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This book was so very cute I REALLY LIKED IT WHICH IS really liked it which is something since I dislike sports books in generalCinderella in Skates has likenothing to do with Cinderella Seriously But I didn t care because I liked what it was about I don t really read many books that take place in Wisconsin so was about I don t really read many books that take place in Wisconsin so was interesting I never read a book that had to do with hockey either So I could get over the fact that it wasn t a retellingI thought the characters were all pretty likeable and I liked Natalie She and I have a lot of things in common besides the whole hockey part She loves Wuthering Heights tooI also loved reading about the competition between Erica and Natalie I am a sucker for these competition type plots I always have been So I ate it up Also apparently this is New Adult I don t know but that s what Goodreads says Anyway if it is then this is the first NA book I have read in my entire life And while I don t think it ll become an obsession of mine like YA this was pretty clean but a lot of New Adults aren t I did feel pretty good about finally reading one This is a great book for when you want a light and fun readThis review and others can be found on I m not sure where Cinderella comes in but it was still a good book The pace was a little slow at the beginning and then a little fast at the end but not so much so that it inhibited my enjoyment I wasn t a big Natalie fan for the first few pages because she was so snarky to everyone about moving but I was sufficiently appeased when she snapped out of it fairly uickly and was able to admit that her new home had good ualities too aside from the hot neighbor There were a few things that seemed oddly unresolved like maybe some parts were cut from the book in editing but then not fully cleaned up Like for example when they run into Shane s friends at the winter festival there was Well it is about hockey and the Kindle edition was only a few bucks so I figured I d give it a go What I found was a sweet story about finding love in what could be considered the wrong place Natalie is a bit upset about her father uprooting the entire family moving them from their home in Arizona where it is warm or hot all year long and taking them to one of the coldest places in the country Wisconsin Her dad is going to be teaching at the university where he played hockey Natalie has never cared for the sport or cold weather She s never seen a snow flake She gets off the plane in Wisconsin dressed for 100 degree weather only to find snow smacking her I the face They get to the new house but the furniture hasn t arrived and they have no where to sleep One of the neighbors stops by to help them unpack Joe Stanford and his son Shane Mr Stanford and Natalie s dad played college hockey together so it s a happy reunion Natalie who can t see one good thing coming out of moving to Wisconsin might have to rethink that idea Shane Stanford is on the university hockey team and he is one hot looking guy Her plan is to go back to Arizona at the beginning of the summer and live with her grandparents until she goes to college in Phoenix in the fall The only problem is her parent s won t let her go that soon and are trying to encourage her to make the most of her experiences in Wisconsin So they proposition her She needs to make the school girl s hockey team and then she can go back in June But in order to do that she will need someone to teach her the game How convenient then that she happens to live a few houses down form the Golden Stallion as Shane is known and he s willing to coach her Really seeing no way out and seeing it as a means to an end Natalie agrees Shane is a great coach who teaches her how to appreciate the sport but also teaches her how to enjoy life on the cold frontier She experiences a lot of firsts like eating seafood eating sauerkraut on a bratwurst going skiing etc Things start to heat up on the ice and off But as she spends time with Shane will she find that he is reason enough to sta. Natalie Melter hates that her family made her leave sunny Arizona to move to Wisconsin but she’s even upset that her dad a former hockey player tells her that she can move back to Arizona in.

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Cinderella in Skates Cinderella #2Handsome player that dominates most booksI enjoyed the story and liked how Natalie who is rather self absorbed and a bit of a day dreamer transitions into a mature adultOverall an enjoyable story of Sports and romance Honestly I ust felt like I ust went into a circle I m becoming anti sleep each day I couldn t sleep until 430 am which was the time I finished this Cinderella in skates was a cute Ya novel about a girl that moved from Arizona to a colder snowy place Natalie She meets on her first day at Wisconsin her dads friends son Shane which is a pro hockey player in collegeShe hates it at er new place and wants to go back home to her FRIENDS THE WARM AND THE WATER the warm and the water dad makes a deal with her that if she makes it to the girls hockey team she will go back in JuneShane becomes her couch for the month before try outs and they start slowly to build feelings for eachother Soon Shane realizes that Natalie won t be there any and that he helped her leave sooner rather than later so he decides to break everything off before her first game Natalie was a backup golie and on her first game the primary golie got injured and Natalie had to play she was hurt because of Shane and she couldn t stop thinking of him leading to the loss of their team 6 2Her second game she knew she had to play better focusing on the game blocking many shots and winning 1 0 She knew after her game from her other that Shane was there which made her think about what was going onAt night she build a fire in her backyard and started to read a book but she couldn t stop thinking of Shane that s when he came and told her the reason behind why he left He prepared a nice dinner at his parents house with the view of Arizona which brought tears to Nats eyes He really loved her and promised that he ll ust have to deal with it if she decides to go back but was wishing that she would stay for himShane got drafted 2nd that year to LA Lions and he was so happy because that meant it was closer to Phoenix where Nat would be He locks eyes with me and