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Uldn t believe all the scandalous things those two #GOT THEMSELVES INTO OR DID TO EACH OTHER AT #themselves into or did to each other At I was or one twin but drama happened which changed my sympathy David Lloyd George for her In the end I can say that both got what they deserved I learned that no matter what life throws your way don t blame othersor the way you handle it or get through it Life happens and it s solely up to us to live our
"Own And Not Someone Else "
and not someone else Also be careful what you do and how you treat others because you just never know ifwhen they can come back into your life at some point in time Kudos to Ms Jonesjob well done Excellent This book was an excellent read and Should Be A Standalone I Can T be a standalone I can t why there would be a part two of this book Excellent read and excellent ending Very good read but some mixing of characters at times I ve read a couple of series Solids Liquids And Gases from this author before and I usually like them but this one didn t live up to my expectations I listened to this in audiobook and maybe that was myirst mistake since the narration wasn t all that good Then if the author said Without deliberation ONE MORE TIME in a chapter I was going to lop my own ears off with a sword LOL I already bought the seuel to this when I bought the original so I hope that it will be better than this installment. Will come out on topBonus MaterialExclusive excerpt rom Femme Fatale Passion Comes with a Price and Nobody's Perfect Ange. Her past is the reason she is how #IS A TAKE MESS KIND OF GIRL #shes a no mess kind of girl while she is usually starting the mess she makes sure she inishes it as well When she wants something she goes through a lot of measures any means necessary to try to get what she wants Even though Ebony and Ivory are twins and Ebony has a son it seems like the only person she really cares about is herself Ivory is the only person her sister is I love this book I have twin granddaughter I pray they would never be this competitive and evil really liked this book Total page turner It ended so abruptly I was looking or LOL I admit that this is my irst book by Author Jade Jones although I have heard of her great books Annual Reports Of The Town Officers Of Hamilton Mass from others She is a great story teller who knows how to keep her readers interested throughout I can honestly say that since reading this book I have purchased aew others If she continues to write stories like these she is surely on her way to the top of the New York Best Sellers List I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great read Ebony and Ivory are two very uniue yet similar characters To say that they are sisters is one thing but no one could ever tell rom the things they did to each other From beginning to end I was drawn into this book and I just co. Ivory will take you on one of the wildest rides you've ever experienced In the typical case of good twin vs bad twin who. Great read Kept me interested E IGreat book ebony is trifling she s betrayed everyone in is trifling She s betrayed everyone in life Hopefully karma teaches her a lesson she won t orget Ebony and Ivory are twins but they don t have that sibling relationship that one would expect of twins While Ivory has everything she could want or need courtesy of her boyfriend Black Ebony is left struggling to care or herself and her son Ebony is jealous and will do whatever she can to get that same luxury as Ivory Ebony drags Ivory into something that vowed to orget only or it to come back to haunt them in the uture Ebony and Ivory by Jade Jones is them in the uture Ebony and Ivory by Jade Jones is interesting read However close to the middle of the book I had already igured out the twist making the book come across as predictable There were some editing issues but not enough to take away rom the story I do wish that the author would have expounded on certain aspects of the story There were some things I was left wondering in the end I think with development this story would have come across well Although you may have an identical twin does not make the two of you identical Prime example with #Ebony and Ivory where they have the same ace they do not have the same mindset Ebony is the twin #and Ivory where they have the same ace they do not have the same mindset Ebony is the twin need to keep your eye on because she has a serious past. Original cover edition or ASIN B009KGAF9Jealousy Deception Betrayal Murder Sibling rivalry was never this juicy Ebony and.

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Ebony and Ivory

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