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D keep her baby a secret 3 years #later she is back in town with her # she is back in town with her son Oliver OMG I adored this book I adored this virginal heroine She is the sweetest heroine EVER Her courage bravery and goodness made me cry The man she had loved since she was 14 rejects her after making her fall for him but she never resents him or hate him When she discovers she is pregnant she knows he doesn t want to marry her so she keeps her pregnancy a secret because she doesn t want to be a burden or an obligation This is the first time I can forgive a heroine for keeping her child a secret from the hero He was so afraid of commitment he gave her no choice She loves Alec unconditionally selflessly with all her heart Her love confession towards the end was heartbreaking I wanted to hug her and protect her and adopt her I loved Alec too He was a cynical man but that s what made him so perfect for Scarlett She is full of love and light and she is exactly what this brooding man needs I want to thank my friend Esther for giving this book 5 stars and thus brought it to my attention Best historical romance ever I personally adore a martyr heroine and a cynical hero so this book is perfection as far as I am concerned If you like super kind beta heroes and feisty heroines stay away from this book I know some people are bothered by it so I must mention that hero sleeps with other women during separation and heroine slept with no one else The Hellion and The Heartbreaker by Jennifer McNareGenres Adult Historical Romance375 StarsWhile I very much enjoyed this story for me there were a few areas that I think could have been betterThe mc s were great and I really liked them and the h s brothers etcThere were some very sweet adult "steamy scenes but I felt they could have been taken up a few notches I needed something "scenes but I felt they could have been taken up a few notches I needed something from the relationship between the mc s More intensity Intrigue More action from the H A bit of all 3 of those things would have upped my star rating There were also *areas that were overly wordy and a bit boring I will admit *that were overly wordy and a bit boring I will admit being emotionally invested There were areas that got me teary and angry Other areas made me laugh out loud and grin from ear to ear All in all a very good read Well written I didn t find any typos etc Didn t like the so called hero in this one There are some books I loved mostly because I liked the story There are some books I hated because the story ust didn t appeal to me Then there are some books that ust engages your emotions to the extent that good or bad you will never forget it This is that book for meThe hero s absolute dick move was hard to take I must admit but as with all Romance novels all s well that end s wellThe last 60 pages Gripping at least for me it was. E discovers something she wants than anything she has ever wanted before to capture the heart of the man she has come to adore Willingly surrendering her innocence to a man who offers her passion beyond her wildest dreams but no false promises of happily ever after Scarlett will risk pain sorrow and devastating heartache to win his everlasting lov. ,

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The Hellion and The HeartbreakerDNF 76% Hero sleeps with Numerous other women during separation and
don t you 
t you it heroine slept with no one elseHard to believe this guy even loves her Omg This was perfect Scarlett was awesome and the Duke was a hard hearted alpha but I loved it And Scarlett s brothers were wonderful If you are comfortable with historicals that take inordinate license with the s that are supposed to constrain their settings this might be the book for you It wasn t for me Because there s no way a gentleman can bed his best friend s not remotely of age sister age of majority was at least 21 she was not uite 17 for weeks on end and not consider himself an outright scoundrel It s kind of cool that the heroine has such independence to act on her sexuality except that it fits so poorly with the time period Also I can t respect a book with errors like using illicit for elicit and carelessness with titles does the Duke have a barony that s older than his dukedom Is there some other reason for him to be addressed as Lord Weston How can the heroine be called Lady anything *When Her Father Was Never *her father was never English peer Why did only the incensed hero and not everyone else call her Mrs MacKinnon after her fictitious marriage Asshole Duke unknowingly knocks up his best friend s 18 year old sister and then dumps her Oh it s not a one time thing and yes she pursues him Then again she s had a crush on him since she was a child and he didn t refrain from having relations with her knowing that he had no intention of marrying her Three years later she s back in town and the asshole Duke discovers his 3 year old son and is pissed I seriously hated this guy He s another one of those creeps whose life is ust so good he has to be determined to never love Who in the Sam Hill are these erks and why in the name of all that is holy don t women have enough sense to run in the opposite direction when they come across one of these spoiled little boys This guy has no honor or integrity Frankly after getting all huffy that he despoiled their sister the brothers turned out to be huge erks as well Yep they all pretty much blamed her because sure she was spirited and obviously how was he to resist her temptations The way they sold her off to the guy who knocked her up and dumped her was disgusting HISTORICAL ROMANCE A KEEPER FOR RE READSThe Hellion and the Heartbreaker is one of the Best Historical Romance stories I have read in a long time The book is a keeper and I look forward to re reading it many times Jennifer McNare the author has written the perfect HH Scarlett McPhearson is the perfect beautiful rich intelligent smart virginal Character Alex Weston Duke of Worthe is also written perfectly tall dark very handsome very rich an. A master of seduction seduced by an innocentVowing never to fall prey to something as foolish and impractical as love the sinfully handsome Duke of Worthe has long been regarded as one of London’s most profligate rakes However entering into a scandalous liaison with the sister of his closest friend is not something even he would consider despite. ,
D powerful Duke The only thing is at times I felt like hitting Alex over the head because of his views on love and the nonchalant way he treated Scarlett after there infamous affair She was only 18 and he was about 28 they had know each other since childhood and he still walked away from the love of his life But they do get there HEA 3 years later and they have a beautiful son together named Oliver At times I didn t know if Alex would ever find out about his son but toward the end he did I loved the ending of this wonderful love story I especially loved Scarlett s courage The Epilogue was wonderful too She was so brave and her #BROTHERS WERE JUS WONDERFUL CHARACTERS TOO # were us wonderful characters too don t think these characters could have been written any better This is what I call a Perfectly Written HR and I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it Truly a page turner for me I Highly Recommend The Hellion and The Heartbreaker for your reading pleasure I hope we get stories for some of the other characters mentioned in the story This was a book I was *Forced To LikeI Wanted To *to likeI wanted to Scarlettshe was impulsive and spoiledbut she was also very kind and humble and down to earthand boy did she love unconditionallyI had a bit success not liking Aleche was selfish and arrogantand a player I ust couldn t believe no matter how hard it was for him to refuse Scarlett that he would do that to his best friendbut nonetheless my stupid conscious made me realize that Alec s fear and insecurities came from his mom s nonstop advice about how love brought nothing but miseryI still wanted Alec to do alot of groveling but it made sense that he didn tto me Scarlett is an amazing embodiment of what a women should be likeunselfishputting her love of family and Alec above everything for herbut in the book she got her happy endingin real life people like that end up miserable and used I have learned "THROUGH OTHERS EXPERIENCES THAT IF A WOMAN WANTS SOMETHING "others experiences that if a woman wants something has to fight for itno amount of sacrifice and love and devotion will bring thatpeople will Nathanael Greene just take advantage of your sincere nature and in the end you end up with nothing but your goodnessI admired Scarlett for her courage and selflessnessI could never be her though Scarlett meets Alec her brother s best friend several times while she is still a child Their chemistry is sizzling and even though she is too young she falls in love with him Alec is a handsome rich Duke He doesn t believe in love in fact he is afraid of love and afraid of risking his heart The problem is he can t resist Scarlett They end up sleeping together but Alec is against marriage and he tells her he has no intention of marrying her Scarlett is heartbroken She discovers she is pregnant and decides to go away an. Her breathtaking allure and his fierce overwhelming desire to possess her Or so he thoughtRaised by four doting older brothers and possessing a reckless streak as bold as her fiery red curls Scarlett McPhearson has long been accustomed to getting what she wants After becoming acuainted with Alec Weston the most sought after bachelor in England sh.