the next thing I know he s running up the stairs toward me and then I m meeting him in the aisle and he s picked me up in his arms and spins me around You re amazing I tell him I knew you d do it I know he replies and I lean down to kiss him the smiles still etched on both of our faces You know what else he says as he breaks the kiss and sets me down What s thatLA is closer to Phoenix than Wisconsin I think you might be right about that Looks like your plan to run away failed I think you re stuck with me now I Guess I Am I Lean In To Kiss Him And I am I lean in to kiss him And know what I wouldn t have it any other way Rating 15 This story is soullessI have a soft spot for hockey stories don t ask me why I have no idea since I don t do sports so this seemed like a nice book to read If only it wasn t as dry as the Arizona Desert He storyline was shabby at best The ever written about girl moved to new town mid senior year and is miserable about it Then girl meets boy and sparks supposedly fly Now let me tell you I don t know hockey but I doubt you can learn how to play in a month and be good enough to make the team Especially since said girl wasn t into sports previously so her physical condition was probably nonexistent On top of that the characters had no soul Even calling them cardboard cutouts seems too much of a compliment This story is nothing than a description of a bunch of events actions like walking opening doors and smiling There s no characterization of anything or anyone This story is so detached and impersonal it s unbearable The author could have killed them all and I couldn t have cared less There are no connections between the characters I don t feel a thing nor is there one between characters and the events they find themselves into Short it s like a story written by an elementary student though I m fairly certain there is an exception in that age group that could top this Now I feel bad for being mean and snarky again grumbles. Esting when the cute college hockey player next door decides to teach her the sport he lovesWill Natalie put it together in time to make the team or will Shane be a distraction she can’t igno. Y in Wisconsin Or is she going to follow through on her plans to return to Arizona as uickly as she can get there I know which I d choose Cinderella In Skates is a young adult short sports romance It starts out with Natalie moving to Wisconsin from Arizona in the middle of her senior year high school Her dad use to play hockey at the college in the town they move to and now he s going to be A Teacher There So He Makes A teacher there So he makes a with Natalie that if she can get on her high school hockey team she can go back to Arizona come summer Natalie agrees but she has to have Shane her dad friend and neighbors son who also plays college hockey teach her how to play because she has no idea what she s doing Hence the romance part of the book Now there were a few things that bothered me in the story Like for instance the fact that Natalie keeps wanting to go back to Arizona claiming that is her home even though she doesn t keep in contact with any of her friends she left behind and she didn t have a boyfriend there and she also doesn t have her main family members there So I did not understand that at all Then Shane does something that really bothered me but I understood where he was coming from And I hoped because he did that and then what he does towards the end Natalie would get off of her Arizona kick But she doesn t So I will say this book wasn t good and wasn t bad it was Proud Beggars just okay Fun YA contemporary romance with a hockey playing heroineI purchased the Kindle edition of this book and I discovered it through a spot on recommendation by based on previous reviews and purchases I ve done most likely YA books by authors such as Janette RallisonEighteen year old high school senior Natalie is forced to leave behind life long friends from Arizona when her father receives an offer of aob as history professor at his alma mater the University of Wisconsin in Madison Even worse it is early November and the school year and winter are already underwayNatalie s dad played hockey during his college years and one of his best friends and hockey teammat Short and Sweet Cinderella In Skates has been on my To Read Wishlist for uite sometime but then when I first heard of it there were other fairy tale remakes that were out and I was not in the mood to read any modern takes A big mistake considering Cinderella In Skates has no connection or reference to the classic tales at least I do not see it Natalie Melter and her family are moving to Wisconsin where it is polar opposites from where they use to live Arizona Natalie will do whatever it takes to move back to her friends and life back home so when her father offers a deal make it on the school s hockey team here in Wisconsin and she can go back but if she fails she will have to suck it up she takes it onThings aren t simple when her hockey coach is a college hockey star himself and appears to be rather young and pleasant to look at Will she make it on the hockey team And if she does will she still leave As I said short and sweet The pacing was uick and this time around I do not mind Usually relationships that builds Way Too Fast For Its too fast for its good I stay away from but Carly Syms has the ability to make it work There was nothing lacking in terms of plot and character development and it is funIf you are in the mood for a uick and cute YA I recommend Cinderella In Skates Sports Coming of Age and Romance a lovely combination I also liked how the book featured parts of the US that aren t so common and that I m not familiar with Wisconsin is a colder part of the US with some German heritage Natalie Melter the protagonist has a surname of Germanic descent They also eat bratwurst and all that sledding etc is all very GermanicThe author managed to introduce details related to Ice Hockey without it becoming superfluous or tedious It was the right amount of detail and action to keep us intrigued and informedThe characters were interesting and the hero Shane didn t follow the clich BROKEN tatted tall dark and. The summer only if she makes her school's hockey teamNatalie doesn't know the first thing about standing up on a pair of ice skates but life in snowy Wisconsin is about to get a whole lot inter.

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