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I really enjoyed His Chosen Bride With A Bumpy Start For The Hero Mason Bride with a bumpy start for the hero Mason over the course of the book we see his transformationGillian is supposed to be etting married in a few months it s a contract Their magic society has depleted fertility and when she was tested she came out fertile so at the age of twelve the Council made her agree to marry Mason In the years since they haven t had much contact Mason is a judge who seems to avoid her his ift is control while Gillian s is love and compassion So she decides to shake things up at a party by wearing a dress she almost pops out of She is not sure about her marriage she wants love and Mason seems too. AN INCONVENIENT MARRIAGETender hearted Gillian Barnett agreed to marry a virtual stranger to fulfill a long ago promise Mason Blacksword was the epitome of Gillian's every fantasy but althoug. His Chosen BrideGillian or the their chemistry COMINGHONESTLY I REALLY ENJOYED THE BOOK I really enjoyed the book from the first explosive wedding night to etting up in the morning and not finding Gillian to finding himself thinking of her all the time a pet owner employing a homeless woman keeps finding his life changing and loving it He who never had dreams is now having nightmares because of the man sending threatening letters to his wifeHe reacts badly to her pregnancy but than makes up for it later when he finally confronts his childhood I love a protective hero and Mason was one of them This is my favorite book of all time A wonderful love story I don t know how to read it. Ng fatherhood foisted upon him was even worse It wasn't what he wanted yet just thinking about having a baby with Gillian made him want to hurry down the aisleSPELLBOUND Because love can conuer anythi.

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Remote and controlled but she wants to honour her contractMason does not want to La Fsica En La Vida Cotidiana get married to anyone but he owes the Council a lot who funded his education His view of marriage and fatherhood was marred by aood for nothing father who ave them a miserable time and then abandoned them leaving Mason s mom to struggle to support them At the party he sees Gillian as a woman and then later tries to convince her to talk to the Council to back out of the marriage she refusesMason doesn t understand Gillian she lives her to talk to the Council to back out of the Marriage She RefusesMason Doesn T she refusesMason doesn t Gillian she lives a bad part of town was a social worker and now tracks down dead beat dads he wants a wife who will compliment his ambitions but he didn T SEE. H HE KNEW see. H he knew well as she did that the terms of their marriage reuired making a baby he refused to be a fatherIt was bad enough Mason was honor bound to marry a woman who'd been chosen for him but havi.
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