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Impressive book for anyone who is interested in the end of WWII in Italy which caused a violent civil war However the title is misleading this end of WWII in Italy which caused a violent civil war However the title is misleading this not a history but a description and an analysis of the main components of that civil war It is difficult to read without a good knowledge of the historical "Context And Specifically Of Italian Political Movements In The 20s " and specifically of Italian political movements in the 20s and 40s Un opera fondamentale che idealmente chiude le celebrazioni acritiche della Resistenza e ne rivendica i valori ancora attuali identificando le diverse motivazioni che ne erano alla base guerra patriottica di liberazione guerra civile e guerra di classe A comprehensive social history of a pivotal period in Italian and world history And with all too many countries today being torn by civil war andor occupied by imperialist and repressive forces with a great deal of contemporary resonanceWeaknesses are occasional repetition and the fact that is difficult for someone not intimately familiar with the concurrent milestones in political and military history to place the significance of dates There is a comprehensive timeline at the back but flipping back forth can be tiresome Worth taking your time with esto n libro bello terso "Limpido Piacevole Da Leggere "Piacevole da leggere allo stesso tempo difficile da digerire Parlando della moralit della resistenza parla della moralit della politica delle scelte in ogni tempo Anche il tempo presente A costo di scrivere n clich Jack Johnson Strum And Sing ueston libro che andrebbe letto nelle scuole Claudio Pavone s book is generally thought of as the most important work of Italian history and historiography of his generation The title is deliberately provocative an answer to those far right historians who have sought to relativise the Italian resistance by recasting it as a civil war between a legitimate government the Nazi Fascists and a group of rebels who chose to overthrow it Pavone sees it as a civil war in a very different sense and deliberately reclaims the phrase in order to frame his complex discussion of moral choice in a moment of historical crisis when legitimate sources of authority had collapsed and disappeared A Civil War synthesises a huge body of research writing contemporary documentation and literature to analyse the various wars that different Italians were fighting morally politically and ideologically speaking when they took the decision to resist But it goes beyond review to offer a balanced and illuminating analysis This is one of those works of non fiction so good that it manages to be both scrupulously specific and rigorous to its subject matter. A Civil War is a history of the wartime Italian Resistance recounted by a historian who took part in the struggle against Mussolini’s Fascist Republic Since its publication in Italy Claudio Pavone’s masterwork has become indispensable to anyone seeking to nderstand this period and its continuing importance for th. .

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And yet also to transcend that subject matter and become a book about the complexities of human life in general which speaks particularly powerfully to our time It s LONG AND THE ARGUMENTS ARE COMPLEX and the arguments are complex couldn t come highly recommended Peter Levy S Translation Levy s translation excellent Five stars Some reviewers seem to have wanted just another WW II book But in this monumental work Professor Claudio Pavone captures the torn spirit of the physically and psychologically ravaged Italy of the 1940s What did resistance mean only the physical removal of Mussolini in "Collaboration With Patriotic Moderate " with patriotic moderate like General Badoglio The restoration of Crown and parliament purged of the Fascist era and its personnel Or a new world altogether rising from the rubble of shredded cities and the discredited social order that had built them On these estions hinged the fate of the postwar world and not just in Italy As the participants themselves guerrilla partisans party leaders memoirists wrote during the struggle itself A complete engagement of the masses and one coming at the present time even if it be for the purpose of the anti German war would liberate new energies the developments of which would be hard to foresee but without doubt contrary to the present interests of order and property p 465 Speaking of a world and a future society that would put an end once and for all to all the acts of oppression injustices and privileges of the ruling classes that is to say all those evils which for centuries have afflicted the populations of our country p 446 Demanding a radical renewal of national life which the Brain Quest 1st Grade Math utter ruin of the country demands p 673 in tomorrow s work of ordering the nation on new bases p 468 What will the world that will come out of the torment of today be asked a female partisan veteranoted on p 686 I fear this tomorrow that will be so different so hostile possibly to too many things I have believed in I realise that that is how it must be I am ready to give my life to ensure that it will be like that but will I have the strength to live in it in this new order of tomorrow Others certainly answered in the negative most especially the Christian Democrats influenced by fear that the civil war would swing in favour of the left and degenerate into revolution p 303Especially so as the Communists not just formal party members but all those emotionally defining themselves as red were in the vanguard of the resistance All those expecting a New World in the ashes of the Old were looking East not West it was the Socialist newspaper Avanti which offered E nation’s identity Pavone casts a sober eye on his protagonists’ ethical and ideological motivations He uncovers a multilayered conflict in which class antagonisms patriotism and political ideals all played a part A clear nderstanding of this complexity allows him to explain many details of the post war transit. Una guerra civile Saggio storico sulla moralità nella ResistenzaF Italy gets bogged down in conformism it will be an Anglo American colony whose lot it will be to grow old on the crumbs of the decomposing capitalistic economy If it aligns itself with the revolutionary countries marching at the head of which is the Soviet Union it will regain its joy in living the creative effort of a new civilization p 251 To allay these apprehensions the Communist Party itself pursued its United Front policy of self effacement reassuring the hesitant middle classes the resistance movement in no way means a socialist but A Democratic Revolution P democratic revolution p This was the line enforced by General Secretary Palmiro Togliatti with the complete agreement and even insistence of Stalin Yet such assurances carried little weight while the rank and file fought on nder the promise that the shape of things today will change tomorrow p 478 When Party leaders spoke of preparing the men and the ground for the accomplishment of our social and economic plan p the ground for the accomplishment of our social and economic plan p that the essential thing is never to speak of being revolutionaries but to be so in reality without saying so p 479 what were non Communists to think but that the present shape of things democratic unity is nothing but deception p 478These lengthyotes clearly show the emergence of the new Cold War in the belly of the old hot one This meant than fear of Soviet military expansionism or Communist conspiracies those tropes by which renewed Western military budgets and mass conformity were sold in America and Britain The fear of civil war was real Western goals were to preserve the old world of business as Smashing The Gates Of Hell In The Last Days usual stripped of its Fascist and Naziniforms and refitted in new Democratic clothes purged of extremes and propped by the Marshal Plan then NATO to ensure Italy and Europe did not relapse into Weimarism If this meant iet alignment with the just defeated Fascists and Nazis their appeasers and collaborators provided they remained properly former no matter their wartime behaviors Christian Democrats could rationalize such reintegration in the spirit of Christian forgiveness rather than revenge No doubt the recent memory of Mussolini s brutally ravaged and lynched corpse hanging by its heels as a symbol of what a New World might bring gave the Christian Democrats their edge at the polls in tandem with covert CIA
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Pavone has the spirit not only of that now far away time but of the world that shaped our own Is it any better off for having so chosen No doubt much of value was lost in the abandonment of wartime hope and ideals Italy has never seen their like again. Ion as well as the legacy of the Resistance for modern Italy In addition to being a monumental work of scholarship A Civil War is a folk history capturing events personalities and attitudes that were on the verge of slipping entirely out of recollection to the detriment of Italy’s nderstanding of itself and its past.