimmons What did not like about the book is that you don t get to meet the rabbit until the latter part of the book Again I like this book for children but it would reuire a history lesson in the use of dried persimmons and what they are a fruit and the history of Korea This would a good fantasy book for a multicultural class A cute story about how a tiger is afraid of a persimmon and the rabbit lost his long tail Korean folktale adapted for short format Pretty good story about a tiger who thinks a dried persimmon has Ing aten by an vil creature Amazed that anything could scare a tiger the curious rabbit dashes off to see the creature The tiger warns him not to go but the rabbit doesn't listen and gets himse. .

Bala bal Great moral to this Korean Folklore Awesome Multicultural book that talks about the Korean culture A book about a tiger who mistakenly is afraid of a dried persimmon thinking it is something bigger It nds with Explaining Why A Rabbits Tail why a rabbits tail short and stubby Picture Book This book is really a page turner for kids I kept reading so I could see what happens and the Six Femmes Du Monde end happens to be a pleasant surprise The tiger has an adventure and a rabbit gets involved It is basically a big misunderstanding but it all makes sense in thend I like this book for children It is a well crafted fantasy book She did a nice job putting a twist on the story about the rabbit and the tiger The theme of the book is the tiger He is. Everyone knows that rabbits have short fluffy tails But this wasn't always the case In this captivating version of a Korean folktale a tiger tells a rabbit the story of how he narrowly scaped be.

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Ower He knows a human baby was making noisestopped when he got one He meets a rabbit who tries to say there is a man in a tree The story xplains why tiger has a short tail these days Recommended for Summer elementary kids Injoyed this book I was not sure on an what the purpose of it was but I kept reading because I wanted not sure on an what the purpose of it was but I kept reading because I wanted find out In the Silver Eyes end the folk tale is finally told and it adds humor to thentire book you could use this book when talking about stories from the past I really liked this story I had never heard about the rabbits tail story and this story was very interesting I loved the pictures that go along with the story they are very xciting I really liked how the tiger thinks it is a monster when it is just a ma. Lf in a spot of trouble that changes all rabbits foreverIllustrated with dramatic detail and vibrant hues The Rabbit's Tail will transport young readers to a time deep in Korea's folktale traditi. The Rabbit's Tail A Story From Korea