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The Last Unicorn The girl on the cover beckons you to read her story I kept it on my shelf a while hoping to beckons you to read her story I kept it on my shelf a while hoping to evour it in one sitting Opportunity knocked weeks later when I truly White Fang did consume the story of the unicorn girl It is hard to say what I loved most be it the author s gift of feeding you words that breathe or the nostalgia Perhaps I loved this novel most because I was a fan of unicorns since childhood when I first picked up Bruce Coville s Into the Land of the Unicorns While Unicorn Girl is somewhat YA I found many of the elements and her emotions things I could relate with It was as though someone reached inside me and woke up the little girl longing to cross over into a similar world Leah Vindral grows up through the course of her journey and carries the reader along with her Not onlyoes she live in an ancient castle but has a witch for a godmother and the legend of unicorns surrounding her life in perpetual mystery While at times her light tantrums come across as annoying it fits well with the age and her situation Leah is a heroine who is unafraid to find the answers for herself while being wholly vulnerable at the same time My favorite part of her character is her weakness because her true power shines through time My favorite part of her character is her weakness because her true power shines through those Cytogenetics darkest moments ML LeGette gives us not just a coming of age story but a world we can sink our claws into I would recommend this novel to all you lost little girls who still secretlyream of falling into the land of unicorns WOW WOW WOW What an amazing fairytale I am not sure were to begin it Had Everything Witcheselves Prince Knight everything witcheselves prince knight so shinning armor unicorns ragonssweet beginnings of first love I am sure I am missing something Such a elightful read I was so captivated by the Leah s story and all her adventures Leah is a strong stubbornuniue girl who is not like the other girls her age She isn t into appearances only or how to trap a man she has substance Leah gets and illness that will Conspiracy On The Housatonic drastically change her physically and will lead her on a uest She has many lively experiences on her journey I was rooting for her all the while There are many other wonderful characters in this story as well Sir James Prince Phillip MoraIan Lavenaand many that add up to a fun adventure I must say some I loved and some I wanted to throttle The story was beautifully written and flowed so effortlessly and I enjoyed every minute of it If you are a fairytalefantasy loveron t miss this it was sooooooooooo GOOD ENJO. Girl a girl who can speak to unicornsNow Leah must save the country that shuns her for if Mora returns to power all will be lost But can Leah who is so frightened and confused herself find the strength to save them all Librarian's note this is an Alternate cover edition for isbn 9781419686962. .

The Unicorn GirlI am so excited to announce that I will now be posting my fiction online in chapter by chapter installments Find me as mlegette Expect a new chapter every Sunday on Royal Road Legends FictionPress and Wattpad Thank you everyone for the love and supportxMelissa With The Unicorn Girl ML LeGette has created a wonderful YA fantasy andor coming of age story Throughout her endeavour you can watch Leah Friendlyvision develop from a whiny little girl to a young woman who makes her ownecisions The Unicorn Girl is a really entertaining and fast paced read I was Olivia Joules And The Overactive Imagination drawn into the story right away I felt uite close to the characters and their experiences All characters were believable still leaving room for the readers imagination The Unicorn Girl is a great story not only for YA fantasy lovers a truly enjoyable read I won The Unicorn Girl from a Goodreads Giveaway I thought the book was magical The book sucks you in and youon t want to put it own The author s writing style was fun and imaginative It ta After winning the book I realized that the author was from near my home town and my family knew her family It took me a while with my schedule to get a chance to read this book What was exciting was knowing the author s family and how great it was to read her bookThe story was a easy read with the characters being one all can relate to You feel the emotions shared by the lead character Leah You want to all can relate to You feel the emotions shared by the lead character Leah You want to and follow through her adventure with the unicornsThis is a great tale and exciting ebut for this YA author The readers fall in love with this book and can t wait for another by this authorBest Wishes with new books i really enjoyed this story there was a Wishes with new books i really enjoyed this story there was a to the Bob The Castaway Or The Wreck Of The Eagle discriptions within the story i could visulize everyetail as if i was standing right within the story it had believable character Wandering Willies Tale dialog it had action adventure and even a few characters one loves toislike i would have liked the background infomation about leah s mother and information on the connection to the unicorns closer to the beginning i would ve loved a novella on just the background information because i wanted to know about what happend before leah addtionally to bring the pace of the story i would ve liked to see just i would ve liked to see just little bit less about her lessons and the travel through the forrest before she meet the elves overall it was a great story and i m efinately looking forward to getting my hands on the next book Received free through Goodreads First Reads A young girl has secrets. A Fairy Tale Coming of Age FantasyLeah Vindral is suffocating trapped in her own skinIn a land where magic is feared magic saved her from eath but it came with a terrible price Marked forever she is shunned and isolated by those she loves mostBrimming with bitter rage at those who abandoned .
Kept from her but this only causes her to search harder for answers A world of magic opens its All About Ashoka The Great doors and Leah goes on her own uest learning about herself on the way Witches monstersragons and unicorns all become part of her White Horse Regressions Glen Wiley Mystery 2 destiny I had a fewoubts about the book at the beginning but it soon grew on me and I wanted to race through it to follow the adventure I LOVED this book The magic the friendship the adventure was absolutely gorgeous From the very Beginning The Author Unfolds the author unfolds story of Leah s life and journey that has the reader turning pages as fast as possible and never wanting to put the book own This book easily becomes a favorite that you ll want to share with all your friends This book was absolutely excellent I won this book through Goodreads First Reads This book was beautiful I actually took longer than normal to read it because I idn t want it to end This was suspenseful mysterious and felt like a fairytale fantasy The characters are Livia Or Buried Alive The Avignon Quintet 2 deep and engaging with multiple levels andimensions I enjoyed the character ynamics and interactions much like real life we were never sure Of What Another Character Was what another character was thinking or planningThe Unicorn Girl was full of plot uestions Readers will find themselves wondering about various events characters or happenings and will be happy to find that the main character wonders and notices a vast majority of these things too it is not as if we readers are seeing something that the main character misses which always annoys me a great eal I am thrilled to report that the ending ties everything together all uestions are answered and the climax is not as most would have predicted This book was a clean read The main character is a sixteen year old girl but I idn t feel like this was a juvenile book I felt comfortable and engaged as an adult reader I would happily allow a younger adult or even a child to read this book as there is not a great eal of violence and there is no foul language or sexual content of any kind as a parent content matters a great Resilient Post Disaster Recovery Through Building Back Better deal to meExcellent light read I had promised myself to review bookseserving special parent content matters a great Question Medica Nueuamente Ventilada deal to meExcellent light read I had promised myself to review bookseserving special While I have neglected this special gem I recently finished another novel and wanted to finish this while it s fresh on my mind The Unicorn Girl looked appealing initially because of its fantastic cover art A former art major myself I have always found hand rawn covers appealing when one right The Innovative Turkey Hunting designer truly hit the mark evoking memories of. Er Leah flees from her childhood home only to be swept into an impending war Mora a wicked witch has been imprisoned for years waiting like a spider in the folds of her web for the chance to regain the powers once stripped from her It is there while she waits that she learns of a strange young.

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