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Aleksandar Zograf is 36 years Old When Serbia Gets Bombed when Serbia gets bombed the Nato Far from the established cliches about Serbs especially at that time he belongs to the alternative people is an introvert reamy and sensitive guy who marvels in the contemplation of clouds and cracks on the wall His inner world is full of eery visions of Olivia Joules And The Overactive Imagination daemons and shadowsWhen the absurd violence starts to unravel in his country he wakes up to the politics and the outer world His phantasmagoric universe merges with the madness of war and its share Attempts to portray NATO as a bad guy in the Yugoslav wars and Serbia as helpless victims This is one intense graphic novel actually graphic nonfiction I must admit I never understood what was happening in Yugoslavia as the country fractured into pieces The cartoonist is Serbian and just trying to liveay by ay while he is trying to make sense of the insanity I only skimmed through the email section I think the beauty of graphic books in the hands of a skilled cartoonist is their ability to express powerful ideas through a minimal medium Aleksander Zograf a pseudonym of Sasa Rakezic is a comic strip writer from the industrial town of Pan evo about 12km from Belgrade SerbiaThis book *takes the form of a journal spanning the years from 1993 uring the inital Balkans conflicts th *the form of a journal spanning the years from 1993 Bob The Castaway Or The Wreck Of The Eagle during the inital Balkans conflicts th really good book Aleksandar Zograf siary true story Wandering Willies Tale document about Serbiauring "the last Balkan war Learned uite a bit from this really well written book I knew that Serbia "last Balkan war Learned uite a bit from this really well written book I knew that Serbia bombed by NATO in 1999 idn t know exactly the real extent. A profound collection of Aleksandar Zograf's comics and correspondences uring the war in Serbia This book captures the essence of life uring wartime seen from the apartment window of one who was there at Ed this better than Joe Sacco s series on Bosnia Because The Narrator Was An Eyewitness Instead Of An American the narrator was an eyewitness instead of an American This book also gives one an in epth look into the average Serb s attitude towards the whole conflict It also shows that not all Serbs are nationalists or MilosevicKaradzic supporters This book goes a long way towards rehabilitating the Serbian image in the eyes of the West by showing how most of them just wanted to live their lives in peace Like Barefoot Gen it s a powerful antiwar statement This is an amazing look at the other side of war In the US most of us have rarely seen war up close and even fewer have had to worry about it taking our homes family and friends This book helps us White Horse Regressions Glen Wiley Mystery 2 delve into the mind of a person who has had too just that Additionally this book shows that our enemies in war tend to be the governments and are not everyone of a particular culturerace or ethnicity This book is magnificent at letting you see the true costs of war and will help you change how you view those coming from places that we battle against They are not all enemies They are just has human and iverse as we are and often than not just want to live their lives in peace human and iverse as we are and often than not just want to live their lives in peace love the aesthetic aspect haunted Livia Or Buried Alive The Avignon Quintet 2 drawings perfect for the subject matter the NATO bombing of Zograf s hometown Pancevo in 1999 This book is a conglomeration of Zograf s comic strips published in international newspapers and other outlets and his emails from this time I skipped some of the emails They weren t as compelling as his comics I liked it A lot. Pancevo as well as all of his comic strips produced over theecade BosnianSerbian war For those who appreciated Joe Sacco's Safe Area Gorazde and Palestine you will not want to miss this very important book.

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Of Mehmed Ali damage as a result of heavy bombing Didn t know that apart from Belgrade NATO also bombed Novi Sad Kragujevac Uzice Nis Krusevac PancevoFound the middle part of the book emails the bestRecommend this book to readers interested in the latest Balkan This is a compilation of comic strips and email correspondence thatepict the aily madness of living through the NATO bombings of Serbia His epiction of the everyday reality of life under bombs and sanctions contrasts heavily with his hypnagogic Resilient Post Disaster Recovery Through Building Back Better dreams populated by other worldly beings whoon t seem as strange suddenly The book Question Medica Nueuamente Ventilada does get rather tedious though and if youo GET AROUND TO IT I D RECOMMEND PACING around to it I recommend pacing it weeksBut what you take away ultimately The violence of bombs and the violence of sanctions then and now 25 years later Nothing changes Nothing will In eual parts one of the best memoirs as well as one of the best graphic novels I ve ever read I love Zograf s psychedelic gothic art style which adds a poetic surreal bleakness to his story It is also something of an elegy to the struggles of an artistic mind under the constant estruction of war though I m not sure how intentional this wasFull review to come This is a collection of Zograf s cartoons and email correspondence chronicling the war in BosniaSerbia and the NATO bombing of Belgrade in 1999 and the aftermath of it all right up to the present The emails are a bit tedious to read at times but they present a very compelling and touching story of the NATO bombing from the perspective of someone who was there I lik. Round zero The moral ambiguities of war the horrific reality the humanity This volume includes Zograf's entire e mail correspondence to his friends throughout the world uring the bombing of his hometown of. ,

Regards From Serbia