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A great book for reluctant readers A 13 year old boy and his mother move from sunny California to Montana Needless to say Guy finds that things are slightly different in Montana Finding himself the immediate target the class bully Guy tries to find ways to stay out of his way However when new friend Luke convinces him to enter his Border Collie into the annual Frisbee catching contest Guy finds himself and his dog the only thing standing between the class bully and the contest trophy Guy Martinez is the new id at Big Sky Middle School having just moved from his home in California to his grandfather s house in Montana His first day starts with a bully pushing him up against a wall bully pushing him up against a wall threatening him and the day doesn t show many signs of improvement He does make a friend Luke another bullied id and the two of them enjoy playing with Guy s Border collie Streak Luke mentions an upcoming frisbee catching competition at the town fair and they train Streak in an attempt to beat the bully and his dog What starts as a competition turns into a wager with everything on the lineThe bully is almost a cartoon He s not smart and he s bigger Than All The Other all the other because he s been left back a few times His clumsy attempts at verbally abusing classmates consist of going straight for your dad s gone and the like There s no subtlety here The story is about the frisbee catching dogs and the wager than the how to deal with bullies which is fine but not what I m looking forConfession yeah I m just skimming these mostly Open to any recommendations for an 8th grade summer reading book when the 7th grade has already called dibs on James Preller s Bystander and there s nothing else even close to as good This book was really good and had a lot of unexpected things in it Like when he lost the competition It was a sad book because he lost his frien. Thirteen year old Guy tries to make the best of a difficult situation with the help of his beloved dog and a new friendMontana is a long way from California Guy and his mother have moved in with his grandfather after his father's unannounced departure Back home Guy skateboarded surfed and played video games with his friends Here the ids only seem to talk about cars fishing and huntin. ,

Dog SenseSe it was funny and the author put really good details and how they were feeling and what was happing at that moment The author put in really good dialog when they were talking about what was happing next Dog Sense by Sneed B Collard III is the story of a new id in a rural Montana town Moving during eighth grade of middle school is tough new id in a rural Montana town Moving during eighth grade of middle school is a tough for id but for a id whose Father Disappeared After Suffering disappeared after suffering depression it s tough trying to live with a grandfather and to make friendsGuy Martinez finds that Montana is really different from California Kids call their teachers ma am and sir as he was told the first day of school by the principal His grandfather is a crusty old coot embarrassing as can be but obviously someone who cares about Guy and his mother His mother left her well paying job to move to this new town called Coffee and take a minimum wage jobGuy s biggest problem aside from missing his father and feeling somehow at fault is that Brad Mullen a delinuent who failed eighth grade twice is gunning for him Guy befriends the only friendly face a guy named Luke with a mysterious pastRead the whole review at This book was really good It about a middle school boy named Guy and he moved to Montana from California Most of the book he gets bullied Then in the middle of the book he enters his dog into a frisbee contest with other dogs Him and the bully make a bet This story is very interesting I enjoyed it because the conflict between a town to a bully to a best friend to a boy and his dog The boy Guy moved in with his grandfather and mother He was new to Montana and was origanally was from California He faced many struggles but in the end he let his struggles go and everything became better I would say this is a book to read if you like good uprising stories that have you at a heart racing moment waiting to see what happen. Bee catching competition But the rivalry between Guy and Brad escalates until an impulsive wager pits the boys head to head and places Streak in jeopardySneed B Collard II offers young readers an affecting realistic portrait of an adolescent boy who must learn to cope with conflicts and challenges in an unfamiliar environment and to accept changes in his life that are beyond his contr. D because he moved away and than his new friend moved away This book is about a boy named Guy He and his mom move from California into their grandpa s house in Montana after Guy s dad leaves them Guy has a dog named Streak and he is his best friend Guy makes a new friend named Luke Luck has had a very tough beginning of his life but he has gotten through it There is also a bully that has been bothering Guy and Luke His name is Brad Mullen Brad and Guy both enter their dogs into a frisbee contest and make bets about who is going to win and what will happen if one wins I think a possible theme OF THIS BOOK IS TO KILL this book is to The Many More Lives Of The Batman kill withindness Even though Brad would always slam Guy into lockers and trough his books on the ground Guy always was nice to him and always offered to help him in all situations Sometimes Guy would be too nice and he would bother Brad Interest level 5th Reading level easyGenre dogs humor bullies frisbees schools moving transition grandfathers Montana animalsAfter his parents separate 13 year old Guy moves to Montana where life is completely different from California As he tries to adapt to his strange new surroundings Guy is confronted by the school bully who hates all Californians for some reason is befriended by a boy Luke and gets involved in competitions for frisbee catching dogs His Border collie Streak who is smart and fast is uick to learn the sport and leads Guy and Luke to further competitionsThis is a fast paced book uite funny and a great story about how how a 13 year old overcomes the torments of a nasty bully Author Sneed Collard was inspired to write this story thanks to his own frisbee catching Border collie called Mattie Collard has also written a lot of books about nature and animals Good book also written a lot of books about nature and animals Good book a boy his dog and a bully Easy read and has some good life lessons in it I recommend this book becau. GLife at Big Sky Middle School is also a disappointment Guy is bored in math class and over his head in English He uickly becomes a target for Brad Mullen class bully But at least Guy has his beloved Border collie Streak and eventually he makes a friend his classmate Luke Grant Soon Guy and Luke hatch a plan to train Streak to compete against Brad Mullen and his dog at the town's Fris.