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A Promise Kept A Promise Kept 1 grew up in a fishing village myself and was a fisherman during my younger days and I am sure those whoo to sea for fishing and transport are not that stupid to be always being caught up in a storm The sea is not as malignant as in this novelJorge Amado wrote here of things he did not really understand Too lazy to do research maybe Tragedydrama obviously was also not his forte He was magnificent in Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon as well as in Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands romancehumor He decided to The Pastor And His Work get serious here He failed Not even the constant moonlit nights the moans of love and thereen eyed mullato irl with pointed breasts and swaying hips were able to save him from this catastrophe Starts slow but ends uickly Great story of life in a Brazilian sailor town the lives of sailors of their families and of their hard adventurous lives that they can t think of leaving Emotional and captivating A fascinating story written as if it was a poem I don t even know why it took me an entire month to be read Firstly it took me a bit to adapt to the way of writing of Jorge Amado providing the true way How People In Bahia Talk Like The Constant References To people in Bahia talk like the constant references to sea and fate looking a bit like a repetition It only lasted until I was absorbed by the story and its character After all it was a story about love and death or should I say fate Didn t enjoy it much. Madoras em estação O médico Rodrigo e a professora Dulce não por acaso dois forasteiros procuram despertar a consciência da ente do cais contra o marasmo e a opressãoÉ esse contraste entre o tempo do mito e o da história ue move Mar morto envolvendo nos desde a primeira página na prosa calorosa de Jorge Amad. Mar MortoOf this deals with fate how you know something is bad etting married but you can not change it even if you know what s coming This point is made again and again very explicitly by Amado My thoughts so far on Livia One interesting conundrum is the fact that Livia can o out on the boat and she feels comfortable but it makes Guma super nervous The other possibilty though she staying back at the shoreline makes Guma comfortable but makes Livia super nervous So if they are to remain together someone will be suffering Guma makes this Livia the one that feels the worst from their relationship something else that is not the worst from their relationship something else that is not in his character Finished the bookSomeone ave this 1 stars wouldn t say that just for the fact that what seems like a highschool age star of the wharf becomes very human and 3 D when the first 100 pages I expected him to remain mr Perfeito can t La Capital go wrong type whoets the Lights To My Siren The Heroes Of The Dixie Wardens Mc 1 girl and thelory and overcomes all of the obstacles When he doesn t then the novel becomes interesting And the tension between the different versions of happiness as defined by Guma and Livia makes for a memorable read even if the book feels a bit repetitive and unoriginal otherwise That Livia BECOMES a sailor at the end to be close to Guma when the moon shows is of interest She does it with the same sense of morbid destiny waiting for the storm that will send her into the waters as well This is an image that s been repeated often before notably Harry Potter looking into the mirror and seeing his family but remaining this side of the livingAlso of note is the fact that this is 1930 Brazil a place and time plenty conservative and he writes openly of the Unwavering Valor gemidos of the women while they make love and unabashed evocations of their bodies While it is far from Henry Miller in the same period it s nonetheless notable that Amado wasoing to these lengths A book that makes us value the most important things in life Family is neccessary Forget about superficial things This is the only book by Jorge Amado that I actively disliked I disliked that all the characters seemed to have bad judgement and I disliked how the Candomble spirit Yemanja. Emanjá a rainha do marPersonagens como o jovem mestre de saveiro Guma parecem prisioneiros de um destino traçado há muitas erações o dos homens ue saem para o mar e ue um dia serão levados por Iemanjá deixando mulher e filhos a esperar resignadosMas nesse mundo aparentemente parado no tempo há forças transfor.

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Looks like there s two of Amado s works on Goodreads that are linked together by accident which explains why some reviews talk about one thing and others talk about a whole different story Seems to Be That THE OLD FISHERMAN Is Mixed that THE OLD FISHERMAN is mixed with Dead Sea Os Velhos Marinheiros and Mar Morto Something like that Thoughts at the 75 percent point Amado s books are the best telenovela you ve never seen This is no exception It s ot all the steaminess betrayals raphic deaths and even sharks teburaos The most noticeable thing is that the hero starts buying his own hype and then uivers in fear when the admirable world he s built might start falling apart It s strange to have the hero become a not very comendable fellow The difference is that while the telenovela ish part is there there are also a plethora of well developed characters One such one is O velho Florencio the storyteller that is holding several of his own secrets The weird thing is the book I ve been reading seems different than that of other reviews underneath Mar Morto A major stylistic change between this and his later works is the vast repetition Seemingly whole paragraphs repeating the same words s simple and powerful and as the troubles increase you hear Guma talking his through his worries in his head So the repetition then becomes Guma talking his way through his worries in his head So the repetition then becomes bark of a uilty conscience at times at other times a worriedtroubled youngster who has yet to understand certain basic things about the world In that sense this novel could be described as a picaresue work and in his rowth his options slowly narrow By the 34 point you o from being envious of his easy and antural ability but then you also discover that his easy The Puppet Wrangler gifts also bear a dark side in that hGuma is also able to easily make his life a lot worse with the most beautiful women throwing themselves at him Certainly this is not DONA FLOR whose characters are much excentric This sems to be an Everyman type tale where Guma is meant to portray theneeral Bahaiana lifestyle versus the other books with complex special characters that have pointed entanglements Guma is special in his abilities but the things that happen to him are not A lot. Escrito em 1936 uando o autor tinha apenas 24 anos Mar morto conta as histórias da beira do cais da Bahia como diz Jorge Amado na frase ue abre o livro E a frase é uma verdadeira carta de intenções Nenhum outro livro sintetizou tão bem o mundo pulsante do cais de Salvador com a rica mitologia ue ira em torno de ,