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That gets it only a #4 Star RatingStyle And Grammar #Star RatingStyle And Grammar StarsThis Is What Makes and Grammar StarsThis is what makes book a really good read Presentation All etails of the romance and events for the MC are fleshed out and feel like they are painted in lively colors Both the MC and the romance evolve over time and keep the book exiting The author also manages the create a romance and feelings without resorting to all that many tropes or showing a crass contrast Meaning that the interaction and emotions portrayed feel realistic and standing on their own Just to get the thing out there that annoys me the most in some other romance novels the old partner is an asshole Especially if the ex or not so ex partner is a guy although that is only the icing for me in most cases The need to contrast a beginning relationship with a really bad one meaning really bad not just not having real feelings for the partner just seems to take away from the rest RANT END Not much else to say it is really really good and well written This justifies the entire 5 Star rating for me I loved this book I White Fang don t write many reviews but this book was beautiful I loved the way she portrayed the characters and in the end I cried like a baby but was so happy that everything turned out just right It was a perfect happy ending for Shane and Roni This I must say is by far the best book written by this author and even if you get a little suirmy with the bdsm aspects it was still a beautiful well written love storyJenny A rare 5 star romanceShane recently had a traumatic experience and has toeal with a few unsettling self realizations Now starting as a college student she enters a new fase of her life as she slowly Cytogenetics discovers who she is who she wants to become and who she would like to spend her life withI am so glad I picked this up Rewind is one of those rare stand alone romance novels thaton t stop with the almighty I love you but continue after the point most novels mark their HEA moment Seeing Shane and Veronica slowly build their relationship is nice but then actually following them beyond is fantastic Ohh and then the ending that was just handled perfectly and tied the whole novel back to where it started in chapter 1 Now though I also have to add a note of warning Not really a big one but leaving it out might o a isservice to some readers This Conspiracy On The Housatonic differently is a romance for a mature audience and features some explicit scenes and elements of Kink Nothing bad nothing extreme but it is there and in my opinionone uit well Having said that would I recommend this novel to others Yes I would. E wants and lives for the seduction involved in getting itComplicated Friendlyvision doesn't begin toescribe the resul. .

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Rewind author Julia P. LyndeFrustrating entertainment The story had a uniue start that rew #My Attention Immediately But Then Slowed To A Crawl For #attention immediately but then slowed to a crawl for bit
"i almost walked "
almost walked I m glad I stayed with it Entertaining story but it needs a good edit Interesting premise and a tearjerker ending but the writer idn t really run with it and just slapped some smut in between the two The characters got together waaaaay too fast and there was one problematic scene if you ve read it you ll know which one Not a bad read but not the best I ve ever read either INSTA everything The beginning was uite odd everything else progressed so uickly There was insta everything The MC went to a party of people she just met a DAY ago met someone and instantly felt they were in love Her lover went to meet her friends not even 24 hours after the MCs first met Like what I like it it s a really good story Fomorian Earth Star Borne 1 different from everything I ever readBut Ion t know the ending got me a li This was one of those novels that pleasantly surprised me I love that the only interaction we haven between Shane and God is at the end and beginning only and I love that God comes in the form of a woman It s Bob The Castaway Or The Wreck Of The Eagle different than the usual stereotypical God I also give it a 5 star rating Ion t Wandering Willies Tale do that often because I was so in love with both characters and at the end without spoiling it it actually became a 5 star because it was such a nice heartfelt ending It was consistent and evenly paced throughout the story it stayed between a 45 and full 5 stars even before the ending The feeling that that ending leaves me Love True Love from that of a soulmate is undying and an eternal flame that never leaves us They are always there even if we feel physically alone and watching over us Wow is all I could say after I wasone wiping the tears from my eyes Really sweet storyI really liked this one and thought the author really brought the characters to life Only thing I on t like is the ending The way it ends has you wondering about the future I skimmed a lot of this Some parts felt rushed and glossed over others rawn out and boring I often found myself thinking get to the point already All About Ashoka The Great during character conversations Overuse of names in conversations between characters is irritating and hard to overlook once noticed Instant love has never been something I ve enjoyed Theramaangst is forced and unrealistic in my opinion A bit of editing would have gone a LONG way also If you re familiar with the author the characters are cookie cutter and uite recognisable from other worksThe reason I give 2 stars instead of 1 is Emerging from traumatic events of her past Shane is left ealing with newfound self revelations until she. ,

Ecause I love the premise and liked the ending There is a good story in here somewhere and perhaps this author s style is just not for me First of a good story in here somewhere and perhaps this author s style is just not for me First of is one of the best standalone books i have ever read Also one of the only books i would really give 5 stars to Goodreads oes not let me give other things i like 45 starsHowever this is ue to me liking its style and execution rather than it being uniue in its ideas It might not be for everyone but in its ideas It might not be for everyone but uite liked itFeel free to ignore what is written in the brackets as those are my own personal thoughts on the matter rather than objective statements about the novelStory and Pacing 4 StarsI will keep this short and no spoilers The pacing of this book was pretty great especially with the longish set up There was never really a feeling of events being #RUSHED OR THE CHARACTERS JUST BLINDLY ACCEPTING SOMETHING THE #or the characters just blindly accepting something The was really sweet and felt genuine What is also great about this book is the lack of unnecessary or contrived rama Sure there is some Livia Or Buried Alive The Avignon Quintet 2 drama but itoes not feel engineered The areas outside the romance feel solid but feel a bit lacking after the romance gets going That and the story not being that uniue only gets it 4 stars from meCharacters 4 StarsAgain not that much to say here without getting into spoilers The MC is great and likeableDespite her being a woman even as a guy i can relate somewhat to her and what she is thinkingfeeling in a situation Her lovley other half is also uite charming She is however not the Mehmed Ali deepest character which is entirely ok and makes sense in this story i can maybe relate to her personality than that of the MC but to each their own Her personality is rather uiet and focused on her partner rather than being really extroverted andefines herself on rather few things Those traits combined make their private life interesting as they make light BDSM look really intimate rather than egrading for one partner I really o not like it when an author feels the need to make one partner Resilient Post Disaster Recovery Through Building Back Better degrade the other with namecalling and such While that may be what some people are into i think this is a realistic approach to what peoplepartners may enjoy too for an entire life together The author manages to create a really realistic ok maybe not necessarily in how they meet and cozy chemistry between both of themThe entire rest of the characters start out pretty strong but again they stop to Question Medica Nueuamente Ventilada develop for the most part after the romance really gets going Not sure if in thatepartment is too much to put into one book or might take away from the romance Still. Seeks help from an unexpected uarterVeronica is a stunning and powerful business woman who knows what sh.

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