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How do I love this book I would sit in my dad s apartment and peruse the different stories crack it open whenever we were talking about a composer and started wondering what other works they d written tried my best to sight sing just what Elektra s Agamemmnon sounded like It s my nostalgia machine for my lifelong operalove A must have for opera lovers This is from what I ve read the definitive book on opera As the flyleaf says Kobbe is to opera what Bartlett is to otations At least in whatever is the latest edition I admit this one is somewhat dated having BEEN PUBLISHED IN 1987 IT COVERS THE STANDARD REPERTOIRE published in 1987 It covers the standard repertoire well as some rarities from the first opera Claudio Monteverdi s La Favola d Orfeo in 1600 to that of composers still living at the time of publication Birtwistle Einem Ginastera Glass Henze Knussen Ligeti Penderecki Reimann Thomson Menotti Sallinen Tippett Wingrave What I like so much about this book is not just that each opera has a discussion of the music and a synopsis of the story but landmark productions are noted so you d Know That Up. that p. after than ten years this famous work of the stories of than 300 of the world. ,

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To 1987 at least that famous singers in the title role of La Traviata include Patti famous singers in the title role of La Traviata include Patti Tetrazzini Ponselle Schwarzkopf Callas Freni etc I am an halfway fan I am unschooled I turn to Kobb s before I hear one Just grand Detailed of hundreds of I turn to Kobb s before I hear one Just grand Detailed synopses of hundreds of plots with comments on the music reception contemporary and modern day author s reputation and relationship to musical development and othersThe book covers a wide range of opera from Monteverdi to Britten and devotes extensive sections to Wagner Mozart Verdi and all the other greats It reminds me of old classic books I had like Tale from Shakespeare or Tales from the Ballet A very worthy readA few caveats depending on your taste1 The language is delightfully archaic at times so that s great fun but occasionally confuses younger folk like myself2 There are a variety of editions This is endlessly confusing although to be expected of a reputable reference text Kobbe s original text was revised several times After his death the collection has been revised again several times The plus side of la. 's great operas has been entirely revised pdated expanded and reset in a manner. ,
The Definitive Kobbes Opera BookTer versions is of course a wider variety of operas both new works and works that were nknown or not in vogue during Kobbe s time On the other hand newer versions sometimes feel the need to condense I know we live in an era of Wikipedia but one of
*the delights of *
delights of book like this is its source as an all out reference guide3 Truth be told even though I just praised the length I sometimes wish there was a brief synopsis preceding each detailed plot summary4 And admittedly I could ve sed a few pages on each composer s musical style and reputation Sometimes a composer is introduced in a sentence and then just their operas given However these are personal tastes and and then just their operas given However these are personal tastes and m sure others would have their own This is a wonderful reputable guide to the world of opera Just check which edition you re getting so you re aware how Life Without Me up to date it will be Un gran cl sicoPara saber de opera Kobb esno de los mejores maestros a pesar de ser n libro escrito hace ya casi n siglo cuando muchos de los hoy considerados cl sicos a n estaban produciendo las obras e Admiramos Ho. Zestfully Responsive ho. Zestfully responsive the explosion of enthusiasm for opera over the last decad.