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It s been a while since I read an Arthur Nersesian Book And Within The First Chapter I Was Glad Chapter I Was Glad and within the first chapter I was glad picked this up Nersesian has a canny way of creating the female voice and he does not disappoint in this Loved the twists and turns of the plot and as usual all the New York City references makes it an adventurous read Highly recommend it lot s of fun and a story York City references makes it an adventurous read Highly recommend it lot s of fun and a story the days of yore in NYC The best thing about this crime story were the uirkiness of the characters including protagonist Police Officer Chronou a rookie cop who is both a virgin and at the same time swept up in a glamorous romance with a movie star The second best thing about the book was the setting the gritty pre GiulianaBloomberg days of NYC Those lements alone made the book a fast fun read The murder mystery involving serial killings was a bit less compelling but it still held my attention This is the first time I ve given a favorite author a goose Positive Thinking eggThere s a flair an art andven a bit of poetry to being a pastry chef No pretense is made to fashion substantial fare New York writer Arthur Nersesian is one of the talented practitioners around of the light and airy literary souffle and I have loved him for that His tasty confections melt in your mouth and if there are additional notes going down the throat then all the better His sweetness always comes with a little The Dominicans extra gravitas But here Nersesian goes for the stolid old main course of Beef Wellington and I felt less nourished than if he d just served up cotton candyNersesian s usual shtick is young urban professionals usually underemployed and predictably snarkyking out a living in the Big Apple while stumbling out of and into love He s very good at this and I consider him among my favorite contemporary authors He s not a breathless literary heavyweight but when he s at his best his books are charming funny and very smart When Nersesian writes about New York City you feel like you re right there on the pavement And in this book New York is again vibrant and its denizens cognizant of the town s uniuenessIn the case of Gladyss of the Hunt our urban professional is the Will Haunt You eponymous 23 year old heroine with thextra s to her name a tall blonde attractive rookie cop who also is improbably a virgin The story takes place after 911 and on the Teacher Empowerment Through Curriculum Development eve of the Ira War Gladyss has been assigned her first homicide case under the tutelage of bedraggled veteran detective Bernie Farrell a curmudgeonly abusive cop with a heart of gold who loves the nasty old New York of 30 years ago and is nursing a bum leg gained from hazardous duty at the WTC on 911 and unsuccessfully holding the lid on his inner demons This unlikely buddy cop duoxplores the nooks and crannies of New York tracking down dead Gods Crucible end leads while trying to stop a serial killer or killers who seem fixated on Marilyn Monroe or girls who resemble her The playground for these developments is anver changing New York City old hotels and new sleeker ones slums and gentrifying blocks where Gladyss and Bernie seem to represent different Swift eras and attitudes and where the killer seems to roam with uncannyase Gladyss begins to believe the killings might be linked to Greek mythological visions she has had while in a yoga induced trance visions wh. Grizzled homicide detective Bernie “Burnout” Farrell heads the hunt for a serial killer who is murdering call girls around Times Suare Hoping to set up a stakeout Farrell recruits tall blonde ambitious rookie cop Gladyss Chronou for the investigation But Gladyss believes her mystical yoga practice can give her an intuitive dge. Ich seem to suggest she may be Diana the Huntress Clues found along the way seem to corroborate her metaphysical insightsAlong the way Nersesian introduces us to his typical unlikely cast of characters jaded NYC cops movie stars and hangers on a ditzy actress starfucker friend and sketchy low life people from Bernie s past who seem like living ghosts and who harbor deep and disturbing secrets Potentially guilty parties include a Jude Law like movie stud a director whose name sounds suspiciously like uentin Tarantino an old killer nemesis of Bernie s Gladyss would be lover cop friend O Ryan And Several Ryan and several denizens Hitchcock like McGuffins are thrown in to create false leads and twists And with all the chaos going on Gladyss seems hellbent on losing her virginityFor most readers all of this might sound pretty good and from the reviews I ve read on here the majority seems pleased with the results But to state a strong bias up front I have no interest in police procedurals and this is Nersesian doing a police procedural and I found it laboredWithin the straitjacket of the genre conventions of the police procedural Nersesian strains to afford his characters and situations his usual deftness of touch and he just doesn t succeed Nersesian is best taken when he lets his characters run wild in loose free form plots driven by silly deus x machina and running gags That bag of tricks is mptied but smothered in the story and the humor is neutered by the imperatives of the plotMost readers I think reuire plot than I do and maybe Nersesian knowing the mass preference for formula plotting is giving it to them in the form of

a popular and 
popular and crime fiction genre Maybe Nersesian wanted to make a little money this time instead of being pegged as a New York cult writer with a limited coterie of devotees It s possibly a good move for him specially if the book gets optioned as a series or a screenplay Gladyss seems consciously devised as a vehicle for Charlize Theron or a similar blonde beauty of tall stature But for me this book is a step backward in terms of accomplishment Nevertheless Nersesian does have legitimate and Six Femmes Du Monde even poignant things to say about the homogenization of culture the Disneyfication of not just New York but all places that cling tenuously to the things that make them uniue It seems to me that Nersesian worked harder on this than any of his other books I wish he hadn t worked so hard If Nersesian does genre books I ll likely avoid themKevinRKy 2016Nersesian so far the first four on this list areasily recommendable The Fuck Up Chinese Takeout Dogrun 35 Suicide Casanova Manhattan Loverboy Gladyss of the Hunt Overall it s a uick and fun read that intermingles ancient myth with pulp mystery However while the characteristics of the protagonist Gladyss are interesting she isn t drawn deeply Mst125 Essential Mathematics enough She reads like a means to annd free of the clever links that join the rest of the novel Nersesian as always keeps his voice in tact An unconvincing female Summer especially in herarly 20s Nersesian successfully tells a fun story of murder and mayhem with his gritty Silver Eyes exposition and deep love of the dirty the pervy and New York I would recommend Gladyss Of The Hunt not to Nersesian fans but to readers who. In solving the crimes and sees mythological patterns in the suspects andvents they’re investigating Bernie thinks she’s nuts but then he's a little too grounded In fact he's on a steady downward spiral his wife is divorcing him his longtime partner just died of AIDS and he's developed a nagging cough since working down at Grou.
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Gladyss of the Hunt